THABETThe World’s top 10 Most Expensive Universities in 2017, The cheapest and costliest universities in the world.

Exclusive and expensive Universities in the world: It is the dream of the good students that after their school they want to have the education from the best college of the world. Thus they always try to keep their marks in such a position that after their schooling they don’t face ant type of problem in applying in the best college in the world. The best college will be expensive. But if you bear the expense once then at the end of the final year you will be placed in one of the best company in the world. The campus and the other facilities are also provided by the university in the majestic manner.

List of top 10 most expensive university in the world in 2017

Education is very important and that too from good colleges and Universities. In case you want your child to join the expensive yet good colleges in any cornet of the globe then make sure to know in detail about the Top expensive colleges of the education industry.

Below here is the list of most expensive universities in the world. From every part of the world students like to get pass out from these universities. Yet if they get chance

1. University of Virginia- the tuition fee of this University is 42,184 dollars. It is one of the best universities. The campus of the university is like the palace. But it is very tough to get into this university. You have to get good rank with extraordinary marks for studying in this university.

2. University of Michigan –Ann Arbor- The cost needed to study in this university is 41,811 dollars. The student gets the best facilities from the college. They provide the accommodation and the hostels are really big. You can also say that the hostel is like the palace. The education system of the college is very advanced and their pattern to giving the education is also different.

3. College of William and Marry (VA) – The College is very good and they provide the best education system. With the education they also give many other facilities for which the students want to get the admission in this college. The fees of the college are 39,360 dollars.

4. University of Vermont- The campus of the university is very big and mainly seen the picture of the University students dream about to get the education from there. The students have to give the admission tests which are really tough to crack. The question which they set for the admission test needs intelligence. The tuition fee of the college is 37,384 dollars.

5. University of California Irvine- The University is very big and they provide the best accommodation with the awesome meal package. The tuition fee of the college is 37,635 dollars. Very few students can apply in this college as they require a very high amount of money.

6. Virginia Military Institute- 37,574 dollars is the required fees that the student must pay if they want to study in this university. The hostels are very well maintained and they are very neat and clean. There are people who clean the rooms regularly so that the students don’t have any problem to stay. Here military training is given in the most technical manner.

7. University of California Davis- The building of the college is like the palace. Inside the college you will find tennis court, football field and also the cricket field. The food which they provide is all of high class quality and thus they are very healthy also. The education system is also of high-quality. The tuition fee is 36,774 dollars.

8. University of California Santa- The tuition fees needed for the college is 36,624 dollars. The university is very big and they provide all the best facilities to the students. The hostels are also very good. But they don’t give the food option.

9. University of California Riverside- This is one of the most expensive colleges. The tuition fee is 36,286 dollars. The education system of the college is also very good and hence to have the education from there it is the dream of the student.

10. University of California Santa Cruz- 36,276 dollars is the tuition fee of the college. With the best education system they also provide the student with good accommodation and meal. It is very tough to get through the college. Students from many countries come here to get the best education.