Top 10 Strange And Mysterious Planets

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Strange And Mysterious Planets in the universe. When we were told by our teachers that there are several planets such as mercury, Venus, mars and so on, none of us could believe because we know about earth since we live on it. Now, what if someone tell you that there are strange and mysterious planets, who will believe? Believe you or not, our scientist have took an extra effort and come up with strange and mysterious planets that we can question ourselves whether it is true or not. But anyway, how can we question yet we have not even seen Jupiter or Venus? Come on; let us see some strange and mysterious planets right here and later ask our genius if it is true that there are planets outside solar system!

List of Top 10 Strange And Mysterious Planets

10. The Castor System

The Castor System Top Most Popular Strange And Mysterious Planets

The castor is not actually one, two or three but six stars! That is really strange and all are orbiting around common central mass! There are 3 binary star systems which orbit each other here and with two hot, bright A-type starts are being stuck in system. You will also get M-type red dwarves and all together via 6 stars sum up around to 52.4 times more luminosity than our sun! For sure fiery balls of gas were not enough, castor planet will shock you!

9. Space Raspberries and Rum


Scientists have been taking their keen sturdy of a dust cloud which is near center of Milky Way Galaxy. Our creator was father of creativity, if we can believe that this heavenly body exists. It is a strange orb and named Sagittarius B2 and you will get smell of rum and a taste like raspberries. The creation and contribution of more complex molecules are still a wonder to scientist. Maybe soon we won’t open up inter-galactic pub anytime soon and don’t laugh!

8. The Diamond Planet


This thing can fit for Oprah or if you like Bill Gates! Imagine that this orb is entirely made of diamond which is crystallized and if it is priced, it can cost $26.9 nonillion and you can ask Sultan of Brunei if he has dreamed about that stuff at night. This planetoid was once a star until its partners started to cannibalize it. A third of the orb is believed to be pure diamond and we can’t imagine that our Earth is covered in water and oxygen which is abundant, let us say that is unfair! This heavenly body is made of diamond, graphite and few other silicates. If you like diamonds or want to sell diamonds, maybe you can visit this sphere and grab as many diamond as you can!

7. Himiko Cloud

Himiko Cloud Top Popular Strange And Mysterious Planets 2018

This thing will prove you the origin of primordial galaxy. It is the most massive object which is found in early universe. It is dates to 800 million eras after the known Big Bang. This orb will astound you with its sheer size and it is half that of Milky Way Galaxy. This heavenly body belongs to reionization epoch and it is the first glimpse which genius has been able to capture eerily information of galaxies. This is the planetoid that one can visit if given chance.

6. Universe’s Largest Water Reservoir


This planet has 140 trillion times amount of water which is found in Earth’s oceans and water manifest itself in forma of cloud of gas and it is. It is found near colossal black hole, and if you like swimming, maybe you can find a time and visit this strange orb and enjoy yourself. This thing is twenty billion times our sun’ size is known to be constantly spewing out a huge amount of energy and it is the same as what would be produced by one thousand trillion suns!

5. Universe’s largest electrical Current


It is isolated a few eras that scientist botched upon the electrical current of cosmic proportions which are one trillion lightning bolts and with such amazing kind of power, one can use pesky 7-blade electric razor that you have lying around. The lightning is believed to come from enormous black hole which is found in center of galaxy and has a core which is a huge cosmic jet. If you think that the galaxy is huge, then this single lightning bolt of this orb is 1 ½ time the size of it.

4. The planet From Hell


You won’t believe that this planet exists, but why do you have to refuse yet chemists have done their research? Scientist has found out that this thing is likely candidate for upcoming colonization. It orbits a red dwarf star and many times, it is smaller than sun. It has luminosity of 1.3 percent of our sun and this indicates that this planet is closer to its stars. Photosynthetic plants in this planet are forced to adapt bombardment of infrared radiation. There is a small belt which is believed that life could exist theoretically. When you stand on the other side where there’s no sun, your body will freeze instantly!

3. The Large Quasar Group


This is a huge structure and you won’t believe that it exists. If you view this structure from distance, you will see that it look relatively uniform. It is 4 billion light eras across and cluster of 74 quasars can break rules of standard astrophysics because the maximum size of cosmic structure is just1.2 billion light years across. If you don’t believe that this planet exists, then you need to find one scientists and hire him to take you to this structure and examine it by yourself.

2. A planet of Burning Ice

A planet of Burning Ice Top 10 Strange And Mysterious Planets 2017

This planet will impress anyone with its amazing structure. It is a burning ice cube and the solely reason it is ice is because it stays solid and has huge amount of water which is present on planet. Gravity pulls it all towards the core and keeps water molecules densely packed and makes them ever evaporate. You can’t imagine how burning ice looks like but this mysterious planet can tell you more about its nature if you believe that it exists.

1. Hypervelocity Stars

Hypervelocity Stars Top Most Famous Strange And Mysterious Planets 2019

We all know about shooting stars, but if you don’t know, you don’t need to worry. Many people don’t know that hooting stars exists and they are called hypervelocity. They are known to be huge, fiery balls of gas which are rocketing through the space at millions of mph. nobody will ever believe that this mysterious planet can exist. But if you believe that shooting stars exit, then believing that this planet exists is not a big deal.

We call these strange and mysterious planets just because we have never seen them. Scientists have tried to discover these weird things and it is our time to have a look at them in pictures but not in reality. These planets are hard to explain and understand. But let’s thank the geniuses because they’re trying to tell us that there are planets outside the solar system, we won’t question them such much because we were not there when they were doing their research.

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