Top 10 Weird Prehistoric Creatures in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Weird Prehistoric Creatures in The World in 2017. Earth is a very strange place and was even more so during its prehistoric years. Everything from tiny rodent like creatures to gigantic carnivorous sea monsters roamed the land and oceans. Some of these ancient looked cute and cuddly while others were absolutely horrifying. Some resembled modern day animals while others look completely foreign and otherworldly. Reading about some of these creatures will make you very grateful to be alive during the present day.

List of Top 10 Weird Prehistoric Creatures in The World

10. C. Megalodon


Until about one and a half million years ago gigantic sharks known as Megalodons roamed the Earth’s oceans. C. Megalodon is one of the largest vertebrate predators to ever live. Although it was not the only prehistoric shark to live it was the largest prehistoric shark to ever live. Even the smallest of these prehistoric sharks could grown to fifteen meters. C. Megalodons typically lived in the open ocean, but would sometimes come a bit closer to the shore to hunt and feed. C. Megalodon was so large that it hunted and ate whales.

9. Archaeotherium

Archaeotherium Top Popular Weird Prehistoric Creatures

Archaeotherium existed about six million years ago and was a six foot tall sabre toothed relative of the hippo. Archaeotherium was a carnivorous and possibly also omnivorous creature. Smell was the primary scent it relied on and it also had excellent eyesight. Its forward facing eyes granted it stereoscopic vision. This animal is similar to prehistoric pigs, which have some of the most sophisticated olfactory systems in the modern animal planet. Reconstructive studies of this animal’s brain have determined that it did not have a strong reasoning ability. It would have followed common behavioral patterns no matter what the situation.

8. Desmatosuchus


Desmatosuchus is proof that crocodilians have a much more diverse history than one would assume by looking at their living relatives. Desmatosuchus was a herbivorous species of crocodile that lived during the Triassic period. Desmatosuchus’ body armor consisted of large spikes which ran down its back. This made it rather difficult for a predator to attack the animal from behind; however, the head was fairly unprotected. The spikes along the back and flanks of this prehistoric animal grew larger as the animal grew older, much like male deer with their antlers.

7. Anzu


Anzu lived on the plains of North America about sixty-five to seventy million years ago. It was an omnivorous bird like dinosaur with feathers and a crest on its head. It is named after the feathered demon of the same name in Akkadian mythology. Oviraptor fossils are typically found in southeast Asia. That is part of what makes Anzu so special. It was the first ever Oviraptor to be discovered in North America. It is also the biggest of the Oviraptors. It would have weighed about five hundred pounds.

6. Dorudon

Dorudon Top Fastest Weird Prehistoric Creatures

Dorudon lived in warm seas throughout the world over forty million years ago. The Dorudon was an ocean dwelling mammal that fed mainly on small fish and mollusks and would usually grow to be about five meters long. When its fossils where first discovered, the Dorudon was mistaken for a juvenile Basilosaurus. It was not until juvenile fossils that more closely resembled the Basilosaurus were discovered that the mistake had been realized. Like the Basilosaurus, the Dorudon lacked the ability to echolocate. This is because it did not posses the “melon organ,” a large mass of soft tissues that serve as a sort of lens for sound.

5. Hoplophoneus


Hoplophoneus is a prehistoric nimravid which roamed the Earth about thirty-five million years ago. Nimravids were a group of mammals that closely resembled cats. Its primary killing tools were its enlarged, sharp canines. Because of these large canines, commonly referred to as sabre teeth, the Hoplophoneus is often mistaken for a sabre toothed tiger. Although it posessed incredibly strong and deadly teeth, the muscle attachment points on the skull show that Hoplophoneus actually had very weak jaw closing muscles. However, to make up for its weak jaw it’s shoulders and neck were designed to allow incredibly powerful downward thrusts that would drive the teeth through the prey.

4. Linhenykus Monodactylus

Linhenykus Monodactylus Top Famous Weird Prehistoric Creatures

Linhenykus Monodactylus stood only two feet tall and would have weighed only about as much as a large parrot. Its fossils were first discovered around Inner Mongolia, China. This creature lived about seventy-five to eighty-four million years ago. It’s most unusual feature was probably its single digit or finger that it had on each side of its body. Scientists believe that Linhenykus Monodactylus may have used these small digits to dig into the nests of insects. This ancient creature is closely related to both mammals and lizards.

3. Estemmenosuchus Mirabilis

Estemmenosuchus Mirabilis Top Most Weird Prehistoric Creatures

Estemmenosuchus Mirabilis, or crowned crocodile, was first discovered in Russia and usually grew to be about three meters long. This prehistoric animal had horns which grew from the front of the skull bones. These horns were more than likely more for display purposes than defense. This animal also possessed carnivore like teeth but is actually believed to have been an herbivore. Estemmenosuchus Mirabilis, like the majority of other herbivores, had a larger body to support a more complex digestive system. This is because plant matter is generally takes longer to digest than meat.

2. Titanoboa

Titanoboa Top Largest Weird Prehistoric Creatures

The Titanoboa first appeared on Earth about seventy million years ago. This gigantic prehistoric snake looked like a boa constrictor but hunted like a crocodile. Instead of slowly strangling its prey like a modern boa constrictor, it would slither close to its prey while partially submerged in water and snap its massive jaws down on the unsuspecting animal. Titanoboa was twice as long as the longest modern day snake and also had a diameter of three feet. Titanoboa was a monstrous behemoth of the ancient world.

1. Sarcosuchus


Sarcosuchus is commonly referred to as SuperCroc, although it is not actually a crocodile. Unlike modern crocodiles, Sarcosuchus continued to grow at a steady rate throughout its entire lifetime. Sarcosuchus usually grew to be about forty feet long and weighed about eight metric tons. The creature’s gigantic size allowed it to take on nearly any challenger it faced, including dinosaurs.

There were many scary, strange, and just plain bizarre animals that used to roam the Earth. Humans are lucky many of these prehistoric animals went extinct millions of years ago.