Top 10 Most Powerful People of The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Powerful People of The World in 2017. It is not a matter of how rich you are so that you top this list nor how powerful you are to control people and resources. There is only one secret to a person success to this list, a combination of money and influence. Unfortunately, it is only a select group of people that possess that political and economic strength to ensure that you get that zeal to change the world. That is why their decisions are vital as they are going to affect millions of people, shake many other industries and ensure that there is a change in the world. Here are the best ten powerful people 2017 that you can find out there in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Powerful People of The World 2017

10. Bill Gates- US


Gates is a famous person that is know all over the world as a co-founder of Microsoft in the year 1975 hence managed to build a software company that has grown over the years to even make him the richest man in the world. He has a net worth of around $87.3 billion. Gates is no longer active in developing the software anymore but also sits in the company’s board. He has earned respect as he also has started a Melinda company in the world to offer charitable services to children who suffer from curable diseases across the world.

9. Charles and David Koch- US


These are two brothers that run a multifaceted conglomerate Koch Industries which is known to be the second largest private owned company in America. The brothers have a combined net worth of $87 billion. They are people who are politically divisive but their success to business cannot be denied at all. It is able to employ 100,000 people and they are able to make up total sales of up to $115 billion. The company that they run makes everything from petrochemicals and Dixie cups to making raw clothing materials.

8. Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen Top Powerful People of The World 2019

This is the first woman that holds up the chair of the board of governors of the Federal Reserve. What this means is that she is known to be the guardian of the American economy. She has shown that she can manage to hold that seat and make the right decisions as the country is now able to create up to 271,000 jobs a year. By far, they have tried to lower unemployment problems by up to 5%. We have to assure you that Jellen has the power offer several decisions and every move that she makes is also important in ensuring the move that the country takes.

7. Pope Francis- Vatican City


This is a leader that leads over 1 billion followers around the world. He has been known over the world due to his well-known and followed views than most of the popes before him. He once addressed the US congress and urged them to empathize immigrants and refugees that have problems from others states. He has also urged more action to be taken so that we are able to stop the effects of climatic change. He also has been quoted to have endorsed a forgiving stance on homosexuality and divorce.

6. Narendra Modi- India

Narendra Modi- India Top Most Famous Powerful People of The World 2017

Modi is in his second year as a prime minister and the better thing about him is that he has always fought hard to improve the lives of more than 1.2 billion people out there. In the month of may, he also announced the plans that he has to modernize and reform the government and also business sectors. the is the second followed person when you go to twitter network, that is behind Obama and thus is a leader that is pushing India to be sober and integrate itself into the digital world. He is one of the Most Powerful People of The World 2017.

5. Warren Buffett-US


Buffet is one man that is respected a lot in the world of business because he bought his first stock at the age of 11 years and unfortunately, he never turned back to let his stock go to the winds. He has always continued to amass success by having a $65 billion through making long term smart bets with superior companies like coca-cola and the famous American express. He runs a company that always makes huge progresses and up to today, the company is worth $10 million. He also has pledged with his friend bill gates to give 50% of their wealth to charity.

4. Angela Merkel- Germany

Angela Merkel- Germany Top 10 Most Powerful People of The World 2017

This is a leader that has faced a lot of challenges in her tenure in office but the way she handles the challenges is what makes her one of the most successful persons the world has ever seen. She has been known to help in holding Eurozone together when there was some financial collapse and during the global recession. She is a strong lady that is recorded to have stood up against the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, when he had an aggression towards Ukraine. Currently, she is documented to be the one that is managing the Europe refugee crisis.

3. Vladimir Putin- Russia

Vladimir Putin- RussiaTop Most Powerful People of The World 2018

This is a Russian leader that is determined to resurrect the lost glory of the country as a super-power nation. When you compare Russia with other western heads, Putin has total control over Russia and is only subjected to few constitutional checks and balances. When there was a UN meeting, he was recorded to have been the one that stood up against president Obama and asserted that US interventions have always backfired in their aid of the middle-east, thus creating a room for terrorists and extremists.

2. Xi Jinping – China


He is one leader that has been labelled as the most powerful leader 2017 that emerged after the Leader of the time that was powerful, Mao Zedong. He has managed to ensure that he has a perfect domestic grip in just three years when he became a president of China. Xi is one leader that holds more titles that many leaders that is, managing the world superpower, able to oversee everything that happens from the military to the economics aspects. He also has managed to vow to fight corruption by all means and has even locked away those that were found guilty of the crime.

1. Barack Obama – President of The US

Barack Obama President of The US Top Most Popular Powerful People of The World 2018

This is a person that presides over a country that is completely influential in everything that goes around over others thus giving him a responsibility that is unparalleled. He has been loved by many as he has tried hard to nurse the country back to its financial prowess after financial crisis. After he took up power, it is also recorded that he has helped the country to grow its GDP by $3 trillion. In the international forum, his fame has a mixed track record but all in all, he has managed to create good friends and serve humanity.

Being in this list is not as easy as you might think because people worked hard and their work bore fruits and that is why they are all here. Otherwise, they will have even been in the worst lists around the world. These world’s Most Powerful People 2017 have used their many and fame to help the human generation in one way or another and that is why thy will never be forgotten at all.


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