Top 10 Weirdest Traditions From Around The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Weirdest Traditions From Around The World 2017. Every tribe that exists on this world has a tradition or culture that people follow to respect of their beliefs. Now before I move on. I will have to let you understand some common names that we might be knowing but assuming their very important purpose. The first one is culture, which is commonly defined shortly as the total ways of man. This means that minus culture, there will be no tradition because it has its roots emerging from it. The existence of cultures or religion means that you are enshrined on having a common belief towards something but I have to promise you, although it is said that there is no culture that is important than another, others are going to be absolutely weird. We cannot classify them as bad cultures because are accepted on our society but when you go out and watch what is done, you will be prepared to even run before the processes that are carried out are accomplished. The following traditions are considered weird and you are warned that some of them might affect your emotions. Don’t lose hope, be bold enough and let us learn about them.

List of Top 10 Weirdest Traditions From Around The World 2017

10. Hindu Thaipusam Festival Piercings


This is carried out during the religious holiday Thaipusam and that is when the Hindus are supposed to declare perfect belief to the Murugan. All are required to piece various parts of the body. This culture has perfect roots among countries where there is significance of the presence of Tamil. The celebrations are carried out with shear pain for instance, on some celebrations, it is done by piercing various body regions including the tongue so that you show your belief to the murder of Soorapadman. But as time has gone by, the ceremonies have become more dramatic and even bloody because there is now the use of sharp objects pierced through the and even the face.

9. La Tomatina

La Tomatina Top Famous Weirdest Traditions From Around The World 2019

This is one of the funny traditions the world has because it is referred as the largest tomato fight that exists I the world. It is held within the town of Valencia, the country of Spain. The celebrations are held during the last Wednesday of august when there is a Bunol festivities. The participants, who are human beings are required to come with tomatoes and involve a physical tomato fight for just having fun. Many might be wondering how this festival started, but it started around 1945 when a group of young adults wanted to be an event that was being staged by brawl. Having no weapons, the rowdy youth went to the nearby vegetable stand and picked up tomatoes and used them as weapons. The police had to intervene.

8. Bullet Ant Gloves

Bullet Ant Gloves Top Most Weirdest Traditions From Around The World 2017

If you have gone through initiation, then you have to forget about it because the one that you are going to see here is one that has never been see by you because it is said to be more painful that you ever thought of. The culture that is here is one that is practiced by the Satere-Mawe tribe that is found at Amazon. What is astonishing is that you will never become a man if you fail to take part within this process. When a young boy has becomes sexually active, then he is required to go out to the jungle with a medicine man together with other boys to gather bullet ants. This is an insect that is known to be the most painful around the world because when you are stung with it, then you will feel like you have been hit by a bullet right into your flesh. The insects are later drugged and put a woven glove. When the insects wake up, will be very angry and that is the time you are needed to put the glove on. Terror is what will follow for the next 20 minutes.

7. Burial Ritual Yanomami

Burial Ritual Yanomami Top Popular Weirdest Traditions From Around The World 2018

The dead people are always respected as having gone to places that we all shall go one day but several tribes have a way of celebrating the burial of their loved ones. When a person form the Yanomami dies, his/her body is burned and then the ash and bone mixed up to forma plantain soup. Now, it is time for the people of his family to drink the soup and believe that all will have ingested the remains of the loved person into their souls and that his/her spirit will always remain intact forever. Also believe that every person that dies must be cremated and leaving it to decay is one thing that is horrifying.

6. Tooth Filing

Tooth Filing Top 10 Weirdest Traditions From Around The World

This is a ceremony that is carried out by the Hindu and is always rated as an important event of passing people from puberty to adulthood. Nobody is going to be spared, either a male or female is required to undertake the culture which is always a must before marriage is done. If you never did it, it is incorporated into the marriage ceremony. It involves smoothing the down tooth, and also the eye-tooth to make them able to chase away the invisible evil forces.

5. Bathroom Ban of Tidong


Ceremonies for Indonesian Tidong community especially wedding have traditions which are unique. But the most adorable of this community’s customs is the one where the groom is never allowed to see bride’s image up to that time where he will sing her lot of love songs. When the musical requirement has been met, the curtain which separates the couple is then raised and can now see each other. But that is not all about this community; weirdest part of their tradition is that the coupled are not allowed using one bathroom for 3 days and also night after their wedding and if you don’t participate the ritual, you will have terrible luck such as infidelity, broken marriage and death of kids at young age. Several people watch the couple and are allowed minimal food as well as drink and after 3 days the couples are bathed and then allowed to return to their normal life. This is one of the Top 10 Weirdest Traditions From Around The World 2017.

4. Famadihana Dancing With the Dead


This is a traditional festival that is celebrated only in Madagascar and both urban and rural areas and it is popular among the tribal communities. It is one of weirdest tradition which is known as turning of bones where people bring forth dead bodies of the ancestors from their family crypts and then rewrap then fresh cloth. Afterwards, are required to dance with corpses near tomb to live music. it is done once after every seven years and say that it is a custom to give respect to their ancestors and families of Razana make contributions all year. Burial tomb is constructed and it is considered to be a place which will link dead and living. The main motive behind this tradition is that dead people return to God and are reborn.

3. Finger Cutting of Dani Tribe

Finger Cutting of Dani Tribe Top Most Popular Weirdest Traditions From Around The World 2018

The Ndani tribe is indigenous people and live along Baliem Valley, New Guinea. Interesting part about these people is about cutting off of fingers which are a way of displaying grief at funeral ceremonies and as expression of sorrow; smear their faces with clay and ashes. These people cut off their fingers as a sigh of expressing their love to their loved person. One person passes away, a relative like husband or wife will cut off hand finger and then burry it together with dead body as symbol of love. The number of fingers to be cut is equivalent to number of people pass away even when it means cutting off your entire fingers. If you have lost ten relatives and you love them, it means that your ten hand’s fingers will be cut and you’ll be unable to do your household chores effectively!

2. Baby Throwing, India

Baby Throwing, India Top 10 Weirdest Traditions From Around The World 2017

Baby throwing this country is not something which started last year, it is started a long time ago and it is now 500 years ago. Newborn babies are thrown off temple up to fifty feet high and then they’re caught by a cloth. It is observed by Hindus and Muslims yearly and it takes place with tight security and it is practiced first week of December. This weird tradition is practiced by couple who have been blessed with baby and it is believed that it bring health, prosperity as well as luck to new arrival. Every year, around 200 babies are dropped and crowd sing and dance and most of these infants are under 2 years of age.

1. Mourning of Muharram


This tradition takes place at Muharram and it is one of the important moments of mourning Shia Islam and it took place on the 1st month of Islamic calendar. The ceremony reaches its peak on 10th day morning and it is known as Ashura. Group of Shia Muslim come to the ceremony which is involved with body whipping using special chains which have knives and razors attached to it. It is done by all age groups and even some region parents forced their kids to take part. It is observed by India, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran and Bahrain which is a name of remembrance of Muharram.

These are the Top 10 Weirdest Traditions From Around The World 2017. Wonder, wonder, and wonder, have you read these weirdest traditions which are found around the planet? My friends tell me which one will you prefer? Don’t be shocked, you know that the outsiders will consider these traditions as odd one outs but the truth is that these things are accepted by the society and since are adopted as part of society, everyone has to participate. But for real, are absolutely weirdest traditions around the world. Will you give your fingers to be cut off or your tongue to be pierced?

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