Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries of The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries of The World of all time till 2017. A classic crossover episode of The Simpsons has agent Fox Mulder investigating an X-File and going off a philosophical tangent about the various strange phenomena out there in the world still to be investigated fully…even the unsolved mysteries of Unsolved Mysteries. That popular television show tended to focus on more mundane mysteries than the following in which the top 10 unsolved mysteries are the world are examined. Most of the mysteries on this list have remain unsolved for decades or centuries or even millennia. Will they ever be solved? And will it be a disappointment if they ever are solved? After all, who doesn’t love a mystery that remains an enigma?

List of the world’s Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries of all time till 2017

10. El Chupacabra


The Mexican goat sucker also popped up every now and then on The X-Files. A number of possible explanations have been forwarded to solve this mystery including—believe or not—that is an alien being that somehow got left behind when the UFO took off into the atmosphere without. The red glowing eyes and the fact that it doesn’t really look like any known species of animal on earth is behind this explanation.

9. Automotive Teleportation


One day in May of 1968 on an Argentine road two cars set out together for the same destination. Inside one of these cars was a doctor and his wife. According to those inside the vehicle behind them, that car and the two people inside suddenly just went…poof! One second the car was there and the next it was not. A desperate search was conducted first to try to figure out what happened and then to find out where the doctor and his wife were and if they were still alive. Two days later a call arrived from Mexico City. It was the doctor informing those in the car behind that he and his wife were alive and well. All they claimed to remember was a strange mist falling over the car and then blacking out and come to some 4,000 miles away. Even stranger: another Argentinian man—totally unrelated—told the same story of the weird mist. This was the first of what would be a handful of reports over the next few decades of what came to be known as automotive teleportation.

8. Jack the Ripper

He was far from the most prodigious serial killer, but sometimes it is quality and not quanity. And when it comes to Jack the Ripper, his quality as a serial killer far outweighs many of those who came in his wake. Of course, what really makes Jack the Ripper so fascinating is that his true identity is an unsolved mystery. And it looks like it is going to remain unsolved forever which is only going to make his legend grow.

7. Weeping Statues

Weeping Statues Top Famous Unsolved Mysteries of The World 2019

No, not those infamous weeping angels from Doctor Who fame. The weeping statues that are one of the top ten unsolved mysteries of the world can be angels, but they can just as easily be religious icons like the Virgin Mary or, of course, Jesus. And here’s the really bizarre thing: in addition to no definitive explanation for why the statues appear to be crying, reports of their existence trace back centuries.

6. The Bermuda Triangle


From entire fighter squadrons to the smallest of outboard engine boats, trying to make it through the trapezoid that is misnamed the Bermuda Triangle can be a tricky maneuver. What causes the reports of oddball technological malfunctions that often lead to boaters and pilots getting lost before going down into the Atlantic Ocean? Some say it’s a rip in the time-space continuum while others forward the proposition that aliens are involved. Still others connect the Bermuda Triangle with the lost city of Atlantis. Whatever the answer, the mystery remains unsolved for now.

5. Jimmy Hoffa

Jimmy Hoffa Top Popular Unsolved Mysteries of The World 2018

Who killed Jimmy Hoffa, noted American labor leader? Probably the Mob. Or maybe the Mafia. Or perhaps organized crime or La Cosa Nostra. Somebody out there has the solutions to this mystery, but so far they ain’t singing. And probably never will.

4. Aliens

Aliens Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries of The World 2017

So far there is no proof that aliens have visited Earth. Other than pyramids that defy all logic as to their capacity to be built with technology and natural resources existing thousands of years before the invention of the zipper. This mystery problems has been solved, but only to create another mystery of why the rest of us haven’t yet been told.

3. Bigfoot

Bigfoot Top Most Unsolved Mysteries of The World 2018

When reports of a big, ugly, hair and smelly creature living in the forests of the Pacific Northwest trace back to a time before slick European con men arrived to weasel the natives out of everything that had belonged to them for centuries, you have no choice but to pay attention. Is Bigfoot real or just the greatest hoax in American history next to the Founding Fathers being men of great distinction? So many stories which serve no purpose and carry the burden of ridicule would seem to indicate a mystery that one day might be solved.

2. Loch Ness Monster


Some say that the Loch Ness Monster mystery was solved with the admission that the most photograph was faked. Just because one photo which was never offered as incontrovertible proof was proven a fake, however, does nothing to explain the others. And the sheer magnitude of reports of encounters with Nessie because there became a market for sharing them indicates the existence something.

1. Oscar Winners

Cher. Halle Berry. Leonardo DiCaprio. The greatest unsolved mystery of the modern age is how great actors can go entire careers without winning Oscar gold, but Cher, Halle Berry and Leonardo DiCaprio managed to do the trick. Nobody can offer any adequate solution or even a halfway reasonable one. Alien intervention? Psychic hypnosis? Brainwashing? Any guess is as good as the other.

The unsolved mysteries of the world of all time till 2017 are deep and many. Mongolian Death Worms. The mystery of the Mary Celeste ship. The re-election of George W. Bush. The list goes on and, let’s all hope, continues to be added to every day.