Top 10 Bizarre Romances Between People and Objects

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Bizarre Romances Between People and Objects. Romance occurs between a man and a woman but with the advancement in human knowledge and understanding of their own bodies people have started developing sexual attractions to what you would consider weirdo like cars, objects, electronics just to mention a few. You can easily here from the media a wedding between a man and his a doll or a woman falling in love with a wall and getting married to it which the claim reciprocate the same human sexual feelings. Below is a list of the top ten bizarre romance between people and objects.

List of Top 10 Bizarre Romances Between People and Objects

Davecat weds Sidore

davecat-weds-sidore, Top 10 Bizarre Romances Between People and Objects 2017

On top of the list is the romantic relationship between a man by the name Davecat and his manufactured doll wife which he named Sidore which he actually paid USD5500 to buy ‘his’ wife from Abyss Creation. They are happily married and live together and have a strong romantic relationship as said by Davecat.

Lee Jin-gyu weds his Pillow


Lee Jin-gyu a South Korean surprised the world when he decided to tie the wedding knots with his favorite huggable pillow which he named after a series character by the name Fate Testarossa a girl in the Mahou Shoujo series. In 2010 Lee decided to make it official when he wed his huggable pillow dressed in a wedding gown presided by a local priest. Can you imagine getting a wedding invitation only to find a man wedding a pillow? That’s weird but it actually happened.

Sexual Attraction to Cars

sexual-attraction-to-cars, Top 10 Bizarre Romances Between People and Objects 2016

Edward Smith is a mecaphile or in layman’s term is having sexual attraction to vehicles. He has been sexually attracted to about 1000 cars for the past 45 years which include Mustangs and Jaguar. He says that while other guys look at the beauty of women and gets attracted to them, for him he looks at the rear and the fronts of the cars. Currently he is committed to his lover Vanilla which he bought 30 years ago. Vanilla is a Volkswagen Beetle bought in 1972.

Oak tree loves Val Theroux

Val Theroux is a 64 year old Canadian woman, retired nurse who every year goes to Britain for workshop and also pays visit to her lover an Oak tree found in New Forest, Hampshire in Britain. Val usually love spending time hugging the tree early in the morning alone. Imagine if the tree were to speak, she would come on her next visit to Britain and tell the tree I had missed your hug and the tree replies to her “me too am glad you came”

Hermione says ‘I DO” to her Mac Book Laptop

It was at the end of January in 2010 when Hermione a British 24 year old blogger decided to unofficially get married to her Mac Book Pro laptop which she calls Alex. She is a blogger at and spends every second of her life with her ‘husband’ Alex. She is hoping that in future the law will allow marriage between computers and humans so that she can officially wed her Alex. She claims that her life has changed since she got married to Alex.

Eija Riitta weds the Berlin wall


Eija is a Swedish woman who claim to have fallen in love with Berlin Wall from when she saw it on TV at seven years old and collected kept collection of pictures of the Wall. She visited the wall several times and during her sixth visit she decided it she had enough of Wall to get married to it which was attended by a few guests. She added the name Berliner-Mauer as her surname which mean Berlin Wall. She was left heartbroken when the wall was brought down in 1989.

Love with the Statute of Liberty


Amanda Whittaker is the woman who fell in love with Statute of Liberty in the year 2007 not for the love of Liberty but falling in love with the statute itself. She is a British woman who lives in Leeds, England and even has several monuments in her home of the Statute of Liberty which she calls ‘Libby’ and says she feels pleasure whenever she visits the monument and sits close to it.

Engaged to my iBook


Imagine checking on the relationship status of a guy on Facebook to find this statement ‘in a relationship with iBook’ it’s weird but it is actually the case with Bill Rifka a 35 year old man who is in a relationship with his iBook. He claims that the iBook is male and goes on to say that he also flirts with other laptops. You can imagine him apologizing to his iBook ‘am sorry I played you with Mac Book Pro’.

Am in love with my 1001 Nachts Ride


A church organist y the name Amy Wolfe is in love with amusement park ride known as 1001 Nachts in Knebels Amusement Park. She got attracted to the ride since she was 13 years and after 3000 ride for 10 years she got ‘married’ to the ride in 2009 and has even changed her surname to Weber name of the manufacturer of the ride. She sleeps with pictures of the ride and even carries spare nuts to make her more close to her lover.

Duaveed Married to ‘Clara’


Clara is the name of a mannequin she was married to an American by the name Duaveed Hakhainhaguadole. Their wedding was even recorded by media as Duaveed got married to Clara the mannequin. He is always seen walking around with the Clara to show how he is committed to his partner.

Bizarre relationship between people and object are on the rise in the 21st century although they have not started now since they started as early as 18th century where people claim to have a choice on what to spend the rest of their lives with. Although a few cases are noted many people are now in bizarre relationship with either their phones or laptops or video games.