Top 10 Weirdest Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Weirdest Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist. There are a lot of magazines out there that don’t deserve to even waste the paper they are printed on, but then there is also a category of magazine that you have to simply wonder what they were thinking when they were created. This list probably only scratches the surface of the strangest group of magazines ever posted. Fortunately, you can say you are pretty special if you’ve never heard of them. This is the top 10 weirdest magazines that shouldn’t exist.

List of Top 10 Weirdest Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist

10. Girls & Corpses

Girls & Corpses Top Famous Weirdest Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist 2018

According to the “Deaditor in Chief,” Robert Rhine, Girls & Corpses was originally started as a parody publication to stand against Maxim and similar publications. Strangely, after it came out, many of those who bought the first issue asked for what was to come next. Thus began the history of Girls & Corpses, or what might be described as the female form right along with anything dead. And if you think that this is just too weird, remember that in order to sell something, all you need to do is to put a pretty girl next to it, even if it is dead.

9. Fashion Doll Quarterly

Fashion Doll Quarterly Top Popular Weirdest Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist 2017

On the surface of it, there isn’t much to bother you about Fashion Doll Quarterly, but when you see it and started to think about it, it’s downright unsettling. Fashion Doll Quarterly is a magazine about dolls, which shouldn’t bother anybody, but in the case of this magazine, it’s nothing less than plain old macabre. The dolls aren’t so bad, but they way they are posed to resemble very human situations in very normal clothes is quite disturbing.

8. Public Restroom Operator


In the world of trade magazines there are some pretty exclusive niches but, after all, in those niches, there are often bonafide markets. On the other hand, some subjects just don’t seem like they should have their own magazines. Such is the case for Public Restroom Operator, which just seems to reek of disturbing issues, but we won’t elaborate. Needless to say, this one won’t end up on a lot of coffee tables.

7. Cranes Today

Cranes Today Top 10 Weirdest Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist 2017

There has got to be a limit when it comes to how specific a market can be, but Cranes Today has to be past it. What is really strange is to think that every month the operator of this magazine comes up wth 80 pages of stories simply about cranes. On the other hand, to be in this business must inspire a lot of copy. We just don’t get the point. Maybe someone in the crane business could enlighten us.

6. Miniature Donkey Talk

Miniature Donkey Talk Top 10 Weirdest Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist

Here’s another one that you have to wonder about the size of the market, much less how many of the subjects there are walking around on the earth. There are probably a lot of people who didn’t know there were such things as miniature donkeys, much less could categorize themselves as lovers of this breed of animal. To have its own magazine must answer that question. This is one of the Top 10 Weirdest Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist.

5. Private Islands


Remember that old statement that if you have to ask the price you can’t afford it? We all know it’s true, but the next best thing to not being able to afford your own private island is to enjoy a magazine that makes such a topic its centerpiece. This must be the closest most people to being voyeurists to the rich and famous.

4. Kohl

Kohl Top Most Famous Weirdest Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist 2019

Talk about luxury magazines. Kohl is a magazine that is specifically targeting Middle Eastern women, but that’s not what makes it so exclusive. What makes it a step above the ordinary is the fact that each issue costs about $10,000 at auction. Why? It’s because 86 hours were spent applying 600 diamonds as well as 90 grams of gold to the cover. Do you wonder if those who buy the magazine throw them away at the end of the issue’s lfe?

3. Tan


Here’s a magazine that might also be aimed at an exclusive market, but we’re just not sure what it would be. Tan is aimed at the nudist, er, “naturalist” crowd, but if it can be any more exclusive, it’s specifically designed for those who like getting tanned. OK. Maybe it is just a cover for being a smut rag, but at least it is good at getting attention. It’s only published in Australia, so if that’s enough to make you want to move there, good luck with that.

2. Fencepost

Fencepost Top Most Popular Weirdest Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist 2018

Is there any magazine that’s more exclusive, more ridiculous than Crane? Yes, it’s Fencepost, and we’re not talking about having a fencepost conversation either. This magazine is about the fencepost business. Can you imagine waiting at your mailbox for your monthly copy of Fencepost to arrive? No doubt some people do it. This is another one of those magazines that you have to wonder how they come up with different articles every month.

1. Serial Killer Magazine


If you thought that Girls & Corpses was bad, just wait until you take a look at Serial Killer Magazine. This is just plain old weird. In fact, if you decided you want to look at just their website, you will probably end up wishing you hadn’t. Once there you will see a tribute to totally messed up people. When you see this you will seriously wonder how many Ted Bundys, Charles Mansons, and Aileen Wuornos’ there are out there who read, or are inspired by this stuff. This is truly gross. Ordinarily it could be said that if you like this kind of magazine, you are really a special crowd, but in this case, if you like this magazine, you should be committed. Seriously.

These are the Top 10 Weirdest Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist. The world is a weird place full of weird people. That’s putting it lightly. Making matters worse is the fact that there are those who really do cater to these groups. Unfortunately, it’s hard to decide which you need to worry about more, those who buy these magazines or those who publish and hope to make money from them. For either group, you most certainly know who you are.