Top 10 Unique Elevators in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Unique Elevators in The World in 2017. Elevators are a unique invention that came to help ease the burden of having to go up buildings with great heights via the stairs. With time different designs of these elevators have been made and more advancements made over time.

There are more fascinating and cool designs of them in the world. Well with these designs it shows that elevators are not supposed to be boring boxes to ride in. architectures have gone out of their way to ensure they get amazing designs to keep the people on the elevators entertained. There are many designs that have come up.

List of Top 10 Unique Elevators in The World 2017

10. Maritime museum birdcage elevator


This elevator was built for the Chief Justice of the British Colombian Supreme Courts, Theodore Davie. He however, never got to use it. This elevator, found in the Victoria Museum in North America is the oldest still operational elevator to date. This elevator has a golden exterior with blue grill work. All this have been maintained to date. This elevator is held as a historical monument in the museum.

9. Lloyd’s Building Elevator


Found in London, Europe, this elevators are interesting to take a ride in the. They are found on the outside of the building and are 12 in number. Because of this, the building has been nicknamed the Inside-Out building. This building has most of the structures including the water pipes, power conduits and the elevator on the outside so as to maximize on the inside space. The elevator on the outside are of glass providing the people on it an amazing view of the outside and the ground as they go up. It is the first of its kind in the UK.

8. Globen Sky View.

Globen Sky View Top 10 Unique Elevators in The World 2017

This is found in the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden. This is the world’s largest hemispherical building with a height of 279 feet and diameter of 361 feet. People on these elevators, which are found on the exterior of the building are treated to an amazing view of the sky and the environs around as the elevators are made of glass. This elevator ride is a 20 minute ride providing the best way to view the city as you go up. This is one of the most unique elevators in the world 2017 giving a view of the skyline to the riders.

7. Bailong, Zhangjiajie China.


This is the largest exterior elevator in the world in 2017. It is found on the side of a cliff. This lift has found itself in the Guinness book of record. It is the world’s highest outdoor elevators with a height of 1070 feet. This elevator is used by people to go down the cliff and see sandstone pillars. It took 3 years to be constructed and was officially opened to the public in 2002.

6. The Falkirk Wheel


Found in Scotland, it the only rotating boat elevator in the world. Scotland prides itself in having the first of this kind of elevator. It connects the Union Canal and the Fourth and Clyde Canal taking boats from one to the other. These canals are 79 feet from one another. This lift is turned by 10 hydraulic motors. This elevator is not for human use but for boats only. It was built in 2002. This is one of the greatest inventions in the world.

5. The Louvre Elevator.

The Louvre Elevator Top Most Popular Unique Elevators in The World 2019

This is found in Paris France. This is one of the most amazing and outstanding elevators, the first of its kind in the whole world. This elevator is found in the Louvre Museum. It is an open topped elevator that is a land mark in Paris. It is made of cutting edge technology. This elevator takes people to a side walk that transports people in and out of the place with ease. This elevator is of a futuristic design. It is surrounded by a spiral sculpture. It is one of a kind.

4. The Autostadt Silos

The Autostadt Silos Top Famous Unique Elevators in The World 2018

This is found in Wolfsburg, Germany. It is at the home base of the Volkswagen Company. This elevator is used to transport vehicles from the different floors without driving. The vehicles are transported to a storeroom of 200 feet by a convey line where the elevator then picks the vehicle and transports it to the where it is needed. This elevator design does not require the vehicles to be driven. It is of an amazing bringing with it ease of all the work.

3. Luxor Hotel inclined elevator

Luxor Hotel inclined elevator Top Most Unique Elevators in The World 2017

The Luxor Hotel found in Las Vegas is one of its kind. It is a hotel in a pyramid shape earning it the name the pyramid hotel. Because of its design, it needed a unique and perfect elevator design. Because of that, the elevator in it is one that has a 39 degree inclination in this ascends and descends. This elevator however gives a normal ride experience apart from a very brief sensation. This elevator required the precise design and make to make it perfect.

2. The Rising Tide Elevator.


This is located in the MS Oasis of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship. This is an elevator that has combined a bar it too. When people ride in i9t, they can have a relaxed time and have a drink or 2. The elevator ride takes 8 minutes which is enough time to enjoy a drink and relax. The elevator joins the central park deck to the Royal Promenade. It has a 35 person capacity

1. The Aqua Dom

The Aqua Dom Top Popular Unique Elevators in The World 2018

This is found in Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin, Germany. It is a transparent elevator that is surrounded by a large aquarium. The aquarium is 82 feet holding over 260000 gallons of water and more than 97 different species of fish. There is a population of about 1500 fish in this aquarium. The fish are usually fed with about 18 pounds of food every day. This elevator is one of its kind in the world.

So, these are the world’s Top 10 Unique Elevators in 2017. Elevator rides can be fascinating and interesting. There are more amazing designs of elevators all over the world. As time goes by more designs are coming up

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