Top 10 Most Famous Statues in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Statues in The World 2017. Artists have always come up with the idea of making people have their memories well taken care of. For instance, it is always important to note that several prominent people want to have some special image of someone that special to them curved and put in some special place so that they are able to remember their existence all the time. The only people who can do those are rated to be artists who have stunned the world at how talented they are at their work.

The statues that emanate from their work are always beautiful and a symbol of use be different cultures and traditions of a story that they are having to tell. Some of the statues that we are going to re reveal to you have stayed for a longer time in this earth and are even older than some of us. Their maintenance is always considered vital so that they are able to serve many generations that come. Here is a research that will show you the best ten Most Famous Statues in the World 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Statues in The World 2017

10. The Terrace of the Lions, Delos Island, Greece


This is an island that is respected by the many people out there because it is rated as one of the most important mythological, historical and the best archaeological site that is found in Greece. It once had a positions that made it to be known as a holy sanctuary for a period of almost a millennium. The people that visited it, the Apollo made it to become a birthplace of Apollo and the Artemis. That is why the terrae of lions that were later put up there were dedicated to Apollo. He guardian lions were almost 9 to 12.

9. The Little Mermaid, Denmark

The Little Mermaid, Denmark Most Popular Statues in The World

This is a bronze statue that has been put up in Copenhagen in Denmark that depicts the shape of a mermaid. This is a small but unimposing statue that makes it to be an icon of Denmark and has since been one of the unique centers that tourists love to go to and have their hearts filled with amazement. It has existed there since the year 1913. Other than that, it has become a popular sport that has become a place for defacement by some popular and funny political activists. It is astute that sits in a rock and was made with a height of up to 1.25 meters high.

8. The Thinker


This is a bronze sculpture and has been put up with a nude male that has a figure that has almost a life size dimension but has been made to sit on a rock and with his chin one that rests in one hand to look like someone that is in deep thoughts. The image is well respected in the country s it is one that represents philosophy in the area. Up to today, there are up to 28 full castings that have been done where by the figure was given a 128 cm height but not all of them were taken during the time of Rodins supervision. Rodin is one person that he conceived the figure as part of another work in 1880 but bronze figure appeared in 1904.

7. The Motherland Calls, Volgograd, Russia


This is a statue that was made to commemorate the battle of Stalingrad. 1965 saw it to be rated as the biggest monument in the word as holding up to 85 meters tall. Unfortunately, it is remembered by many as the last statue that was rated as the last non-religious statue. Every record that has emanated from then has always been on the Buddhism related sculpture. When you compare it with other sculptures, it still holds its position as one that has the most complex form of make from engineer’s point of view. This is because of the characteristic posture that it was given, one with a sword that has been raised high up in the right hand and he left hand extended to have a calling gesture. The 200 steps that you will find in the area also symbolize the battle of Stalingrad.

6. Olmec colossal heads, Mexico

Olmec colossal heads, Mexico Most Largest Statues in The World 2019

Olmec is a civilization that is known to have flourished as from 1400 BC to 400 BC. They were a group of people that are not known much but what they left behind is what makes us all round the world to always remember them as a civilization that existed. They left behind an enormous group of helmet heads which are thought to be traits of the rulers that existed in the place. This can be confirmed by many because there are no two heads that are considered to be the same and even the use of the helmet like headdresses are made with distinctive elements.

5. David Statue, Italy

David Statue, Italy Top Famous Statues in The World 2017

This is astonishing renaissance sculpture which was created a long time ago between 1501 and 1504. It is four meter marble statue which was depicting biblical hero David and it represents standing male nude. In 1873, this statue was removed and displayed in Accademia Gallery to protect it from damage. It attracts several visitors and in 1910. A replace was placed in Piazza della Signoria. This thing has a story to tell us about those days when Goliath and David existed. The important of this statue is to educate use and it will enable us know more about the world. It is a cute statue which can last longer, maybe you can take your kids to Florence to this sculpture.

4. Moai, Easter Island

Moai, Easter Island Largest Statues in The World 2018

It is Polynesian island which was found in Pacific Ocean and it is known worldwide for its large monumental Moai statues. The tradition name is moai and it was carved in AD 1100 and 1500 using volcanic rock by ancient Polynesians. It is ten meters or 33ft and its significant is somewhat of mystery. t is considered to have representation of indigenous ancestors. It stands in silence manner but it can speak volumes and inform the achievement of their creators. Maybe the tribes people could have tried to carve new statue every time when a significant tribal figure passed away. This statue will inform you more that achievements.

3. Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt

Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt Top Popular Statues in The World 2018

It is commonly referred as Sphinx and it features human head and lion’s body. It is found in Egypt and ranked as one of those largest monolith statue found in the world. Its measurements are 73.5 meters long, 20.22 meter high and 19.3 meters wide. According to referent, it is believed that it was constructed by ancient Egyptians long time ago that is around 2558 to 2532 BC. The age of this structure indicates that it is one of those monumental sculptures which are old. The ancient people were wise enough because whatever they constructed it can last for several years. Who can create a statue this days and last for several years like this? It is really people who can show their creativity and skills of designing such things which can last for lifetime. If you are willing to travel to west bank of Nile, you will get this oldest statue. So, this the one of the Top 10 Most Famous Statues in The World 2017.

2. Christ the redeemer, Rio de Janeiro

Christ the redeemer, Rio de Janeiro Top 10 Most Famous Statues in The World 2017

This statue is known to be largest Art Deco statue and the fifth largest statue of Jesus which is found in the world. Its standing height is ninety eight feet tall (98ft) and its arms stretch up to ninety two feet (92ft) and the pedestal is twenty six feet (26ft). It is found at Peak of Carcovado Mountain and it has serve as Brazil’s famous monument. It is also considered to be one of oldest statue which was constructed back in 1926 and the construction was completed in 1931. Its main components are soapstone and concrete and its overall weight is more than 700 tons. The arms which are wide open is overlooking and guarding the city of Brazil. The main purpose of this item was to remember and appreciate the 100th of this country that is Brazilian independence in 1922.

1. Statue of liberty, US

Statue of liberty, US Top Most Biggest Statues in The World 2019

It is found on Liberty Island of course in Manhattan and it was dedicated on 1886, October a gift to US from people of France. It is also welcoming signal to people coming from outside or immigrants who are arriving from abroad to America seeking better life. This sculpture was given to celebrate ten decades of United States Declaration of independence. It is now considered to be the best and famous statue in the world 2017. Another name of this sculpture is Lady Liberty and its historically located in New York Harbor. It is a beautiful sculpture that everyone can admire.

So, these are the Top 10 Most Famous Statues in The World 2017. What you have seen above clear indication that our civilization of the world started way back and it still will never end. The statues represent a history that can never be erased forever from our minds and even pass some leading information to other generations that might want to know and even sturdy the real past. The statues are even believed that they won’t get old soon, they have been made to stay. That is why you will find some that were there during the 400 BC still there to today.

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