Top 10 Incredible Canyons or Gorges in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Incredible Canyons or Gorges in The World in 2017. Gorges and canyons are deep cracks found between mountain peaks and cliffs. These features are formed in many ways even though the most common the river erosion. Rivers have a natural behavior to cut through the surfaces which they flow. This wears out the underlying rocks leading to the formation of canyons. The two main kinds of canyons existing are the narrow slot type of canyons and the wide box type of canyons. Despite the many gorges and canyons in existence, I have compiled for you a list of the top 10 most incredible canyons or gorges in the world. Let’s look at them.

List of Top 10 Incredible Canyons or Gorges in the world 2017

10. The Fish River Canyon.


This river is found in Namibia. Fish River is 650 kilometres in length and has its source in the Naukluft Mountain. This river’s flow is seasonal and it ends up drying completely during winter. In addition to this, Fish River bears the incredible Fish River Canyon. This canyon is one hundred and sixty Kilometres in length and as deep as 550 meters at some points. The outflow of this river and the Orange River meet at a point that boarders South Africa. This happens at approximately one hundred kilometers form the Atlantic Ocean.

9. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon Top Most Beautiful Incredible Canyons or Gorges world 2019

The origin of this incredible canyon dates back to 17 million years, as per the studies recently carried out. This river forms part of the Colorado River basin believed to have been formed over past forty million years. This steep sided feature is seen to be carved by the Arizona’s Colorado River in the United States of America. The management of this canyon is done by the Grand Canyon national Park, and many more other bodies. President Theodore Roosevelt who paid the Grand Canyon area visits on several occasions for the purpose of enjoying the scenery and hunting, is among the people responsible for the preservation of this area.

The Grand Canyon has a length of about four hundred and forty six kilometers, width of up to twenty nine kilometers and a depth of over 1857 meters, equivalent to 6,093 feet. Geological studies show that the canyon was formed when the river of Colorado and its tributaries cut along the layers of their channels as the Colorado plateau was being uplifted. Other theories have it that the canyon was formed when the river formed it way through the area approximately five million years ago.

Native Americans who have been inhabiting the area continuously for thousands of years have constructed their settlements within the Grand Canyon and its caves. The Pueblo people consider the canyon a holy ground and have thus made holy visits to it.

8. The Fjаorargljufur Cаnуоn

This canyon which is found in South Eastern part of Iceland has a depth of up to one hundred meters and a length of about two kilometers. Flowing through the Fjаorargljufur Cаnуоn is the Fjаora River. This canyon is positioned close to the Ring Road, next to the Kirkjubæjarklaustur village. This canyon came to existence when the palagonite and rocks were eroded by water flowing from the glaciers.

7. The blyde River Canyon


This incredible natural feature is found in the Mpumalanga area of South Africa, and forms a part of the Drakensberg escapement, to the north. The Blуdе Rіvеr Cаnуоn has a length of about twenty five kilometers and has a depth of around seven hundred and fifty meters on average. The canyon has its lowest point measuring almost five hundred and sixty one meters, at the point where the river flows out of the canyon. The highest point of the canyon is at Mariepskop and measures about 1994 meters above sea level, making the canyon approximately 1383 metres deep. The canyon is mainly occupied by red sand stone.

6. The Gorges Du Verdon

The Gorges Du Verdon Top Popular Incredible Canyons or Gorges world 2018

This canyon is located in the south eastern part of France. This river canyon is said to be among the most beautiful canyons in Europe. The canyon has a depth of about seven hundred meters and a length of about twenty five kilometers. The Gorges Du Verdon canyon was brought into existence by the River Verdon, known for startling color. The closeness of the gorge to the French Riviera has made it popular among tourist. Tourists drive around its rim when travelling to the river or hiking. It also has limestone walls hundreds of metres high. Many rock climbers are attracted to these to these walls. This canyon is known to be the best place for multi-pitch climbing.

5. The Tiger leaping Gorge


This scenic canyon is found on the river Jinsha which is upper Yangtze river’s primary tributary. It is located to the northern side of Lijiang City in the Southwestern China. It forms part of the Yunnan’s protected world heritage sites. The Tiger Leaping Gоrgе is considered among the world’s most spectacular and deepest river canyons. The gorge is primarily inhabited by the native Naxi people, living in small hamlets.

4. The Brусе Cаnуоn

The Brусе Cаnуоn Top Most Incredible Canyons or Gorges world 2017

Unlike its name, the Bryce Canyon is not a canyon. It consists of a collection of huge natural аmрhіthеаtеrѕ found along the Pаunѕаugunt Plateau, to the eastern side. The Bryce has its rim varying from eight thousand to nine thousand feet, and is positioned at a higher elevation than the Zion National Park lying nearby. The Bryce canyon area got its name from Ebenezer Bryce who occupied the area in the year 1874. Initially the area was occupied by Mormon pioneers, around 1850. The region around this canyon became a National Park in the year 1928.

3. The Kali Gandaki gorge


The Kali Gandaki gorge, located in Nepal, is considered among the world’s most wonderful gorges. This gorge was brought into existence by the Gandaki River of the Himalayas. It measures 5571m in depth, making it the deepest gorge in the world. The elevation of this gorge is 2520m. The gorge is famous for Shaligram fossils. This has made it route used for trade between India and Nepal.

2. The Indus Gorge


The Indus Gorge is found in Pakistan. This gorge is known to be the world’s most incredible and the deepest gorge. The gorge is formed by the River Indus, one of the Asia’s major rivers and Pakistan’s most important river. This gorge is formed when the river cuts the surface along its course of flow as it passes the Nanga Parbat. The depth cut ranges between 4500-5200 metres resulting in gigantic gorges. The lower and middle crust are exposed.

1. The Antelope Canyon

The Antelope Canyon Top Most Popular Incredible Canyons or Gorges world 2018

Of all the incredible across the world, the Antelope Canyon is considered the most visited and photographed. This is due to its outstanding shapes of rocks arranged in patterns and having beautiful colors. This canyon is found in the southwestern region of America, bordering Page. This gorge came into existence as a result of erosion of the Navajo Sandstone’s erosion. This erosion was primarily caused by flash flooding and also by sub-aerial processes.

So, these are the world’s Top 10 Incredible Canyons or Gorges in 2017. These gorges and canyons put aside, there are many other such incredible gorges in the world. Some of them, even not listed here are frequented by tourists from all over the world. Others still remain unexploited.