Top 10 Engineering Wonders of The Modern World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Engineering Wonders of The Modern World in 2016-2017. The world of engineering continues to take man higher and faster than he has ever gone before. Some of the most amazing modern world engineering wonders were made to solve problems and to make life easier on man. Mega structures are now commonplace but that doesn’t mean that there are still some that continue to amaze and create a sense of awe for man’s ability to overcome the laws of nature. The following is only a short list of man’s amazing structures. This list includes bridges, military structures, and many other categories of civil engineering masterpieces.

List of Top 10 Engineering Wonders of The Modern World 2016-2017

10 . Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Japan

akashi kaikyo bridge japan, Top 10 Engineering Wonders of The Modern world 2017

One of man’s greatest challenges is how to transverse waterways to get from one landmass to another. As an island nation, Japan certainly has its share of need for bridges. The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, also known as the Pearl Bridge, is one of the greatest examples cable bridges. The bridge has no pillars or supports. It is the longest suspension bridge in the world at 6,532 feet. It was completed in 1998 and links the city of Kobe on the mainland of Honshu to Iwaya Awaji Island across the Akashi straight. It is an important artery for these two cities.

9. Millau Viaduct


Now it is time to examine the tallest bridge in the world. The Millau Viaduct is a cable stayed road that spans the valley of the River Tarn in southern France. It is the tallest bridge in the world with one of the mast at 1,125 feet above the base of the structure. It is also the 12th highest deck bridge in the world with 890 feet between the road deck and the ground below. It was completed in 2004. This road is certainly one that you would want to avoid if you are afraid of heights, but the views of the valley are magnificent.

8. USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77)


The eighth engineering marvel of the world was constructed in 2001 at the Northrop Grumman Newport News shipyard. The USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) is one of the world’s largest warships. that is slightly shorter than the USS enterprise, but has more advanced high-tech equipment. The ship has a top speed of more than 30 knots and is powered by two nuclear reactors. The ship can operate for 20 years without having to refuel. The ship displaces over 100,000 tons of water and is 1,092 feet in length. The ship was constructed at a cost of $6.2 billion and is currently ported in the naval station at Norfolk Virginia.

7. Beijing National Stadium


The Beijing National Stadium, also known as the Birds Nest, is the world’s largest steel structure. It looks more like a work of art than a building. Was constructed as an Olympic stadium for the Beijing Olympics. It is planned to be used again in 2022 Winter Olympics. The concept of the building is based on a vessel. The structure looks random, but it has a distinctive pattern and symmetry that give it strength. It was originally designed to have a retractable roof, but this was eliminated due to seismic activity in the area. Pipes were placed under the playing surface to gather heat in the winter and to provide coolness in the summer.

6. Palm Islands

palm islands, Top 10 Engineering Wonders of The Modern World 2017

The Palm Islands in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, are another example of modern engineering magic. These islands are the world’s biggest artificial islands. There are nearly 1500 villas and it on the artificial beach. The three islands are the Palm Jumeirah, the Palm Jebel Ali and the Palm Deira. Their main function will be for residential use, leisure, and entertainment for the city of Dubai. The islands were constructed from sand that was dredged from the bottom of the Persian Gulf. The sand was sprayed from ships in rainbow like arcs that were guided by a global positioning system.

5. The Eurotunnel


When man comes to a waterway, he must either go above it, or below it. The Eurotunnel is a modern feat of engineering like none other. This tunnel spans under the ocean between England and France. The tunnel is 31 miles long, 23 of which is under water. A number of different types of trains use the tunnel including passenger trains and freight trains. It has a high-speed rail system that can accommodate electric and diesel locomotives, which can achieve speeds of up to 100 mph. It is now the fastest way to get from England to France. You no longer need to take slow moving ferry of days gone by.

4. Three Gorges Dam


The Three Gorges Dam in China is one of the most massive hydro-engineering projects in the world. In includes approximately 16 million ton of concrete, creating a barrier across the Yangtze River. This creates a water reservoir that stretches almost as much as the entire length of Britain. This much water drives 32 giant turbines that produce nearly 22,000 MW of power. It also helps to control floods in the delta each summer. Is now the largest hydroelectric power generating dam in the world. The construction of the dam slowed the earth’s rotation, shortening the day by about 0.06 microseconds.

3. Hadron Collider


The Hadron collider is a super accelerator that is being used to explore the very nature of reality. This colossal scientific instrument is located near Geneva and spans between France and Switzerland. It is nearly 100 meters long and is underground. The purpose of the collider is to study the world of atoms and how the physical world works. So far, discoveries made with the collider have challenged some long-held theories in physics. The experiments involves colliding particles at high rates of speed and examining the energy that is produced by these high-speed collisions. Through the use of this instrument, science books may need to be rewritten in the very near future.

2. Burj Khalifa


Currently, the world record for the tallest building is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It has been the world’s tallest building since 2008. It stands 2,722 feet tall, almost 700 feet more than the second highest building, the Shanghai Tower in China. Burj Khalifa has 163 floors. Its primary structure is reinforced concrete. The building is used for residential, hotel, and office purposes. It has swimming pools on the 43rd and 76th floors. It has 57 elevators and eight escalators to carry occupants so that they do not have to walk the 2,909 stairs. The double deck elevators are equipped with entertainment for the enjoyment of passengers as they travel to their destination.

1. International Space Station


The number one award for engineering has to go to the International Space Station, or ISS. The ISS is the first habitable artificial satellite in low orbit around the earth. It currently serves as a microgravity and space environment research laboratory to help advance space travel in the future. It was launched into orbit in 1998 and is now the largest artificial body orbiting the earth. It orbits between 205 and 270 miles above the earth and completes 15.54 orbits every day. Crews serve approximately 5 to 6 months above the space station at a time. The ISS is a major step towards longer and farther manned spacecraft missions.

These engineering feats represent man’s quest to build it bigger, better, and higher. These marvels were only figments of imagination several decades ago. They represent man’s continual quest for improvement and an unquenchable curiosity that will never end, even when he has truly reached the stars.