Top 10 Most Bizarre Traditions in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Bizarre Traditions in The World in 2016-2017., In all walks of life around Earth there are traditions that are held to celebrate one’s culture, heritage, and history. Most of these traditions attract attention of tourists, while others are private. Outsiders to traditions such as these consider them to be quite odd and unique. Ceremonies and practices are held across Earth that mark life’s milestones like religion, birth, marriage, transition to adulthood, and death etc. Unique customs seem really bizarre to the outside world but they are still being celebrated today. These traditions include feasts, dancing, rituals, festivals, lightings, and more.

The Top 10 Most bizarre Traditions in The World attract attention by outsiders, celebrities, writers, filming, photographers, and other professionals. These traditions are in fact interesting, bizarre, educational, scary, exciting, unique, rare, inspirational, and amazing.

List of Top 10 Most Bizarre Traditions in The World 2016-2017

10. Festival Piercings Hindu Thaipusam-

Festival Piercings Hindu Thaipusam Top Popular Bizarre Traditions in The World

By piercing various parts of their bodies, the Hindus celebrate their love to Lord Murugan. Other places in the world this bizarre custom is held in are Tamil, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar. This celebration is held to celebrate killing of a vengeful spirit. Painful piercings around their body, including piercing of their tongue occur. Large spears and hooks through chest and face also occur. What a painful tradition.

9. The Mourning of Muharram-


A period of mourning in Shia Islam is celebrated in Muharram and is held on the first month of Islamic calendar. The tradition marks anniversary of Battle of Karbala. Practices that involve whipping the body with razor chains and knives that are attached to them take place. This is practiced by all ages even with kids being forced to take part. Iran, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, and Pakistan celebrate the tradition as well. Some folks around the world may find this strange and shocking.

8. Feeding of The Dead (Roman)-


Graves contain pipes that led to outside of Graveyard in the Vatican of Roman burial grounds. The Roman custom is celebrated by pouring honey, milk, wine, and food through the pipe that leads to graves of the dead. In early times, tombs were often shaped like an early Roman house. These tombs are believed to be a home for dead people, who was not completely cut off from living people. This is sort of scary and might be a bit confusing to other religions.

7. Eating of The Dead’s Ash (Venezuela and Brazil)-

Eating of The Dead’s Ash Top Bizarre Traditions in The World

A taboo, cringe-inducing, extraordinarily bizarre custom is still celebrated today. The custom is followed by the Yonamamo tribe from Brazil and Venezuela and involves the the dead being burned and bones are crushed and then mixed with ashes. The custom forbids keeping any part of deceased bodies so is divided among family members and eaten by all. Most people around the globe will find this tradition gross.

6. Finger Cutting (Indonesia)-


This custom is followed by the Danis tribe of Africa. Tribal women must cut off part of their fingers when a member of family dies. The tradition is carried out to satisfy ancestral ghosts. It is a painful ceremony and must have women shedding a lot of tears.

5. Sati Custom (India)-

Sati Custom Top Most Popular Bizarre Traditions in The World

The custom is not followed now. A woman who loses her husband should commit suicide by burning herself on the funeral pyre with her deceased husband. This custom use to be voluntarily and then became a compulsion. What a really sad custom filled with death.

4. Baby Throwing, India-

Baby Throwing, India Top 10 Most Bizarre Traditions in The World

This is a bizarre tradition of newborn baby throwing off a 50 feet high temple and catching them in a cloth has been celebrated in India for the past 500 years. It is practised by couples who are blessed with a child after taking a vow at the Sri Santeswar a temple located in the state of Karnataka. Traditionally it involves having high security. The tradition is observed by both Hindus and Muslims each year. For outsiders this certainly could be a frightening experience for those who do not practice this custom.

3. Bride Kidnapping (Romani Gypsies)-


According to Romani Gypsies, kidnapping a girl you want to make your bride is not a crime, but a tradition. A boy or man who is single and kidnaps a girl and is able to keep the kidnapped girl hostage for three to five days then they have legally all rights to get married to the girl. If they are caught before time span, then it is illegal.

2. Foot Binding (China)-

Foot Binding Most Bizarre Traditions in The World

A tradition held to prevent growing of feet of a young girl of 4-5 years old is binded because. It is is believed that it is a sign of beauty and sensuality and was believed that smal feet makes a girl look more beautiful. Girls with feet bind cannot walk, run, work, or jump. Outsiders in other parts of the world may consider it cruel.

1. Hanging Coffins (Philippines)-


Hanging coffins is a custom that is celebrated in China, Indonesia and Philippines. This custom is believed to bless the soul. It is also an ancient tradition. In the Philippines, there are caves surrounding region of Sagada, and is home to the region’s dead. Hanging coffins could prevent dead’s bodies from being taken by beasts or evil spirits. Others around the world may be scared of this.

It is all what humans believe in. Different strokes for different folks could be a shocking event. Many of these Top 10 Most bizarre Traditions in The World may not not be believable at all, but they are in fact very true. A few of these celebrated traditions may be open to those who wish to explore, while others are held in private with strict security and no outsiders allowed. Maybe you can learn about the unique traditions celebrated in your country and learn how to take part of them. Or maybe you just prefer not learning about them at all.