Top 10 Weird Suicide Locations In The World of All Time

Take a look at the below List of Top 10 Weird Suicide Locations In The World of all time till 2017. Life being a very precious thing that God has given to us; we all opt to make sure that we protect it as if it were gold to us. Many people have failed to realise this and what they are doing with the life they are given by God is completely shocking. With that in mind, you will realise that people have just failed to realise that people are committing suicide in a way that no one can explain. It is said that whenever one is living, there are very many times that he/ she will face challenges in this life. There is only one way that a person is expected to face the challenges without any fear. Those people who commit suicide are simply said to be cowards. In this article, I will address the top 10 weirdest place in the world that coward people have been committing suicide in.

List of Top 10 Weird Suicide Locations In The World of all time till 2017

1. Mount Mihara, Japan

mount-mihara-japan, Top 10 Weird Suicide Locations In The World 2017

Mount Mihara is a mountain that is located in Japan. The mountain is also an active volcano place. The mountain appears to be one of the best mountains that there has ever been and with that in mind this mountain is also the leading place where suicides have been committed the most. The place started being a suicidal sport in the year 1993 when a 21-year-old girl ended her life by throwing herself to the volcanic cavity that ended her life on the spot. Many people now have been killing themselves at this Mountain simply because they are cowards and they cannot face life challenges that come through in their lives.
In the year 1933, 944 people killed themselves by jumping into the creator who was followed by at least 350 people committing suicide the following which is 1934. The place security was improved some years after, and this prevented people from accessing the place and therefore suicide cases reduced drastically.

2. Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, China


This is a double-decked road that covers at least 4588 meters in Nanjing in China. The place has recorded 1000 suicides in a span of a few years back. It has been happening that in that 4-kilometre long bridge that people have been visiting that place to end their lives just because they fear to face the reality that they have in their lives.
During that period, the person who operates the bridge has managed to save at least 175 individuals who had tried to end their lives in that bridge by jumping to the water.

3. Niagara Falls, America

niagara-falls-america, Weird Suicide Locations In The World 2018

Niagara Falls is a breathtaking place in America and many people visit this place day in day out to enjoy the good things that are found in that place. With this place being one of the places that people enjoy to be in, there have also been very many cases of people killing themselves by jumping to the waterfalls. It has been approximated that at least 20 to 25 people have been committing suicide in that place each and every year.
This place has been given a very tight security, but people are still killing themselves in this location because they lack the courage to face life challenges.

4. Golden Gate Bridge, America

golden-gate-bridge-america, Top 10 Weird Suicide Locations In The World 2019

Golden Gate Bridge is another place that suicide cases have been reported now and then. The place is also the most photographed place in the world wit it is having the highest number of tourist visiting that area. This bridge started to be operational in the year1937 and from that year there has been 1600 case of suicide cases that have been confirmed.
The bridge has been protected since the government realised that people are ending their lives at a high rate at that place. The government has also been trying to build in a steel protector that will protect people from drowning just in case a person jumps into the waters below the bridge.

5. Eiffel Tower, France


Eiffel Tower is an icon in French land, but it has also been named as one of the places that suicide cases have been taking place now and then. When the government realised about all this, it has made sure that it does not give the exact number of people that are killing themselves in that place so that it will not have the people drawing attention to the place as a suicide place.

6. The Peaceful Forest, Japan


The name of the forest is peaceful but what happens in this location will make you wonder. The forest is one of the largest places where suicide has been taking place in Japan, and the name of the woods is being changed to Suicide forest by the people of that country. The forest has been one of the highest places with a large number of people trying to kill themselves in this forest with some having been saved by the police officers of that wood.

7. The Subway tunnel, London


London has also encountered a large number of suicide cases that have been happening in this tunnel. This tunnel was created in the 19th century. A mad man did the first case of suicide to be reported in this place, and for many years now people have been killing themselves now and then.

8. The Angel Of The Gap, Australia


The Angel of the Gap is a place in Australia, and that has a very beautiful appearance when one looks at it. This cliff is located in the southern part of Sydney and has also been named in number 8 as a suicidal place as well. Many people have ended their sorrowful lives in this place just because they have experienced difficulties in life as well they are cowards of face the challenges that come with their lives. It is this place that people in Sydney have been killing themselves in large number, but things have changed in few years after security measures were introduced in that place.
Don Ritchie is the person that named that place Angel of the Gap in the year 2000 that was just before his death in the year 2012.

9. Tara Bridge, Oulu, Finland


Tara Bridge is a creepy suicide location that is located in the Oulu, in Finland. This is also named at number 9 in the top ten list of the weird places that people have been committing suicide. At least 1200 individuals have been committing suicide at this place.

10. Overtoun Bridge, Scotland


Some other place that you would never have thought that suicide cases would be happening is in Scotland. But on the contrary, this is the place with the tenth highest suicide cases at a place known as Overtoun Bridge.
For the last 5o years, more that 50 dogs have ended their life in this bridge by simply jumping deep into the waters below. With this having been said, it should also be noted that all the deaths have been happening at daytime and this makes everything complicated to be explained well.

So, these are the Top 10 Weird Suicide Locations In The World of all time till 2017. People have different life styles, and for that reason, there are those people that value their lives and others do not value the lives that they have. People that have committed suicides in their lives are all cowards and we should not do like them, but we should rather try to face the reality and solve the issues facing us.

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