Top 10 Most Amazing Myths Around The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Amazing Myths Around The World until 2017. A myth is a story or event of the past which people believe to be true. Myths mainly talk about great events. There are a number of things which happened in this world long ago before most of us came to existence. We read about such events in history. Not only are they interesting but also amazing and fascinating. You will want to research more about them so that you can understand better.We did our research and picked some of the most amazing myths around the world. Here is the top 10 list.

List of Top 10 Most Amazing Myths Around The World until 2017

10. Caligula’s Horse

Caligula’s Horse Top 10 Most Amazing Myths Around The World 2017

People keep horses and try their best to provide them with good care. But as for the case of Caligula, his love for his horse was exceptional. It was not ordinary. Horse is the animal that he cherished most. He provided it with maximum care.He used to ride on his horse when traveling to any destination. He had one of the strongest and most powerful horse in history. He is mainly remembered for his profound love for his horse.

9. Spanish Flu

Spanish Flu Top 10 Most Amazing Myths Around The World

This myth is about flu pandemic which affected thousands of people in remote pacific and arctic islands.It led to loss of many lives. It occurred in the 19th century. Unfortunately, during this time, there was little invention in medicine. No vaccine or medicine had been developed to deal with the problem in time. This is why most people who were affected lost their lives. The flu was deadly. It brought about one of the saddest moments in the history of the world.

8. Inquisition Death Toll

Inquisition Death Toll Top Most Famous Amazing Myths Around The World 2018

This amazing myth was popular around 16th and 17th century. Most of the tribes in the olden days were greatly influenced by this myth. It talked about death; the last journey of human beings on earth. Death marked the end of life of a person. It happened to everybody just as the way it happens today. Inquisition Death Toll is a myth that will forever be remembered.

7. Horsing Around

Horsing Around Top Most Amazing Myths Around The World 2017

This fascinating myth was popular in the 14th century. It involved people riding on their houses. It was like some kind of competition. Horse racing events were organized. Celebrations accompanied the event. There was a lot of happiness and joy. It is regarded as the happiest myth in history. This is one of the Top 10 Most Amazing Myths Around The World until 2017.

6. Lopsided

Lopsided Top Most Popular Amazing Myths Around The World 2018

This myth was practiced in the 5th century. It was very ridiculous. It didn’t take long before its popularity diminished.

5. Queen Cleopatra

Queen Cleopatra Top Famous Amazing Myths Around The World 2019

The myth is about a royal woman. She had much power and was liked by many people. During this time, it was a great honor for a woman to become a queen. Many people adored and respected her in equal measure. She lived about 300 years ago. She was beautiful and attractive. She had developed much interest in animals. Her favorite animals were leopard. They were domesticated in the palace. Cleopatra was a great queen.

4. The Old Religion


It is one of the most impressive myths in the world. It is about the practice of old religion in the continent of Europe. The myth talks about what people worshiped, how and where worshiping was done. It is very interesting. During this time, Christianity had not become widespread like today. But people still worshiped.

3. The Great Depression


The great depression affected world economy. Companies collapsed and many people were rendered jobless. It was worse in Europe. It led to poverty as many people struggled to survive. The spread of diseases also increased. Many people could not afford to meet medical expenses. The situation was so bad.

On the positive side, due to many problems that were witnessed, people began to engage in research in an attempt to find solution to their problems. This led to many inventions. It is said that the greatest inventions in history were done during economic depression.

2. The Pyramid Builders


Ancient Eqypt is known for its incredible pyramids. It is believed that people who build them used human skeleton among other building materials to lay foundation. The skeletons were obtained from dead bodies of Pharaoh’s employees. Many people wonder why pyramid builders decided to use human skeleton as part of building material.

1. Shalom

Shalom Top Popular Amazing Myths Around The World 2019

Jesus of Nazareth, the son of the Most High God was a Jew(Hebrew). It is believed that he didn’t speak Hebrew despite the fact that he knew the language. He mainly spoke a language called Aramaic. Jesus preached about the Kingdom of God.Those who believe in Him shall not perish but will have eternal life.This is what Christians believe. Prophecy about his coming as well as his life and teachings are found in the Bible.

The above are the most amazing myths around the world.They talk about memorable events of the past. They are interesting and captivating.

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