Top 10 Most Amazing And Longest Ancient Walls in The Word

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Amazing And Longest Ancient Walls in The Word of all time till 2017. Since the earliest times of civilization, walls act as a way of protecting from dangerous animals, enemies, to mark territorial borders and to protect from the onslaught of nature. A majority of the walls have stood for hundreds of years. Over modern times, people have found new ways to use walls. Some walls have been constructed to be used as memorials, while others exist as magnificent art pieces. Below are the most amazing and longest ancient walls in the world of all time.

List of The top 10 most amazing and longest ancient walls in the world of all time till 2017:

10. The Western Wall (Israel)


The Western Wall is in the Israeli old city of Jerusalem. The wall is also known as the ‘Wailing Wall,’ and is a famous monument of the Jewish religion. Herod the great constructed the wall around 19 BC, during the second temple period. The wall is considered to be present in the temple’s western part, and people venerate it as one of the remnants of the most Holy Temple. The wall is the nearest acceptable way to the site of the foundation stone, the holiest Jewish spot.

9. Hadrian’s Wall (England)

Hadrian's Wall Top 10 Most Amazing And Longest Ancient Walls in The Word 2017

The Hadrian’s Wall has located in modern day England. The wall is around 83 miles in length and is considered to be a defensive wall constructed in around the 2nd century. The wall has since lost its original structure and shape, but it still stands firm. Hadrian’s Wall is a major tourist attraction site in England, a custom services point and is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Visitors walk through the trails of the remaining portions of the wall to have fun.

8. The Aurelian Walls (Italy)

The Aurelian Walls Top Most Popular Amazing And Longest Ancient Walls in The Word 2017

Italy’s Aurelian Walls enclose the Seven Hills of Rome. Emperors Aurelias and Probus constructed the Aurelian Walls in the 3rd Century. The wall is 20 kilometers long, 20 feet high and 10 meters wide. The wall acted as a protective wall during the times of Rome focus. The walls have been renovated in recent centuries and are crucial to Rome’s defense. The walls consist of 7000 crenellations, 18 large gates,2600 windows and 380 towers. Until today the wall remains in good condition, thanks to its various renovations.

7. The Chester City Walls (England)

The Chester City Walls Top Most Famous Amazing And Longest Ancient Walls in The Word 2018

Situated in England, and constructed by Romans, Chester City Walls are in the modern city of Chester. The construction took place between 70 AD and 100 AD. During the 12th Century, the walls underwent further development to improve on quality. The wall is 2 miles in circumference and consists of some towers and gateways, which are combined and recognized as scheduled monuments.

6. The Phoenician Marine Wall (Lebanon)


Situated in the coastal city of Batroun, the Phoenician Marine Wall is one of the longest walls in the world of all time till 2017. The wall is both beautiful and old, making it a major tourist attraction site in Lebanon. The Phoenician Marine Wall is hundreds of years old and is 200 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, constructed with hard sandstones.

5. The Great Walls of Zimbabwe (Zimbabwe)

The Great Walls of Zimbabwe Top Best Amazing And Longest Ancient Walls in The Word 2019

The Great Walls of Zimbabwe are in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. The walls are centuries old and surround the majority of the country. The Great walls are for defense. The Great Zimbabwe existed as a city in the kingdom but today lies as a stony ruin over a large part of Zimbabwe. During the Late Iron Age, the walls enclosed the capital and people highly values them. The wall is the biggest structure in the South of the Sahara and one of the most famous structures in the world.

4 .Xian City Walls (China)


The Great Wall of China is not the only great wall in the country. The Xian city walls are built in modern day China. Their construction took place around the 13th Century, the constructors taking over five years to builds the wall. The walls stand on lands formerly owned by the Terracotta Warriors. The walls occupy an area of 5 square meters and are 45 feet wide. The walls made the penetration of Xian city completely impossible. Tourists walk on top of the wall to view the ancient Chinese city.

3. The Walls of Babylon (Iraq)

The Walls of Babylon Top Most Beautiful Amazing And Longest Ancient Walls in The Word

The Wall of Babylon is an ancient wall situated in the old town of Mesopotamia, about 80 kilometers south of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. They are one of the great wonders mentioned by Antipater of Sidon, who wrote beautiful poems about the wall. Constructed around 575 BC, the wall is one of the oldest in the world. Rich in beauty and grace, the Ishtar Gate is one of the wonders of the ancient times. The gates, as well as the walls, are of glazed tiles, consisting of rows made of alternating dragons and also bas-relief aurochs. If visiting Iraq looks risky, the Pergamon Museum in Berlin has a reconstruction of the Ishtar walls and gates, made with materials excavated at Babylon. Saddam Hussein restored the walls and newly constructed the ruins during his term as the Iraqi President.

2. The Berlin Wall (Germany)

The Berlin Wall Top Famous Amazing And Longest Ancient Walls in The Word 2018

The Berlin Wall is a beautiful modern construction located in Germany. Germans constructed the wall in 1961, at the peak of the cold war in the country. Built to stop Eastern Berliners from escaping to the Western part of the city, the wall fulfilled its intended purpose but led to the death of many people, who tried to circumvent it. The wall is found in the middle of Berlin, although it was destroyed and reconstructed during the times of the Soviet Union in the year 1989.Today, the wall consists of colorful and eye-catching graffiti art.

1. The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China Top Most Largest Amazing And Longest Ancient Walls in The Word 2019

People claim that the Great Wall of China is visible from the moon. The Wall is the most visited and most famous ancient wall in the globe and is among the wonders of the world. The wall is constructed and reconstructed to protect the Chinese empire, but a majority of what exists is a creation of the Ming Dynasty as a series of fortifications. Thousands of people visit the Great China Wall every year. The wall is an ancient World Heritage site located in China. Since its construction in time immemorial, the wall provided a defense to the Northern parts of China. Build around 2,300 years ago by the Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huang; the wall is among the Seven Wonders of the World. The wall stretches for over 5,500 meters and is the world’s largest human-made barrier. More than one million people died during its construction, making it the largest cemetery on Earth. The wall has 40 feet high towers at regular distances. Millions of tourists from all over the globe flock to China to view the wall each year.

There are many other great walls in the world but are not in the above list because they did not exist in time immemorial. Such barriers include the Israeli West Bank barrier stretching around Bethlehem, which the Israeli authorities say is intended to protect their citizens from Palestinian terrorists, especially Hamas. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall is also another high wall in Washington DC, a tribute to US soldiers who died during the Vietnam War. The wall is, however, controversial because of the crimes carried out in Southeast Asia in the course of the war. These walls and human-made barriers are a witness of the world’s history and tell many tales.

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