Top 10 Scariest Places in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Scariest Places in The World in 2017. The world is a scary place. That much is true pretty much no matter where you are. Under certain given circumstances even the most mundane and beneficial locations can suddenly become endowed with an aura of dread and a capacity for instilling fear. Some places exist, however, that do not need the circumstances to be just right. Some places around the globe have earned the right to proclaim their status as one of the top 10 scariest places in the world 2017. These are those places.

List of Top 10 Scariest Places in The World 2017

10. Helltown, Ohio


Boston Township, Ohio was just a nice normal All-American town from the time of it founding in 1806 until 1974. And then all Helltown broke loose. Pres. Gerald Ford had signed legislation to create a National Park in the county and so the National Park Service proceeded to start buying up homes under the eminent domain laws with the intention to demolish them and make way for the park. What was left looked like a ghost town with abandoned homes boarded up and neglected for years. Rumors spread that there never was a plan for a National Park and the real reason for the government buy was to cover up a massive chemical spill. Where ghosts town rise stories of ghosts and hauntings combine with the natural effects of unpleasant animals seeking refuge to create an ambiance of weirdness that can be downright scary. Especially at night.

9. Aokigahara Forest: Japan

Aokigahara Forest Japan Top 10 Scariest Places in The World 2017

Situated in the dark shadow cast by Mt. Fuji lies a forest that is second only to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge as the site on earth where the most people go to the commit suicide. Anyone who believes in ghosts is likely to have that belief confirmed here if they are going to have it confirmed anywhere. Because the forest covers such a massive expanse of geography, adding to macabre atmosphere of the otherwise incredibly beautiful woods are the signs put up by the local police who simply don’t have the manpower to cover the forest: “Your life is a precious gift from your parents” and “Please consult the police before you decide to die!” hang from trees as an incentive to keep from adding to the continually rising death toll.

8. Varosha, Cyprus


1974 must have been some year. Not only was that the year that Boston Township started its transformation into Helltown, 1974 was also the year that Cypriot city of Varosha fell victim to a Turkish invasion which resulted in the evacuation of all its residents and its transformation into a ghost town. Unlike Hellotwn, however, the buildings of what was once a bustling resort town favorited by movie stars never took over the look of a condemned city: from a distance the illusion that this utterly empty town looks like it is still a bustling metropolis is downright unsettling.

8. Monte Cristo Mansion, New South Wales, Australia

Monte Cristo Mansion, New South Wales, Australia

Billed as Australia’s most haunted home, the scary qualities of Monte Cristo Mansion are constructed upon the fact it owner, Mrs. Crawley, only left the confines of her home twice in the 23 years following the death of her husband. As a result, the ghostly presence of Mrs. Crawley is said to have never the home after the death of its bodily host and this presence routinely exhibits itself in the form of a spectral images, phantom appearance through the windows, ghostly apparitions, disembodied voices and lights coming on and going off as if someone is making

7. Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg Battlefield, Pennsylvania Top Most Scariest Places in The World 2017

Thousands of victims fell dead in the Battle of Gettysburg that led to the famous address by Pres. Lincoln. Scary sightings of individual soldiers wandering aimlessly around the field as well as apparitions of entire platoons of soldiers marching in the distance are among some of the most commonly reported sights by visitors.

6. Zvíkov Castle, Czech Republic


What could be scarier than a castle haunted by a very specific imp? The legend of imp stretches back through the centuries and has created a scary atmosphere in which animals may started acting bizarrely, technological gadgets suddenly go haywire, photos appears distorted and magnetic inconsistencies make people start feeling unwell.

5. Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong

Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong Top Famous Scariest Places in The World 2019

Possibly the scariest road on earth, this expressway in Hong Kong has been home to an extremely unlikely number of accidents that far exceed any statistical probability. What makes this really scary is the statistical improbability that so many of those who have been involved in accidents said they swerved either at the shock of suddenly seeing or to avoid hitting a ghostly presence in the road.

4. Island of Dolls, Mexico City

Island of Dolls, Mexico City Top Most Popular Scariest Places in The World 2018

Dolls are more than capable of scaring up frights all by themselves. Throw in a hermit living along on an island, the tragic death of a young girl and the decision by the hermit to honor the memory of the dead girl by hanging dolls from the limbs of trees and what you have is the making of a place so scary that many wouldn’t dare a visit during the day, much less at night.

3. Clark Air Base, the Philippines


The former military base of the US Air Force is considered the scariest place on the entire island nation. This reputation is courtesy of widely reported and even occasionally confirmed reports of loud screaming, apparitions, and footsteps with no apparent cause.

2. The Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans


A real life Overlook, some seriously scary shining can take place in this hotel. And why not, considering its varied history. The ghost known as the Confederate Soldier speaks to the hotel’s grandest days following the Civil War. The conversion into a convent and orphanage as a Yellow Fever epidemic struck the town explains the plethora of sightings of childish apparitions. The lonely ghost dancer in the grand ballroom speaks the loneliness of those not welcome into society.

1. Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania

Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania Popular Scariest Places in The World 2018

The top 10 scariest places in the world 2017 can only be topped by this uniquely terrifying forest. To begin with the natural vegetation that grows within this forest is just downright weird for not apparently reason. As if that weren’t enough, in addition to ghost sightings, the forest is also said to be a UFO hotspot. Something weird is going on with the electromagnetic field or the ultrasonic sound waves as well since a great many visitors have reported being overcome by anxiety and paranoia that disappears whenever they exist the forest. Inexplicable rashes and the recurring sound of a disembodied female voice contribute to the overall sense of the scary.

The world is a scary place. And for every one of the places on this list of scariest places in the world 2017 capable of creating feelings of dread or fear, there are another ten or twenty just like them somewhere else. So go out and face your fears. Safely and within reason, of course.