Top 10 Weirdest Awards in The World of All Time

Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 Weirdest Awards in The World of all time till 2017. Before you get an award, you must have achieved something in a certain field. It can be in your career, at school or on the sports field. It is an award that recognizes you for your persistence, good work and results. Maybe you have ever received an award in your lifetime. How was the feeling? If you have the feeling is superb, and you feel like you have that much capability to conquer other.

There are some awards you can receive and feel that that is not an award. You feel downgraded, and this award is very awful. Many have received this award after they lost something. When you produce the worst results, the result will be receiving these strange awards will make you feel stupid. The award can either motivate you or make you give up. Some of the strange Weirdest awards that have been given out are:

List of Top 10 Weirdest Awards in The World of all time till 2017

1. Golden Raspberry Award


Golden Raspberry Award is an award in the Oscar for the bad filmmakers and bad actors. Do you imagine working on a film for over a year and receive this award? Will the award motivate you or demoralize you? In every year that the Oscar awards given to best performers, this award has to give to someone. The group or individual who has the worst performances is given this award.

Some situations happen where in the previous year, you get the best performance and the following year you receive the Golden Raspberry Award. It happened 2004 to Halle Berry who had received the award for the best performance two years after receiving the best award in a film “Monster Ball.”

2. Ig Nobel Prize

ig nobel prize Weirdest awards-2017

They go hand in hand with the Nobel Prize, almost a cousin to it. The Ig Nobel Prize was given to the scientist who had an inconsequential breakthrough. Whatever they said did not turn up, or the discoveries are quite annoying and doubted. These awards are given the “winner” or are they losers by the magazine Annals for doing the lame research. I feel that they are not losers because nobody will spend too much time and money to make them lose.

In the Year 2007, this award is very memorable and still fresh in our mind as if it happened yesterday. It is when the U.S Air Force was awarded this prize. They received the award because of their gay theoretical bomb that had been designed to scatter all the female pheromones over their enemy soldier.

3. Darwin Award


This award is a strange award that you never want to win the award. This award is given by the parody website that recognizes anyone who has sterilized themselves or accidentally killed due to poor judgment. For you to win this award, there are things that you should have done. These things are

• You must not have loving children.
• Must be unable to reproduce either by death or to be sterile.

The game has rules that you can follow such as offensive rules are allowed; there is no time limit on putting somebody forward for the award, and your submission has to match the criteria of the accidental deaths to be allowed.

4. Stella Award


Stella Award is a common award given every year in the U.S.A. The award is given to one with a ridiculous lawsuit of the year. In America, there are many people who file very silly and frivolous lawsuits for them to gain money in the case they have in the court. Their main aim is getting rich through somebody who has wronged them.

Every year there are very many frivolous lawsuits that are ridiculous. In 2002, there was a trial that filled against an illusionist David Copperfield and Blaine who Christopher Roller sued claiming they had stolen this power to perform magic, which is ridiculous indeed.

5. The Lantern Award


Lantern Rouge award is an award mainly given to cyclists who will finish the last in the competition. A color red lantern was given to the one who was at the last place in the race. There is the Tour de France has grown to become very popular in the competitions.

In 2006 up to 2008 a Belgian cyclist called Wim Vansevenant won this award three times consecutively. It means that he became last in the three races he took.

6. The Ernie Awards


Ernie Award is an award that helps to shed light on the sexiest public figure by giving the award to the one with the sexiest comments to those being given awards in the previous year. The award works more like a social service than poking fun at other people.

The award originated from Australia, and its name was after the Workers Union Secretary called Ernie Ecob. He was the first to be with the sexist comment which said “Women aren’t welcome in the shearing sheds. They are only after the sex.”

7. The Pigasus Award


This award was started by James Randi in 1982 who was a magician. The award is to honor the psychics and pseudo-scientists who claim and think they have paranormal power. In the real sense, they do not have this at all. In this award, it is categorized in other awards which are nearly the same. They are sub-divided into the most fraudulent performer, worst pseudoscience performer and the organization that has funded a useless study.

8. Foot in Mouth Award


The award is commonly given to one who has made a baffling thing or remarks in public. It is an annual reward that can be given to any person despite your ranking in the government or if you are a public figure. In the year 2008, the great George W. Bush was given the award because of his utterances. He said, and I quote “I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe and what I believe- I believe what I believe is right.”

9. Bad Sex in Fiction Award

It is an award given out every year by the British magazine Literary Review. The award started in 1933 by a critic called Rhoba Koenig and Auberon Waugh who was an editor of the magazine. This award was given to prevent and discourage the sexual descriptions with bad and tasteless words. Whenever you hear this word, you feel shameful. Some of those who got this award are Norman Mailer, Tom Wolfe and finally Nicholas Royle.

10. Stinky Shoe Award


Stinky Shoe award is given annually in Vermont in the National Odor Contest. Those with the stinky shoe come forward, and the one with the stinky shoe is the winner. The competition began in the year 1975 as a way of marketing a local shoe store and was taken over by another company named the Odor Eaters in the year 1988.

A panel of highly skilled judges looks in the shoe I area such as the laces, tongue, heel, sole eyelets the odor and its overall condition. If the condition of your should is the worst among all, you become the winner.

If you like fun, you should engage in these games and go home with the award. Don’t think that these awards are too stupid. But if the game can take your life, you should not try that one out. Get awards that you will enjoy.