Top 10 Mysterious People on Earth of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Mysterious People on Earth of All Time till 2017. If there is one thing that most people fear in this world, is someone that they think they known but never saw at all. That is what we are going to deal with here because these people came without a name but unfortunately, they also disappeared after making their place and presence known in world history. What remains of them is just hearsay that such and such a person existed but people that claim to have known them don’t have any vivid image of them in hardcopy, only their mind holds them if they ever saw them. Here are these people that mysteriously disappeared until today. Getting out of sight for a human being is something to get afraid of and especially when your identity is going to disappear for a long time.

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List of Top 10 Mysterious People on Earth of All Time till 2017

10. D.B. Cooper

D.B. Cooper Top 10 Mysterious People on Earth

This man appeared in 24, Nov 1971 and managed to hijack a plane (Boeing 727) after having warned people that he was having a bomb in his briefcase. Of cause, any mention of a bomb made people scared as he demanded to be paid $200,000 and be given four parachutes. He was that serious and anybody that would have gone near that plane would cause him to bomb everyone including himself. After his demands were met, he parachuted from plane at mid-night, never to be found or seen.

9. Babushka Lady

There is this famous president who was assassinated and news were everywhere, John F. Kennedy. What is funny is that during that time, was a woman who was seen present on ground. Those people that saw her claim that she wore a headscarf and managed to capture this whole assassination process in her camera. What is funny is that after shooting, she managed to join a rowdy crowd and vanish! Afterwards, police requested for her to appear ad help them with investigation but she never resurfaced. Identity of this lady is still in question.

8. Man from Taured

In 1954, mysteries started off from Tokyo International Airport. A man had landed and security officials were eager to known his country of origin as a checkup routine. What follows was a confusion that has never been witnessed. Man said that his country was Taurus! What is funny is that this is a country that is in existence of 1000 years. Security had never heard about that name and further questioning was probed to be undertaken. To keep him safe, he was taken to a nearby hotel and two police officers put in charge to guard him. Next morning he had vanished. How he did it is never known.

7. Jack the Ripper

The year 1888 saw brutality and murder of five prostitutes. The murderer in question had slushed down their throats and abdominal and managed to take off their organs. It is suggested that how this killings were done is a clear indication that it was a person that had some knowledge about anatomy or surgery. As usual, police has to probe down some investigations but they were astonished as they received a lot of letters from the suspect who called himself Jack Ripper. Unfortunately, nobody never knew who he was at all.

6. Green Children of Woolpit


The 12th century would not have ended well without us being informed of mysteries that were during that that century. Now, in a certain village, to children who were brother and sister appeared in a village of woolpit in Suffolk and what was unusual about them is a fact that they had green skin! That is not all about them because a language that they were using was unknown and what they ate, only beans. After a while, they learned to speak English and started to eat other varieties of foods. After some time, boy was sick and passed on and. After being asked about their home, she said that they came from St. Martins Land, which was a place underground!

5. Kaspar Hauser

Kaspar Hauser Top Most Mysterious People on Earth

The year is 1828 and a young boy also appears in Nuremberg and had a letter with him that was addressed to Captain of 4th Squadron. He claimed to have lived in a cell that was only 2M long, 1m wide and 1 1/2 m high. He said that his past was not well known to him and only ate dark bread. The boy was a unique one because he grabbed every shiny thing that came his way. Several stories that emerged to talk about this boy but unfortunately his real identity has never been discovered at all.

4. Agent 355

This is a code name that was given to a female spy that existed in George Washington during American Revolution. She was said to be an intelligent young woman who carried herself around with care and caution and that is why many people could not be able to identify her. Unfortunately, she was captured and imprisoned by British inside a ship and was expected to die there. People tried to look for her real identity but never came close to anything that portrayed her at all.

3. Man in Iron Mask


Wonders will never end because in 1669, a prisoner that was captured and unfortunately, has been jailed in a number of jails, being moved from one jail to another. What is astonishing is that person that jailed him was same from one place to another destination. There is nobody person that has ever seen him because it of hidden looks that were under a mask but our question is after he in nov 19th 1703, many storied emanated to explain about his identity but none ever confirmed identity of his face.

2. Tank man

After Chinese had gotten victory from defeating Tiananmen Square, a man erupted from nowhere and started to protest against military column of tanks that were used. A magazine arose and claimed that he was called Wang Weilin and was also a student. Communist party never agreed on news but instead rejected them. They said man was arrested and never new about him at all. Since then, no reliable information has ever been known about man.

1. Isdal Woman

Women will never finish having mysteries in world because one Isdal was found dead in a place that is known as ‘death valley’ located in Bergen. Police found her naked and beside here, were sleeping pills and a burned passport. Never worry about that because police carried out investigations and found out that she had up to none fake identities that she always used to travel around Europe. It is claimed that woman might have done several sleeping pills that might have aided in her death.

So, these were the Top 10 Mysterious People on Earth of All Time till 2017. There is one thing that you have to know about identity, it is power. Most people have decided to either hide it or keep it to be a secret to only themselves and that is why it is always know that they disappeared without being known. I is a journey that will always keep people with question as ‘who was this person and why did he/she do what she did’. Science might not provide you with all answers neither will investigations. It only remains to be a mystery to humanity of how the said processes took place.