Top 10 Most Famous Jesus Statutes in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Jesus Statutes in The World 2017. In this whole world, the numbers of followers of Christianity are very many to the extent that no any other religion can beat Christianity on such issues. For that reason, there have been very many people in different countries trying to create statutes of Jesus and much more others types of statutes that relate to Christianity. The largest statues of Jesus are the cathedrals as well as the churches. A statute of Jesus can also be symbolising that people of a given area are followers of Jesus and no one can change what they believe in no matter what the case is. No single statute has been created in a place that is closed. All the statutes in the Top 10 Most Famous Jesus Statutes in The World 2017 list have all been designed in an open place where all the people can see them. In this article, you will find some ten well-explained statutes that are made to represent Jesus in descending order.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Jesus Statutes in The World 2017

1. Christ the Redeemer


Christ, the redeemer, is the number one statute that is known all over the world and no one has ever created a statute that is better that this statute. The Christ the Redeemer statue is 30 meters and 98 feet tall without taking to account the 8 meters and 26 feet tall pedestal. This statute is located in the Corcovado Mountain and at the height of 700 meters and 2300 meters high.
This statute is the most famous statue in Brazil, and no any other statute of Jesus can ever be named higher than this statute. Many people have been going to Brazil to witness and see this statute that was mad many years ago. This place created a lot of money for Brazil as a tourist attraction site.

2. Christ the King Statue


Christ the King statue is located in Poland at a small city known by the name of sieboldin. The statue is made to represent Jesus in such a way that he cannot be forgotten in Poland. The statute has been a high source of tourist to Poland and also giving the Polish government a lot of foreign currency. This statute of Jesus was completed completely in the year 2010 which very recent. It has a height of up to 52.5 meters and 172 feet high. It is also the highest statute of Jesus in the world.
This statute has been painted in white paint making it visible during the day and also at night depending on the amount of light that is illuminated on it.

3. CRISTO Della Minerva


This statute is unique and also it has a name by the Christ the Redeemer. The statute was made to be famous simply because it was made in the year 1521 by the Michelangelo. It is also among the most known statutes of Jesus even though it has a smaller size as compared to the many other statutes of Jesus that have been discussed above. You may want to consider visiting this site so that you can also witness a statute that was created many years back.

4. Monumento al Divino Salvador del Mundo


This statute is one of the most famous Jesus Statutes 2017 that were created many years back, but it also has a reputation because of the many things that it has done to the city of Salvador. In this statute of Jesus, he is depicted to be standing on a large globe that does represent the world. From the appearance, we can simply say that the statute tries to mean that Jesus is the ruler of the world.
The statute was created in the year 1942 and has stayed for all those years until 2010 when it was repainted to look more appealing.

5. Cristo de la Concordia


This statute of Jesus is located in the city of Cochabamba and also on top of the mountain by the name of San Pedro. The statute is painted all white and also is very appealing even from a far distance. This statute is 48.44 meters high which are below the given figures above. The hands of the statute do point to the north and the south respectively.

6. Christ of the Ozarks


Arkansas is the place where this statute is located, and therefore the person that created this statute back in 1966 is well known as Emmet Sullivan, and he had also worked previously on many other statutes before he worked on this one that is well known all over the world. The statute is 20 meters and 66 feet tall making it be ranked position six.

7. Lux Mundi

lux mundi, top 10 Most Famous Jesus Statutes in The World 2017

This statute is found In a place known as Monroe in Ohio. It did not exist not until 200 when it was completed and did get a great reputation. It has a height of about 15.66 meters and 53 inches high.

8. Christ of Vung Tau


This statute of Jesus is located in Vung Tau in Vietnam. It was created in the year 1974, but it was completed in the year 1993. This statute has helped many people to know about their beliefs that had been there for many years as well as it’s a source of tourist to the Vietnam government. This is one of the world’s most famous Jesus Statutes 2017

9. Christ The Redeemer of the Andes


This statute was created in the year 1904, and it has a height of about 3.83 meters high there are two flags that are beside it, and it is also a tourist attraction site as well.

10. Cristo Rei

cristo-rei, Most Famous Jesus Statutes in The World 2017

This statute was created in the year1959 in a city by the name of Lisbon in Portugal, and it has had many views from all over the world.

So, these are the top 10 most famous Jesus Statutes in The world 2017. For very many years we have had many people from all over the world claiming that these statutes are the real Jesus but the reality is that they are just a symbol and no one will ever have the permission to destroy these statutes.

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