Top 10 Most Beautiful Natural Wonders of The World

You already know about most famous wonders but Take a look at the below list of Top 10 most beautiful natural Wonders of the world in 2017.

Have you ever traveled and simply wonder how beautiful some of the natural parks, rivers, canyons, caves, or any ocean we have on Earth came about? As a people living on this Earth, it’s good to know that we have natural places to visit. Structures that are remarkable, and yet mesmerizing at the same time. The creations that were meant for people to visit, wonder in amazement and be awe-inspired by our world and what it has to offer and see. They include so many works from all across the world.

Here are the Top 10 Beautiful wonders of the world by 2017:

10. Ha Long Bay

ha long bay, Top 10 Wonders of The World 2016-2017

In the Gulf of Tonkin, is part of the division of Halong City, Quang Ninh Province, Northern Vietnam. Recognized in 1962, the National Tourism Authority called it a “Renowned National Landscape Monument”. (It’s proper English name is HALONG BAY.) One of the world’s most astonishing and amazing archipelago sea wonders which covers over 1600 islets and islands with the body of water. The fishing villages encompass approximately 1600 people in population; in fact, they live in “floating villages”.

These villages are Cong Tau Vong Vieng, Cong Tau, Ba Hang, and Cua Van. The area covers approximately 1553 km2 and 120 km of coastline which beautifully forms a montage of limestone pillars and natural “sea gems of monolithic islands” that are topped with jungle vegetation. They rise from the ocean while some are hollow, they encompass large specular caves. They are known as the island’s assets. The majority of the montage of pillars is inhabited and not affected by any humans. Nature lovers flock here because of 500 million years of limestone karsts formation which have undergone various it took approximately 20 million years of it’s present form. In fact, the tropical wet climate in the bay made a home for more than 14 “floral species” and 60 “faunal species’, both of which are considered endemic.

Prehistoric humans made this their home as well. This dates back “tens of thousands of years ago” according to historical research studies. In 1994, it became part of UNESCO World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Ha Long Bay is considered one of the members of the Most Beautiful Bays of the World.

9. Table Mountain

table mountain, Top 10 Wonders of The World 2017

This wonder of the world is exactly what it’s title; it’s a flat-topped mountain that resembles a table. It’s formation Formed into a landmark that overlooks the city of Cape Town, South Africa. Recently considered the New Natural Wonder of the World. Tourists are attracted to it because of the of the hiking capabilities. There is a cableway in which tourists can utilize. It takes five minutes to get up to the top of the summit. Hiking is another alternative to get to the top of the Table Mountain. 1,089 meters to the top and you’ll be able to explore and venture a 360 degree view of Cape Town. It’s a great way to view the entire area, the nearby peaks of the surrounding mountains which surround the major parts of the entire National Park.

8. Puerto Princesa Underground River


In the Philippines, the underground river is one of the most protected beauties. It’s located 360 miles southwest Manila. In 1971, it became established as a National Park on account of preserve, as well as protecting, growing forest which is still “intact”. It has one of the most pristine and distinguished cave systems are the hallmark of this park. It has the whitest beaches and the wildlife is pleasing to the eyes and ears for all nature lovers. River enthusiasts from all over the world will love to journey through the caves. The water which reflects a cascade of colors on the cave walls becomes a kalidescope to those who get to experience the beauty of nature.

7. Jeju Island

jeju island, Top 10 natural Wonders of The World 2018

This volcanic island is 130 km and it’s surface is 1,846 sq km in Korea’s southern coastline. It’s the largest island, but the smallest province at it’s location. Jeju contains the natural World Heritage Site Jeju Volcanic Island with lava tubes. At 1,950 m above sea level, Hallasan is part of the island. Being that it’s the tallest mountain there, it’s dormant volcano is the central part for visitors to explore.

6. Parícutin

paricutin, Top 10 beautiful natural Wonders of The World 2019

This (volcano) is a “cinder cone” in the State of Michoacán, Mexico. Unique because of evolution because of it’s entire existence has been researched and studied by humans, including the observation of it’s volcanic properties. Considered a portion of the Ring of Fire, it covers most of the west central Mexico. An amazing part of the Michoacán-Guanajuato volcanic field. Amazing views once atop the volcano.

5. Iguazu Falls

iguazu falls, Top 10 Wonders of The World 2018

This is considered the “Devil’s throat” or el Garganta del Diablo because of its “U shape”. It’s waterfalls are 82 metres high with 150 metres width and 700 metres long. They’re majestic because the falls are 64 metres on average. The Falls have been, both, Brazil and Argentina’s tourist attraction destination for travel and leisure enthusiasts. It has more than 2000 plant species including 70 mammals which are registered. There are 400 exotic birds in the area as well.

4. Aurora

aurora, Top 10 Wonders of The World 2017

The greatest natural wonder of the world has to put the Northern Lights on the list. Known as the Aurora, it has constant lights which are create an intriguing and splendid amount of displays that have an array of colors in the sky. They swirl, twirl, and become magnificently magical once they appear with diffusing glows that are constantly lighting up the horizon. The most magical display is when the auroras begin to wave across the night skies in Alaska.

3. Mount Everest


The highest mountain in the world. The summit’s peak reaches 29,029 feet or 8,848 m. It’s part of the Himalayan mountain range. It sits on the border of Nepal and Tibet, China. It has a great deal of history and Sir George Everest, the official surveyor-general of India is who it’s named after. Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were to be the first to climb it in May 28, 1953; their companions left them behind; they were the first to climb Mount Everest.

2. Coral Sea


In Queensland, Australia’s coastline, the great barrier reef has the world’s largest formation of living organisms known as the Coral Reef. The Great Barrier Reef which contains more than 900 islands plus 2,900 individual reefs. It supports a variety of ecosystems and the largest wonder of nature which is visible from outer space.

1. Grand Canyon


More than 6 million years of natural carving by way of the Colorado River, it’s the largest natural wonder in the world. It nested in Arizona, USA, and has the deepest “gorge” on Earth. The depth of the canyon is one mile. The average width is ten miles. It drops more than 2,200 feet (670m) along 277-mile (446 km) in length. Native Americans inhabited the canyon for thousands of years; they settled within it within it’s mysterious caves. The most popular natives were the Pueblo people; it was a holy site to them. They were known to make pilgrimages to it and through it.

Finally, if you ever have a chance to travel around the world, you have to at least go to one of these top ten wonders of the world. Naturally, the more you visit, the more you’ll respect Mother Earth. Consequently, there are a number of lists that claim they are the Natural Wonders of the World. They should all be included in one, but for the most part, these top 10 natural wonders of the world are the most recent and have an array of things to do while visiting.

Most Beautiful Women of 2017 in World

Let’s look this list of Top 40 most beautiful women in the World for 2017, who are known for being most gorgeous or most sexiest or most Popular in the world.

Who doesn’t love beauty? We the human beings love beauty in each and everything; may it be any things that we buy or anything that we look at. Beauty grabs attention. For a poet or an artist or an optimist everything is beautiful. Hence, anything and everything is beautiful in its own way. Every creation and everything in nature is beautiful and thus, every lady is beautiful in her own way.

Here we enlist celebrities who are known for being most gorgeous or most sexiest or most hottest women in the world. These celebrities have made big names in their respective fields and most of them are actress and models here, who have been appealing to the audience. These women are considered as most beautiful women in the world and are also amongst most desired women in the world. Here is the list filled with immense beauties from around the world:

Check this hottest list of most beautiful women of 2017 in world

40. Sandra Bullock :

Sandra Bullock (USA) World's Top 10 Most Beautiful Women

One of the age-defying most beautiful woman ever on the planet, Sandra Bullock was named People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Woman at the age of 50. One of the highest paid actress in Hollywood, Bullock was born in Virginia, United States. She began her career as an actress in 1987 with a minor role in Hangmen. Later on, she found huge success as an actress and won Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for her in The Blind Side. Her performance was exceptional in Gravity also. She also stepped into production with her own production house called Fortis Films and found great success.

39. Gabrielle Union:

Gabrielle Union (USA) most beautiful black women 2017

For all those who think black isn’t attractive or beautiful, this most beautiful American actress stands as an example, being very gorgeous and appealing in spite of being black. Born in Omaha of Nebraska, United States, she is a leading actress and model. Wearing a beautiful smile, this actress is popular for her roles in romantic comedy films like Bring it On, The Brothers, Think like a man, Think like a man too and many more. Her role in Being Mary Jane drama series was highly acclaimed for which she also won NAACP Image award.

38. Vanessa Hudgens:

Vanessa Hudgens (California) World's Top 10 Most Beautiful Women 2017

Vanessa Hudgens is one of the most popular women for her role in widely known High School Musical series in her teenage. She is a very gorgeous actress and singer now. She was born in Salinas, California and has acted in various series and shows of Disney Channel. As a Pop and R&B singer, her debut album was V at the age of 24, which entered Billboard 200. This gorgeous female actress also featured in films like Bandslam, Sucker Punch, Journey 2: Mysterious Island, Spring breakers and many others.

37. Anne Hathaway:

Anne Hathaway (USA) beautiful woman

The most beautiful women in the world 2017 Anne Hathaway Known as one of most versatile actress in recent past, Anne Hathaway has receiving recognition and praises since her teenage for her acting. She was born in Brooklyn and is also a singer. Some of her remarkable and highly acclaimed performances came in Havoc, Brokeback Mountain, Devil Wears Prada, Becoming Jane, Rachel Getting Married, Bride Wars etc. She won Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, BAFTA and SAG for Best supporting actress in Les Misérables. Her other notable performances are in Dark Knight Rises as Catwoman and in Interstellar. This hottest actress was named as one of People Magazine’s breakthrough stars in 2001.

36. Olga Kurylenko:

Olga Kurylenko (France) most beautiful women

This glamorous, sexy actress and model is widely popular for playing Bond Girl in Quantum of Solace. Born in Ukraine, Soviet Union she moved to Paris to continue her modeling career. A breakthrough in her acting career came with Nika Boronina in 2007. She also had success in Hollywood with movies like To the Wonder, Oblivion, The water Divinr etc. This 5 foot 9 inches tall charming lady is regarded as one of the prettiest, attractive and most beautiful women in the world.

35. Keira Knightley:

Keira Knightley (UK) Hottest Female Celebrities

This English actress began her acting career right from her childhood. Her Elizabeth Swann role in Pirates of the Caribbean film series brought her wide spread recognition in the world. She earned Academy Award, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her role in Pride & Prejudice. She was nominated for Golden Globe, SAG, Academy Awards for Best supporting actress for her role in The Imitation Game. Her other remarkable performances came in Bend it like Beckham, Atonement, Silk, The Duchess, Never let me go and many more. In 2008, this popular actress was named as second highest paid actress by Forbes Magazine.

34. Meryam Uzerli:

Meryem Uzerli most beautiful women

This gorgeous Turkish-Germany actress was born and raised in Kassel, Germany. She has got beautiful, admirable blue eyes. She began her acting career with minor roles in German Television series. She gained recognition after her role in Turkish TV series Muhteşem Yüzyil, which was highly acclaimed and she won many awards too. She is also popular for her roles in Journey of No return, Jetzt aber Ballett, Notruf Hafenkante and others. Along with acting she endorses many brands and has portrayed in many advertisment videos too. GQ Turkey chose Meryam Uzerli as Woman of the Year in 2012. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world in 2017.

33. Charlzie Theron:

Charlize Theron (South Africa) hottest women of 2016

She is considered as one of the glamorous actress in Hollywood. Theron is an South African-American actress and has won Academy Award, Golden Globe Award, Sliver Bear and Screen Actors Guild Award for her character in the movie Monster, which was highly acclaimed by critics. Her other exceptional performances came in Hancock, The Italian Job, The Devil’s Advocate, Mad Max: Fury Road, North Country, Young Adult and others. This hottest actress & most beautiful women in world has also got into production and has gained great success in it.

32. Olivia Wilde:

Olivia Wilde (USA) top 10 most beautiful women

Olivia Wilde is an American model – actress also known for being a screen writer, director, producer, activist and an entrepreneur. She is considered as one of the hottest women in Hollywood and she gained prominence for her role in the popular American TV series House. She also found success in Hollywood hits like Tron: Legacy, Cowboys& Aliens, Her, Rush.

31. Monica Bellucci :

Monica Bellucci (Italy) most sexiest girl 2017

After her role in Spectre, she became the Oldest Bond Girl in the James Bond franchise. Even now at the age of 51, Monica Bellucci looks so gorgeous and pretty and is considered as one of sexiest actress and model. This Italian actress began her career at very young age as a model. Later in her acting career she found success with movies like The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions, The passion of the Christ, Irréversible and Spectre. She is very bold in appeal and has featured many commercials of popular brands as a model and one of the world’s most beautiful women of 2017.