Top 10 People with Bizarre Histories of All Time

Take a look at the below list of the world’s Top 10 People with Bizarre Histories of All Time till 2017. Stories have fascinated people since the dawn of time. Our ancestors told of their daily trials and of myths and legends around campfires and then inside of temples and later in books. Telling stories has become integral to our culture, and all of us like a good story. Bizarre stories have always been some of people’s favorites. From people who believe they are vampires and werewolves, to others that were just misunderstood or mentally ill, this list covers ten people with bizarre histories. Some say that truth is stranger than fiction, and for the following list of people, that’s certainly true. Here are some people from the annals of bizarre history.

List of the world’s Top 10 People with Bizarre Histories of all time till  2017

10. John Mark Karr

john-mark-karr, Top 10 People with Bizarre Histories of All Time

In 1996, one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in American history was opened. Jon Benet Ramsey was found dead in her home in Boulder, Colorado. Answers were sought in response to the murder and everyone was held in suspicion, mostly Patsy Ramsey, Jon Benet’s mother. However, in 2006, a man came forward under a pseudonym, Daxis, and claimed that he had had an affair with Jon Benet, calling them lovers. Daxis was eventually found out to be John Mark Karr, a known pedophile who was living in Thailand. Once brought back to the States, it was discovered that Karr had made the whole thing up. Karr’s bizarre tale demonstrates how much the mind can be twisted by dark desires.

9. Nikola Tesla

nikola-tesla, Top 10 People with Bizarre Histories of All Time

It is rumored that during the last years of Tesla’s life, he was enamored with a pigeon that he wrote about. Whether that’s true is disputed and it seems that it might just be part of an effort to discredit this amazing man. He wanted to give the world free energy but his plan was thwarted. He spent his remaining years as an outcast.

8. Caligula


Perhaps the most bizarre of all Roman Emporer’s, Caligula was known for his insane temperament. He would have people killed for the slightest of reasons and his uncle, and later Emperor, Claudius documented this in his writings. It’s thought that Caligula suffered from some sort of seizure disorder and that I might have caused his madness. During his time as Emperor, he even made his horse part of the Roman senate.

7. Elizabeth Bathory

elizabeth-bathory, Top 10 People with Bizarre Histories of All Time

Elizabeth Bathory was a Hungarian countess in the 16th century. Bathory believed that she could preserve her youth by bathing in the blood of virgins. For this reason, she lured many girls to work for her and they were later tortured, slaughtered, and drained of their blood. Whether she believed she was a vampire is up for debate. Her tale is certainly one of the strangest and darkest in history. According to, “Bathory’s torture included jamming pins and needles under the fingernails of her servant girls, and tying them down, smearing them with honey, and leaving them to be attacked by bees and ants.”

6. Dennis Avner


Dennis Avner is better known as the Cat Man. He modified his body as much as his financial situation and surgeons would allow in order to look more like a cat. He’s famous for his “whisker implants” that allowed him to screw on fake whiskers to his face. He had his teeth filed into feline points and even had his lips modified. His face was also tattooed in order to look more like a cat’s. Dennis Avner is believed to have taken his own life. Those who knew him best describe him as a kind person, but deeply troubled. He was one of the world’s Top 10 People with Bizarre Histories of All Time till 2017.

5. Emily Dickinson


Emily Dickinson was an American poet who made famous the slant rhyme. She kept her books of poems hidden in her bureau desk drawers and was very reclusive. Her friends often referred to her as “the Myth.” Dickinson didn’t believe in God during a time when doing so was not acceptable. Though Dickinson has long been considered odd, it seems that maybe she was just ahead of her time and enjoyed the spinster’s life that she led.

4. Chang and Eng


In the 1800s, during the boom of the sideshow, there were a pair of twins from Siam, now Thailand. Their names were Chang and Eng and they had something very special about them. They were conjoined by flesh that ran between their bodies. Chang and Eng did not share a heart and they were both married to different women at the same time. When their death came, one of them passed away in his sleep and the other woke to find his brother dead. He lie in bed knowing that he would soon die as well, as their bodies were connected.

3. Arnold Paole


In 1727, Arnold Paole returned to Serbia after his stint in the military where he was stationed in Greece. He reported that he had been visited by a ghastly figure in the night which he believed was a vampire. He went to investigate the local cemetery and burned the corpse of this man. Back in Serbia, he suffered a head trauma after a great fall and died. After his death, it was reported by many people in the town that he had visited them in the night. His body was dug up and showed no signs of decomposition and he had blood on his lips. His story was corroborated by several officials from the military and a surgeon. It remains mysterious to this day.

2. Thiess of Kaltenbrun

A Livonian man who held the belief that he could transform into a werewolf, Thiess of Kaltenbrun became known as the Livonian werewolf. He claimed to be a “Hound of God” and said that during his transformations that he would travel to hell and battle with the Devil. Thiess was later banished from his home because of his strange beliefs. Little is known about anything that could corroborate his tale.

1. Hitler


Adolph Hitler goes down in history as one of mankind’s most monstrous creatures. Responsible for the death of upward of 6 million people, Hitler was certainly evil, but it seems that there are many other things about him that were quite strange. Hitler fought for animal rights even though it seems like he didn’t really care about human rights. He fought constant flatulence and wasn’t able to perform sexually unless a woman would urinate on him. A little known fact is that the American Secret Service tried to spike Hitler’s food with female hormones in an effect to “feminize him.”

These were the Top 10 People with Bizarre Histories of All Time till 2017. Some of the people in this list turned out to not be so strange at all, while others were incredibly ill. Some still were purely evil and delighted in the torture and murder of others for their own personal gain. Though some things these people have claimed about themselves are false, it remains true that each of them present a uniquely bizarre history of themselves.

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