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The Top 10 Bollywood Songs of February 2017


Bollywood creates some of the most magical and memorable musical compositions and films in the world. Below we have assembled the top Bollywood songs of February, 2017. These tracks are energetic, meaningful and provide you with some very potent energy. Each of these tunes are well crafted, and molded specifically for the film they represent, and designed to accentuate the particular emotion from each movie.

10. Haseeno Ka Deewana by Raftaar And Payal Dev

“Haseeno Ka Deewana” is a powerful, determined track, from the 2017 Bollywood film, “Kaabil”, which stars Urvashi Rautela, and directed by Sanjay Gupta. “Haseeno Ka Deewana” was composed by Rajesh Roshan with lyrics by Kumaar, and performed by Payal Dev and Raftaar. The film is a testament of love, as it revolves around the relationship between two blind people, who find themselves falling deeply in love with one another, as ‘love sees all’. The song reflects the drive and purpose of the message of this movie.

9. Zaalima by Arijit Singh and Harshdeep Kaur

“Raees” is an action packed, 2017 crime film directed by Rahul Dholakia, and stars Shah Rukh Khan, Mahira Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. “Zaalima” is a widely popular track from the film, lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya, and music by JAM8. The track is performed to perfection by Arjit Singh and Harshdeep Kaur, with the official music video featuring actors, Shah Rukh Khan and Mahira Khan, who perform it beautifully, conveying the sweet sway and gentle breezes of love, getting caught up in the overwhelming feeling of joyous emotion. Well done track.

8. Channa Mereya by Arijit Singh

“Channa Mereya ” is a track from the 2016 Bollywood film, “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” (This Heart is Complicated), written and directed by Karan Johar, starring Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Ranbir Kapoor. “Channa Mereya” is a rather melancholy song and is composed by Pritam with lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya, and performed by Arjit Singh. Lyrically, this song touches your heart as the singer speaks of leaving, love and remembrances of times past, spent in one another arms, as he turns his path away, and into a new direction, as he leaves.

7. Kaabil Hoon by Jubin Nautiyal And Palak Muchhal

Our second offering on our list from the Kaabil sound track is “Kaabil Hoon”, which is the title track of the film, “Kaabil”. “Kaabil Hoon” is composed by Rajesh Roshan with lyrics by Nasil Faraaz, and performed by Jubin Nautiyal and Palak Muchhal. The song speaks of dreams, how they are locked away, behind our very own eyes, and the search to unlock them to make dreams come true. It is a romantic track, where the question is raised, ‘am I worthy of you or not?’ In the end, it is the heart that holds the key to unlocking our dreams. Just a perfect song for such a beautiful film, full of love, hope and joy. We believe in this couple, what they go through, and share their story.

6. Ok Jaanu by A.R. Rahman and Srinidhi Venkatesh

The film “Ok Jaanu” is a 2017 romantic drama directed by Shaad Ali, and stars Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor, who play a couple in Mumbai who are in love and in a live in relationship. “Ok Jaanu” was composed by A.R. Rahman with lyrics by Gulzar, and performed by A.R. Rahman and Srinidhi Venkatesh. “OK Jannu” is a wonderfully entertaining, feel good film, and this is reflected in the title track. The song is catchy, has a nice hook and is totally designed to get your energy up and moving, and spirit flowing. Life is yours for the asking, and love is forever at your door.

5. Enna Sona by Arijit Singh

Number five on our list is “Enna Sona”, from the Bollywood film, “OK Jaanu”. This tastefully composed and performed song emits romance, love and light as the surperb vocal talent of Arijit Singh conveys an almost poetic energy. Composed by A.R. Rahman, with lyrics by Gulzar, “Enna Sona” is one romantic ballad that is sure to remind you of the soulful, tenderness of love, as Aditya and Shraddha engage in blissful moments, while we cherish the feeling bestowed upon us.

4. Dhaakad by Raftaar

Against the backdrop of wrestlers and cheering crowds, we have “Dhaakad”. “Dhaakad” is a song from the soundtrack of the film, “Dangal”. This track, made up of strong, rhythmic rapping, was composed by Pritam, and is performed by Raftaar. Raftaar really accentuates the feeling of determination necessary for a song such as this, an almost rhythmic march as the Phoghat daughters really do march to the tune of a very different drummer. The track reflects Phogats daughters hard work as they carve out a career for themselves in wrestling. The track is strong, forceful and determined, and fills you with a majestic sense of power and can-do attitude, which totally works for this piece.

3. Laila Main Laila by Pavni Pandey

Our second track from the Bollywood action film, “Raees” is “Laila”. This track was originally used in the 1980 film, Qurbani, and has now had a makeover for the film, “Raees” by composer Ram Sampath, lyrics Indeevar and Javed Akhtar, and is performed by Pavni Pandey. The official music video is swave, seductive and gyrates with suggestive energy. Perfect for the dance clubs, “Laila” is a track that will stun and energyze you, in the best possible way.

2. Dangal – Title Track by Daler Mehendi

“Dangal” is a 2016 film that became one of the top grossing films in India’s history. It is a true to life biography directed by Nitesh Tiwari, starring Aamir Khan, as Mahavir Singh Phogat a father who taught his daughters professional wrestling. In reality, his one daughter Geeta won the gold at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and her sister, Babita won the silver. The song, “Dangal” is the title track of the film is performed by Daler Mehendi, with music by Pritam. The track is highly energetic, but with a strong central drive that serves to back up the premise of the film, to work to be your best, no matter how tough the competition.

1. The Humma Song by A.R. Rahman

A.R. Rahman is a prolific composer of excellent Bollywood music. This track, the “Humma Humma song” is thought of as a tribute to the composer, as the track has previously been in the film Bombay, and has now been restructured by Baadshah. The main differences between the two versions, is the infusing of rap along with reducing the tempo, which makes for a slower, more seductive feel. This rendition is perfect for the feel of the film, as Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur create a wildly entertaining performance, packed with color, energy and a whole lot of love. Perfect for this film, the “Humma Humma Song” will stay with you, way after you leave the theater.

All in all, a most fabulous selection of excellent Bollywood music, composed and performed by the absolutely best talents found in music today. All of these tracks are memorable, satisfying and treat the film with respect, while living up to the high standards of Bollywood audiences, which continues to ensure nothing short of excellence in film and music.



Artists DEMO


Wedged between break up songs and love songs lives the real Taylor Swift. The American singer combines sweet and salty songs, with an open heart but unwilling to offer a nice kiss-off to a disappointing lover. The songs are an evidence of the stressing and happy relationships she had had, since high school. The songs have emotions we all relate: unrequited love, deception, games, and breakups.

Here are the best songs by Taylor Swift, according to a ‘Swiftologist.’

10. Fifteen

In this song, Taylor recalls her first breakup, and the heartbreak that came along with it. She offers advice on how love affairs can mess lives, especially for teenagers. Taylor warns her high school friends of dangerous older men, but it later turns out that the same people are not that easy to do away with, they are important. She expresses her painful memories and urges teens to ‘count up to ten’ before they make any decision. The musician later releases ‘Dear John,’ revealing a romantic affair between him and John. The song is so emotional and shows the singer’s vulnerable side, but we commend her for the release of such a fearless song.

9. ‘Should’ve Said No’

We do not know whether it is the admonishing lyrics or the catchy melody that attracts fans to this song. However, let us all cheer the man who cheated on Taylor and motivated her to write this great track. Were it not for him, we wouldn’t be listening to this fantastic song. What Taylor sings manifests scorned lovers twice as old as she is, and it is unbelievable that she goes through this at her tender age. She wishes she said no and ignored her former boyfriend.

8. Mean

The song is about people who do not like Taylor and criticize her for everything that she does. The song video is very relatable, something that makes it unique. At one instance, the cheerleaders refuse to sit next to nerds, which depicts the reality experienced in high schools. Towards the end of the video, ‘awkward’ peeps appear, and they thrive in success. That takes the message home. She attacks the thick heads and tells them that sometimes she will live in a big city, and they will have no option but to be mean. She advises all those who criticize music to think about their chosen careers.

7. Our song

‘Our love’ is another heartwarming and love-dovey track from Taylor Swift. The musician wrote the song as a freshman in high school, but only released it in 2007.The song turned out to be a hit and a bouncy country melody loved by many people. The song shows Taylor’s maturity in music and life. She sings about a gentleman who has one hand on the steering wheel and the other on her heart. The song is about high school love and teen romance, a reality that she faces in high school.

6. Mine

One of the best songs in Swift’s third album explains how we always try to run far from love. The song’s music video receives huge appraise and wins the ‘Video of the year’ award. The creativity in the song gets credit for an excellent craftsmanship. The song leaked before its release, thanks to some genius and impatient fans, who released it before its scheduled official date. She sings of a man who makes a rebel from a ‘careless man’s daughter,’ but acknowledges that he is also the ‘best thing that has ever been mine.’ The song is such a hit.

5. ‘22.’

22 is the favorite year for many ladies, and so is Taylor Swift. To mark her milestone, Swift releases a song in the name of the year,’22.’ The song is one of her youngest, composed in 2013, but is a favorite to thousands of her fans around the world. The song boasts of many views on YouTube, and that explains why it finds a place on this list. The track combines some sugary chorus, with a lot of insights present. She sings about happiness, confusion and loneliness experienced at the age of 22. We are still waiting to see what she sings about 25, 28 and 30.

4. Love story

The title of this song tells more about the track itself. The singer is a cool teenage girl from Tennessee until she meets ‘bad boys’ in Hollywood. Swift flexes her acting chops and plays Juliet, from the famous Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare. The story, however, ends happily, unlike the case in her other songs. This first single from the ‘sophomore’ album still receives critical acclaim, thanks to its plot and writing style. ‘Love story’ is a melodic song that everyone sings, whether they love Taylor or hate the singer. She confesses that despite the fact that the love is complicated, at least it is real.

3. ‘I knew you were Trouble’

Right from the start, Taylor knows her relationship heads for a dead end, but still decides to go on with it. She expresses shame on herself, while still depicting the doom and chaos in her love affair. Taylor tells how she ignored a lot of red flags from her former boyfriends, only to mess herself up at the end. Her sour relationships acted as a motivation for her to write one of her best songs. Away from her personal love issues, the song is a great exploration for the singer.

2. ‘We are never getting back together’

‘We are never getting back together’ is a funk song from the ‘Red’ album that Taylor sings about a breakup once more. However, this time, she does not sing about someone breaking her heart, she sings about a former boyfriend who refuses to let go after a breakup. The song has a catchy tune that gets people dancing, despite it looking like a track. Swift sings of a boyfriend who requested for some time away from a relationship. She senses danger and runs out of the affair, only for the ex to come begging for her love later. She argues that her friends talk to her and advise her on what to do, and so she tells him: ‘We are never getting back together.’

1. ‘You Belong with me.’

‘You belong with me’ is a hit song from the sophomore album with the highest views on YouTube. The track is one of her best-selling singles ever and is a certified quadruple platinum. Taylor plays a shy nerd who loves a hunky jock, a play based on a real-life story. Many people with a crush on their BFF use the song to pass on their message. What a lovely romantic song, Taylor Swift, on this you are the sweetest.

Taylor Swift some of the Best New Songs in 2016/2017

1. Dizzy

In her latest release, Swift wonders whether she should stay in the relationship or walk away. She closes her eyes trying to concentrate, but the feeling is so much.Taylor sings about how hard the feeling is, and how love confuses her. She thanks her girlfriends who always keep her to the ground. She says she ‘feels so ‘dizzy’ and wonders whether she will ever fall in love.

2. Love you now

In this latest track, Taylor tells her boyfriend that she reads her mind and knows what he wants to say. She requests to love him and keep him safe from falling hard onto the ground. ‘Love you now’ is another romantic track from Swift, and the video is amazing.

Taylor Swift understands her music prowess and makes sure that all her tracks swiftly rise to the top. The above list demonstrates her ability, and the new songs are sweeter than any ones she ever did before. All the best Taylor Swift.