Top 10 Eye Popping Gorgeous Roman Theatres of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Eye Popping Gorgeous Roman Theatres of All Time till 2017. The Roman Empire is a kingdom that has always been a place that people always desire to go and visit. There are a lot of good things that you need to be aware that exist today I the place but unfortunately, we are not going to bring you all of them. We are taking you to the very special core of the place where architecture took its special place. Have you ever heard of theatres? Roman contains some of the best wonderful ever built theatres in the world that even span for a long time. Roman also has the best 200 roman theatres that still stand today. What is unique about them is that the Roman Empire unfortunately collapsed some 100 years ago but that does not mean that its heritage went dead because it still remains the greatest empire ever. Let’s us go down to its core and bring you the best theaters that you can find in the region.

List of Top 10 Eye Popping Gorgeous Roman Theatres of All Time Till 2017

10. Arles Amphitheatre

arles amphitheatre, eye popping gorgeous Roman theatres 2017

This is a world Heritage site that was built for around 90 AD. What makes this place important is that it is a city that always thrived during the Roman times and it was used for entertainment purpose for chariot races that were known to be a hand-to-hand battles that would end up to death. It is a construction that was inspired by Colosseum but it has lived long to be used for other purposes like gladiatorial contests and also as a place of re-enacting all the hunting lived to see many people become champions in the arena but after the collapse of the roman empire, it was occupied by the local people and transformed into a fortress. As time went by, the 20th century saw it being transformed for use a bull fighting arena.

9. Leptis Magna Amphitheater

leptis magna amphitheater, eye popping gorgeous Roman theatres 2018

It has two names, Lepcis Magna or Lectis Magna and its location is in Khoms. A group of local Berbers came up with the idea of putting up the city was at around 1000 BC. After several year, at around 146 BC became part of the Roman Empire. The people have all that they wanted from it because under the Romans, the city flourished with glory and honor. Unfortunately, several problems or reasons grouped up and made the city to be abandoned in 523 AD and the desert which had no boundaries engulfed it. But that was an advantage to it because the city laid down in tons of sand for many years and in fact preserved it. Its maximum human capacity is 16, 000 people.

8. Flavian Amphitheater (Pozzuoli)

flavian amphitheater, eye popping gorgeous Roman theatres of all time

This is considered as the largest Roman amphitheater that is found in Italy. The way it has been made is so absolute because it has made historians have a believe that the same architect that made it is also the same one that made Colosseum. 20,000 people can be able to sit comfortably in it. Why it is a unique ground is that it was once used as a place that persecutions were carried out. It has a prove of this believe because up to today, you can still find parts of the gears that were used and also allowed cages from underneath to be lifted up to the persecution arena floor. On the outside, you will find that it was covered by marbles which were later stripped down and used to construct other things but the interior was so unique because it was never destroyed.

7. Arena of Nîmes


It existence emanated around AD 70 when it was constructed and is located in the famous city of Nimes found in France. It was constructed with 34 rows of seat and is able to hold up to 16,300 people. It is also respected because it was a home for many people during the turbulent ears that saw no peace in the region. It hosted them until the 18th century. After peace prevailed, all the building that emerged in it were to be destroyed after a decision that the place needed to be restored back to its former glory. It was not a joke to play around with because the decree was done and up to today, the place can be used for other various purposes like film or video showing, carrying out music concert and was even a place that housed the WWE shows. It is an elegant place to be.

6. Uthina Amphitheatre


This structure is found in Uthina which is a place that is found in a small town in Tunisia. Unfortunately, the town perished and no longer exists. What can be found as at now is the remains of its glorious past in form of a basilica, cisterns, amphitheater, an aqueduct, and a theater. The town did not perish from the mind and written records because a variety of its mentions are still found in various written records for instance, the Roman Colony. It is an amphitheater that was made uniquely because first, people had to dig a hill to be flat, they make a sloping seat that was able to hold up to 16,000 spectators.

5. Pula Arena


This is the most constructed building which is found in Pula and it is a special amphitheater which is still standing with 4 side tower. It was constructed between 27BC to 68AD and the Arena which is important ancient monument which is found in Croatia. It has a total of fifteen gates that means that even when an emergency knock on the door, everyone can get a place to come out of the building and it can accommodate up to 23,000 spectators. This is the oldest building and today it serves as concert hall. It is roomy and if you want to hold special concert, then this is the best place that will house your spectators.

4. Amphitheatre of El Djem


This is one of those theatres which are well constructed and was built by Gordian 1 who was emperor at Thysdrus. The abortive revolt and opponent troops damaged most of the village makes the emperor to committed suicide. This building is very old sine it was built in 3rd century AD and people say that the construction of this building was never completed. In 17th century, stones of this building were used to construct village of El Djem and some of it were used to construct Great Mosque which is found in Kairoua. It was later declared as a world heritage site in 1979.

3. Verona Arena


The main purpose of the construction of this arena is to observe the large scale of opera performance and it is something which is also done today. It is one of the oldest buildings dated back in 1st century and several spectators come here to enjoy marvelous performances just under the open sky. It can accommodate up to thirty thousand spectators. It is also considered to be well preserved ancient structure. A fatal earthquake occurs in 1117 and it cause major damage to this arena especially on the outer ring which are stones that was used to construct the arena. Several events are held here some of them are numerous performances like Puccine and Mascagni and also notable opera singers like Giuseppe Di Stefano, Tito Gobbi and Maria Callas and more.

2. Amphitheatre of Pompeii


Several people come here for concerts and some other special events but few of them known its history. If you are among them, then you need to know that this is the oldest Roman amphitheatre and was constructed long time ago in 80BC. It was built of stone but previously its building was of wood. Private funding was held to construct this place and was name spectacular in its contemporary time. It is among well-designed theatre and today it is used to inspire better design in current stadiums which are modern. In 59AD, Nucerians and Pompeian conducted a riot and its result was ten year ban of gladiatorial events in this theatre. Currently, this building is used for holding concerts and some other special events.

1. Colosseum


It is also known as Flavian Amphitheatre and it features oval shaped and found in the city of Rome. It is among the oldest theatres which were built in 70-80AD and it is the largest building in Rome and features wonderful achievement in ancient engineering. It can accommodate between fifty thousand to eighty thousand people and for years, this building has been used by dramas inspired from classical mythology, re-enactment of famous battles, show mock set battles, gladiatorial championships, executions and other public spectacles.

So, these are the best eye popping gorgeous Roman theatres of all time till 2017. These structures have been made uniquely in every aspect and their uses were either specific at their time of make or various uses. But what we found out from our research clearly indicate that the multiple uses came after the fall of the Roman Empire. For instance, majority had been constructed up to be used a war ground game where only the fittest would survive. Kings loved to hold up this games and it was such serious because anyone that went in, had to know that he/she either died that day or survive to become the champ. After ruining the Roman Empire, several purposes have been incorporated into the amphitheaters like a place for video showing, music, dancing and many others.

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