Top 10 Super Weapons Built By Nazi

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Super Weapons Built By Nazi. It was towards the end of World War II that the Nazi started experimenting and developing super new weapons. Hitler wanted to conquer the world. Therefore, he did all that was needed to achieve that. He gathered his best scientist and specialists to develop the most sophisticated and wondrous weapons of all time. Some of the weapons were successfully operational while others were never created due to time factor or impracticalities. This doesn’t rule them out from being amazing. We are thankful that some of these weapons never passed the theoretical stage because they would have changed the whole outcome of the war favoring Germany. Now check out the super weapons created by Nazi during World War II.

List of Top 10 Super Weapons Built By Nazi

10. Fieseler Fi 103R

Fieseler Fi 103R Top 10 Super Weapons Built By Nazi 2017

It was code-named Reichenberg, and was a manned form of a flying bomb. The Fieseler Fi 103R was created in a way that the pilot would likely be killed or else parachute down at the site of the attack. The volunteer pilots signed a declaration form stating that they fully understood and were willing to join the suicide troop. It was code-named after the capital of Czechoslovakian region”reichsgau Sudetenland” (current Liberec), while the aircraft itself was named “Reichenberg-Geräte”. After Wener Baumbach had taken command of KG 200, he and Speer went to meet Hitler and succeeded in talk him out of it claiming that suicide mission was not the tradition of a German warrior and later then the Reichenberg was disbanded.

9. Heinkel He 162 Volksjäger

Heinkel He 162 Volksjäger Top Biggest Super Weapons Built By Nazi 2019

The Volksjäger (people’s fighter) was a jet-powered and single-engine aircraft that was designed and built quickly. The Nazi needed a protective aircraft that could be mass-produced with less strategic resources. It took approximately three months to be launched. It was mainly made of wood because metal was inadequate while the available metal was prioritized for other aircraft. It possessed the highest speed in the first generation Axis and associated jets. When it went into production, the first prototype crashed days later but a few planes could be flown successfully. It is sometimes called “salamander” while that is the name given to the whole process of creating the jet fighter. The Heinkel firm named it “Spatz” (sparrow).

8. Panzer VIII Maus


Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus was a super heavy fully covered armored fighting vehicle ever created. The Nazi were to build five of them, but only two hulls and one turret were completed sooner than the Soviet forces captured the experimenting zones.

The main problem that faced the designing of Maus was developing a powerful engine to drive the tank that would perfectly fit inside it. Due to its weight, it could not be supported by bridges. Therefore, it was designed in a way it could move underwater to a depth of over 13 meters. Impracticalities encountered in building this massive machine made it remain an ideal weapon rather than real one.

7. Landkreuzer P. 1500 Monster


The “land cruiser” was a super heavy self-propelled gun designed by Krupp. It is made of shell weight and total gun weight and has a colossal rifle cannon by caliber. When the gun is fired, it projects up to 37km. Its development pointed out considerable problems related to very large vehicles, such as the inability to cross over bridges, roads and railway damaging and difficulty in transportation. The planned power plant might not have delivered the expectations due to the challenges encountered with its make. Unfortunately, the P.1500 was abandoned and remained to be another ideal weapon rather than a literal one.

6. Horten Ho 229

Horten Ho 229 Top Popular Super Weapons Built By Nazi

The Ho 229 was the first jet-powered flying wing to be developed in the late World War II. It is an amazing superweapon created by Nazi. It could sneak up into the enemy’s base without being detected by their radar. It was designed to carry 1000kg of bombs to a distance of 1000km at a speed of 1000km per hour. The first prototype flew successfully, however, the pilot encountered an accident on landing after he failed to pull back an instrument-carrying pole extending from the aircraft. The design was later given to the Gothaer Waggonfabrik for further modifications. A challenge that the aircraft posed was very high fuel consumption.

5. Junkers Ju 322 Mammut


The (Mammoth) was a weighty transport military glider that looks like a huge flying wing. It was developed in the year 1940 by Junkers with the purpose of being a massive transporter glider. It was built with non-strategic resources hence used only wood in its entire creation. It was capable of carrying up to 20000 kgs of cargo to combat areas. However, there were stability issues and expertise problems encountered in building it using wood only. Although there were plans to improve its design, the project was considered a very poor design hence canceled.

4. Fritz X

Fritz X Top Largest Super Weapons Built By Nazi 2018

The Fritz x was the first guided anti-ship to be deployed in combat during the World War II. It was a weapon that was directed to the heavily protected targets like heavy battleships and cruisers. Signals were sent to the movable spoilers unit from a radio control link. Its results were accurate with minimal collateral damage. The weapon was improved to be wire-guided rather than radio-guided to counter jamming. The weapon was a success and its most famous action was sinking the Italian battleship Roma in Sept 1943.

3. Rocket U-Boat


The rocket U-boat was created as the first ballistic missile submarine. The Nazi’s plan was to attack New York City with the newly invented weapon. The scientist hoped they would create a weapon that could travel around the globe target cities in different continents. In 1942 they tested the first rocket U-boat. The missile fired correctly, but they lacked system guidance hence a total failure. The Nazi developed another secret weapon referred to as the V-2 which worked very well with the U-boat. The V-2 was by then the only rocket to attain sub-orbital spaceflight. Resources were allocated immediately for the project to start.

2. The V3 Super Gun


The V-3 was a supergun developed by the Nazi in the Second World War. It used a multi-charge concept by which the velocity of a projectile was boosted by secondary propellant charges. The V-3 was purposely made to attack London from two enormous bunkers in the northern areas of France. The V-3 ranked as one of the deadliest weapon built by the Nazi. It could fire 300 9-foot long rounds in one hour to a distance of 165km. Before the supergun could be fully operational, British forces attacked and the Germans abandoned the approach. Though two V-3 of short-length were created at Luxembourg and Antwerp to support the Ardennes offensive.

1. The sun gun


This was the most incredible super weapon developed by Nazi. The idea was to create a huge square mirror that would be used to focus sunlight onto one point. The Nazi planned to send an unmanned rocket into space with cables, then use the cables to hold the mirror into place. They would then send their astronauts to stay into space and wait for orders to attack. When they receive orders, they were to focus sunrays to the area of attack causing massive destruction. Though ambitious the idea was impractical therefore abandoned.

The super weapons built by Nazi were incredible. Some of them are put in museums. The blueprints of others are used to develop modern weapons used by the military today. The Nazi have played a great role in revolutionizing the world weapon industry.

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