Top 10 Countries With The Strongest Armies in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Countries With The Strongest Armies in The World in 2016-2017. Armies are considered an important part of a country and its security sector at large.Countries spend billions in financing their armies every year.Some people wonder whether their countries’ armies are stronger than the others, but have no way of determining the strength of such armies.However, by considering the budget allocated, the size of army, technology, power, training and the weapons held, we can tell the countries with the strongest armies.Below is a list of the most powerful armies in the world.

Ten countries with the strongest armies in the world 2016-2017:


Japan Top Popular Countries With The Strongest Armies in The World 2018

Being a dominant force during the second world war, Japan has a massive army.Ironically, a peace treaty signed by Japan after the end of the war prohibits it from having such an invading army.Japan has increased its military budget in response to the ever growing disputes with China.The expansion of Japan’s military has included the deployment of forces on the outer islands.Japan’s military budget has risen to almost $ 50 billion, which makes it the sixth highest globally.It has close to 250,000 active army personnel and more than 60,000 in reserve.The airforce is the 6th largest globally, with close to 1,600 aircraft.Japan’s army is equipped with over 130 warships, making the country a significant military power in Asia and the world.

9.South Korea

South Korea Top Most Popular Countries With The Strongest Armies in The World 2018

In response to the ever-expanding armies of China and Japan, South Korea has expanded its army.With the ever increasing threat from North Korea and President Kim Jong Un, in particular, the country is sensitive to security issues.The state has over 2,000 tanks,1,400 aircraft, and 600,000 military personnel, including an unknown number of reserves.The army is specially trained and equipped, making it the 9th globally.With its Northern neighbor increasingly testing superior weapons, the South has no option but to keep upgrading its army.

8. Turkey


Turkey spends close to over 10 percent of its entire budget on the military.The recent threats by the Islamic State and Turkey’s proximity to Syria make the state a terror prone country, making it necessary for the country to pay attention to is military.The country spends close to 20 billion dollars on the military, which includes expenses incurred by its peacekeeping troops in Cyprus.Turkey is, however, facing serious security challenges such as the threat posed by PKK, the Kurdish separatist group that the Turkish government considers a terrorist organization.The 2016 attempted military coup led by Fethullah Gulan and the influx of refugees from the Middle East are also some of the reasons why the country needs to keep improving its army.


Germany Top Most Countries With The Strongest Armies in The World 2017

Germany has a strong army that is ranked the 7th globally and spends over 45 billion dollars on its military every year.Germans are peace loving and do not like starting wars, especially after the second world war.The state has over 180,000 armed personnel and 14,000 others in reserve.It is, however, important to note that Germany started to increase its army after the breakup of Yugoslavia.With the threat posed by the Islamic state and other terrorist organizations globally, Germany has continued to improve its military.



France’s army is position six globally, as far as its military is concerned.The relatively lower position is mainly due to a government decision in 2013 to freeze military spending and cut down defense jobs to save for technological advancement.The state spends close to 2% ($43 billion)of its GDP on the military, way below NATO’s spending targets.With over 500,000 forces,1000 aircraft,290 nuclear weapons, and 10,000 ground vehicles, France have a massive army.However, the army has had to deal with some terror-related incidents, the most common being the September 2015 Paris attack by the Islamic State group that claimed close to 130 lives.

5.The United Kingdom


The United Kingdom is a member of the EU with a powerful army of about 205,000 regular forces,908 aircraft,160 nuclear weapons and 66 navy ships.UK’s military is specially trained and is planning to launch an aircraft carrier that can carry 40 F-35B joint strike fighters all over the globe.The Uk spends around $54 billion on its army, although there are plans to reduce the spending by 2018.With the increasing threat of terrorism all over the world, the UK has kept its army super alert, ready for any eventualities.



India has made good use of its massive population by building an army that has over 3.5 million personnel,1.4 million of those being active.The vast number of India’s military makes the country to be ranked fourth in the entire world.The army’s equipment include 16,000 land vehicles,3,500 tanks,1,785 aircraft and an unknown number of nuclear weapons.India is the largest importer of military goods worldwide.The country spends over $46 billion on its military and aims to increase the amount by 2020.The threat posed by its neighbor Pakistan over the disputed Kashmir region and the rise of terrorism in Pakistan keeps the army always alert.


China Top 10 Countries With The Strongest Armies in The World 2017

The official budget allocated to defense by the Chinese government is $126 billion, with plans to further increase the amount.China has over 2 million personnel for the frontline and over 2.2 million reservists, thus making the state the largest land force in the world.The state also has military equipment that includes 25,000land vehicles,2,800 aircraft, and over 300 nuclear weapons.China is recently responsible for stealing military technology and with its rising economic status, the country can only expect to increase its military strength.



Currently, Russian’s defense budget stands at $76.6 billion and is projected to rise by almost 50% in the coming three years.Since President Vladimir Putin took power in 2000, Russia’s military spending has increased by more than a third.Despite the collapse of the Soviet Union about two decades ago, Russia’s army has continued to grow.The country boasts of a 766,000 active Army personnel,2.5 million reservists and 15,500 tanks, making the state the largest tank force globally.Russia has over 8,000 nuclear weapons, making the state the largest custodian of nuclear arms in the world.

1.The United States of America

The United States of America Top Most Famous Countries With The Strongest Armies in The World 2019

The United state spends $612 billion on is military, a figure that is more than all the other nine countries combined.The country has a large army with over 1.4 million soldiers and 800,000 reservists.The US has specially trained men and women and is the world’s leader in aircraft production.The country has 19 carriers, but the rest of the world has only 12.The country has over 7,000 nuclear warheads at its disposal and is, therefore, the number one military force, dating back from the second world wars.

Defense budgets, workforce, navy and air force determine the world’s most powerful military forces.Countries with the strongest armies in 2017 are considered threats to security and thus influence global affairs.Despite the USA having the most powerful army for a long time, Russia and China have risen well, and it remains to be seen whether they can do better than the USA in future.