Top 10 Tallest Elevators Engineering Wonders

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Tallest Elevators Engineering Wonders in 2017. Modern day engineering works have transcended all levels of beauty and wonder. When you see the engineering wonders that have been designed and built all across the world, at times all you can do is admire the creation in absolute awe. The engineering imagination and incredibility of the various bridges, monuments, skyscrapers, tunnels, railways and other architectures can leave you amazed.

Have you ever thought of the engineering that goes into making elevators for the skyscraper buildings and some of the other tallest monuments? We will walk you through the top 10 tallest elevators engineering wonders of the world. You will not believe the engineering behind the tallest elevators in the world 2017. Those mentioned here are totally remarkable.

List of Top 10 Tallest Elevators Engineering Wonders 2017

10. The SkyView Ericsson Globe Elevator:


The Ericsson Globe is the biggest hemispherical building in the entire world. This wonder nestled in Stockholm, Sweden has a steeping height of 279 feet and a breadth measuring 361 feet. This masterpiece has glass gondolas on the exterior that give a curved trip of around 20 minutes from the base to the very top. It is a remarkable elevator that provides you with a beautiful view of the skyline.

9. The Santa Justa Elevator:


The Santa Justa located in Lisbon is Portugal’s national monument. This monument has a neo-Gothic style elevator that is of 148 feet. Initially when it was constructed more than a century ago, it was steam powered, but today it runs on electricity. The elevator is intricately designed with birdcage style cars that have ornate interiors made of wood.

8. The Sky Tower Elevator:

The Sky Tower Elevator Top Most Popular Tallest Elevators Engineering Wonders 2019

The Sky tower is an observation tower located in Auckland, New Zealand. The observation tower stands 610 feet tall. The view from the top is just amazing. To get to the top there are glass fronted elevators with glass floors. Travelling to the top in one of these tallest elevators 2017 gives an added thrill to the guests.

7. Eiffel Tower Elevator:

Eiffel Tower Elevator Top Most Tallest Elevators Engineering Wonders 2017

Eiffel Tower is one of the famous tourist sites in the world, located in Paris, France. It has an amazing height of 1050 feet, providing a spectacular view of Paris from the top. There are elevators that run up the tower legs of the Eiffel tower up to the first floor. You then need to take another elevator from the first floor right to the top.

6. Hammetschwand Elevator:

Hammetschwand Elevator Top Popular Tallest Elevators Engineering Wonders 2018

The Hammetschwand Elevator is the tallest exterior elevator throughout Europe. It is in Burgenstock, Switzerland. At around 499 feet tall, this lift is connected to a rock way that presents a beautiful view of the Swiss Alps and the Burgenstock plateau. It overlooks the spectacular lake Lucerne. The elevator takes people right to the top in less than one minute.

5. Gateway Arch Tram:


The Gateway Arch placed in St.Louis, Missouri in United States, is famous for being the tallest arch in the world. It stands tall at 630 feet. Each leg of this stainless steel monument has a tram, each comprising of eight oval shaped cars having five seats. It disembarks from the base, taking four minutes t travel up to the top.

4. Bailong Elevator:

Bailong Elevator Top 10 Tallest Elevators Engineering Wonders 2017

The Bailong Elevator located at Zhanjiajie, China is built along the side of a steep cliff that moves up to a height of 1070 feet. It is nestled in the Wulingyuan area and once on top gives an awesome view of the area. It surely is one of the most remarkable tallest elevators of the world 2017.

3. Taipei 101 Elevator:


The Taipei 101 located in Taiwan is one of the famous buildings of the world. There are in total 67 elevators in the building that help you travel to a height of 1667 feet. Two of these elevators take you to the observatory on the 89th level. These tall elevators have a bizarre speed of 55.22 feet per second, giving you a sense of thrill as you travel up.

2. CN Tower Elevator:


The CN Tower is a world famous tower found in Toronto, Canada. The Tower elevator is made up of a glass front elevator giving you a beautiful view of the skyline. It takes people to the observation platform in under a minute’s time. You can take another elevator up to the Sky Pod to enjoy a breath taking view.

1. The Burj Khalifa Elevator:

The Burj Khalifa Elevator Top Best Tallest Elevators Engineering Wonders 2018

The Burj Khalifa is around 2723 feet tall. The elevators of the Burj Khalifa are one of the worlds fastest, moving at a speed of 40 miles per hour, covering the height in just 35 seconds. These double-decker elevators are known to be the tallest elevators installation in the whole world 2017.

If you do get a chance, try to visit these monuments and towers and make sure you use the elevator so that you can marvel at the engineering skills behind these elevators. These tallest elevators 2017 ascend great heights, some at astonishing speeds, providing incredible views.

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