Top 10 Tallest And Beautiful University Clock Towers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Tallest And Beautiful University Clock Towers in the World in 2017. While the most basic need of having these clock towers in the university is ensure the students get to class in time, these towers do more than that. That have in time become the symbols of these universities. They stand at great heights and attract people from afar. Students and visitors who get the privilege of going up these towers are treated to the awesome view of the surrounding environs including the university grounds. The bells and chimes from these clock towers are heard from far helping people keep time.

There are many amazing university clock towers around the world in 2017 but here are the top 10 most beautiful of them all.

List of Top 10 Tallest And Beautiful University Clock Towers 2017

10. Purdue Bell Tower

Purdue Bell Tower Top Most Tallest And Beautiful University Clock Towers 2017

Found in Purdue University in West Lafayette USA, it is a 160 foot tall tower. This tower has clocks on the four sides of the tower. It has a visual importance to the university. Apart from that, this tower has other intriguing facts which include; there is a time capsule in it that is to be opened in 2095 and that it is believed that there is a seal when one steps over it, they are cursed. This tower also sends music to the air which can be soothing and relaxing to the people around.

9. McGraw Tower, Cornell University


This university found in New York has a 173 foot tower. This tower and the library next to it were designed by the same architect, William Henry Miller. It was completed in 1891. This tower contains a practice room, a chimes room and a museum. Initially this place contains a room that stored library supplies. The chimes from the clock tower have long been part of the campus life providing some music in the atmosphere and to the environment around. In this tower, the first time the bells were rang was in 1868 at Cornell’s inauguration.

8. The main Building, University of Santos


This university is found in Manila Philippines. The tower is a tall well structural building that stands with a height of 169 feet. Around the clock, there are three statues that stand. These three for the ‘Tria Haec’ that stands for faith hope and charity. This tower is the first in the country to be earthquake resistant. From its inception in the 1020s, it has been able to withstand countless earthquakes and other environmental disasters that hit the country. It is a building that holds a lot of the country’s history.

7. Parkinson Building

Parkinson Building Top 10 Tallest And Beautiful University Clock Towers 2017

This is a 187 tall tower found in England, United Kingdom. It is in the University of Leeds Campus found in the city. This design took the architectures 50 years to complete the design and the building of the tower. It is a one of a kind tower that is an iconic symbol for the university. This building is an eye-catching and a tourist attraction site for the country and the university. The clock on the tower can be seen from miles away.

6. The Old Arts Building

The Old Arts Building Top Famous Tallest And Beautiful University Clock Towers 2018

This tower is found in the University of Auckland, New Zealand. It is a 175 feet tall tower that has incorporated in its design a lot of elegance. With a perpendicular gothic style and Art Nouveau Element, this building is the epitome of classy in its architecture. With the stones of Somers and Oamaru used, it brings out elegance in the building. It also has animals and plants of the same area appearing in its detail.

5. Rajabai Clock Tower

Rajabai Clock Tower Top Popular Tallest And Beautiful University Clock Towers 2018

This is found in Mumbai University, India. It was built by Sir Gilbert Scott and took 9 years to be completed. This tower is found next to the High courts in is of an authentic Gothic and Venetian style and design. The tower is 279 feet tall, this made it the tallest building in Mumbai when it was completed in1878. This clock tower serves as a land mark for the university. It is a sight to behold and a place to visit when in Mumbai.

4. Main Building, University of Texas


Found in the USA, this University hosts a clock tower that is 307 feet tall. It is a tower that can be seen from as far as the town around. Being one of the tallest structures around the place makes it a land mark in the area. This tower was completed about 54 years after the school was started. This was in 1937. The clock on the tower is visible enough as it is 12 feet across on the 4 sides. Both the public and students can share the view of the town from the top of the tower. This is one of the Tallest And Beautiful University Clock Towers in The World 2017.

3. The Sather Tower

The Sather Tower Top Most Popular Tallest And Beautiful University Clock Towers 2019

It is known as the Campanile and is found in Berkeley campus in the University of California, USA. This tower measures a height of 307 feet and has 61 bells chiming during the spring and fall semesters. This structure has its inspiration from the fallen Venetian Campanile. It has gothic style of architecture and has additional strength from granite steel. It was completed in 1914 and it is the university’s symbol.

2. Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower


This is in the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘Old Joe’ and is located in the chancellor’s court in the university. This tower’s height is not well known but is estimated to be between 325 and 361 feet tall. This clock was designed by Sir Aston Webb and Edward Ingress Bell and was built in the early 1900s. It is the tallest clock tower that stands on its own on earth.

1. Main Building Clock Tower, Moscow State University


Found in Russia, this is a one of a kind tower clock. It was constructed in the Soviet style. This tower stands tall in the city with a height of 774 feet. This is the world’s tallest clock tower with the largest clock in the whole of Moscow. This is a visual heritage of the university. This tower is found in Russia’s oldest university.

So, these are the world’s Tallest And Beautiful University Clock Towers in 2017. In the world, there are different universities with very beautiful and majestic towers. These towers are not only for the purpose of keeping time bust most of them are a school’s heritage.