Top 10 Most Tough And Dangerous Jobs in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Tough And Dangerous Jobs in The World in 2016-2017. There are many different jobs and careers out there for a person to choose from. Some of them are very safe and require you to sit behind a desk all day. The biggest dangers in these jobs are getting a paper cut while loading the printer or getting a tension headache from staring at the computer screen. There are other jobs that are incredibly dangerous and life threatening.

List of Top 10 Most Tough And Dangerous Jobs in The World 2016-2017

#10 Painter


When people think of painters, they don’t realize how dangerous their jobs can be. Depending on the job, painters can find themselves very high up on a ladder and get themselves into awkward positions to reach certain areas. If you get a job painting something that takes you to great heights, such as a water tower, the danger level increases. Even if you are doing exterior painting, you can slip and fall off the ladder. The fall won’t kill you but it certainly will hurt.

#9 Construction Site Foreman


When a person is a foreman, they are in charge of everything that happens on the construction site. Regardless of how careful everyone tries to be on la construction site, dangerous and fatal accidents happen each day. Foremen work at heights. It takes just one misstep to fall and be seriously injured or killed. They can also get electrocuted and building materials can fall down on them. Many construction foreman can be exposed to asbestos, toxic industrial solvents, hazardous chemicals, dust and smoke when they are on the job.

#8 Over the Road Truck Drivers


Truckers who drive across the country to make their deliveries have a dangerous job. These people live on the road the whole time they are gone. This means either sleeping in motels, sleeping in the truck’s cab, or driving through the night. Each of these scenarios can be dangerous. Truck drivers also need to worry about driving in poor weather and avoiding reckless drivers. The life of a trucker on the road can get very dangerous.

#7 Logger

Logger Top Most Biggest Tough And Dangerous Jobs 2018

Logging can be a very dangerous job. Regardless of how skilled your team is, accidents can happen. Loggers have to go out in very cold weather to do their job. Also, logging is a very physically demanding job. There is heavy machinery involved when doing this job. If it is not used properly, it can result in a deadly accident. Regardless of how experienced the person is, the job can still be dangerous.

#6 Miner


Over the years, mining has been left up to industrial equipment more and more, however, there are still many people in the profession. Miners are exposed to a great deal of silica dust, which can be very dangerous and can cause serious and permanent damage to the lungs. Also, if the mine were to collapse, it can put the miner in a very deadly situation.

#5 Electrician

Electrician Top Most Tough And Dangerous Jobs 2017

The job of an electrician can be dangerous and life threatening. Electricians are often exposed to live wires which can be dangerous. They need to work on circuit assemblies, overhead electric wires, and cable harnesses. While doing this job, the electrician fear injury or death by electrocution, carbon monoxide, heights, fires, electric shocks, and explosions. Damaged or outdated equipment can make the situation even more dangerous. No matter how well trained the electrician is, there is always danger.

#4 Fisherman



When people hear the word fisherman, they picture a few men in a boat with their poles bobbing in the water. This may be how people fish for enjoyment, however, working as a fisherman is completely different. Fishing for crabs in Alaska is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. It has a very high death toll. Between the rough weather, the ice cold waters, and the rough seas, fishermen have a very dangerous job.

#3 Bodyguard

Bodyguard Top 10 Most Tough And Dangerous Jobs

For the most part, bodyguards just need to stand by their employer and look intimidating. There are times, however, that the bodyguard would need to spring into action. This could be fighting off an attacker or, in more serious cases, they may be forced to use a firearm. In certain situations, the job of a bodyguard can be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

#2 Firefighter

Firefighter Top Popular Tough And Dangerous Jobs

A firefighter’s first responsibility is to run into burning buildings and save the people that are trapped inside. While they are saving people, the building could collapse around them and they can be caught in the burning building themselves. After everyone is out safely, they would need to put the fire out, which can be extremely dangerous as well. The fire is not the only danger for firefighters. They are exposed to chemicals, debris, dust, and smoke, which can result in deadly diseases such as mesothelioma and pleural mesothelioma. It can take years for the symptoms to set in and the firefighter won’t know that they are having problems until it is too late.

#1 Police Officer

Police Officer Top Most Largest Tough And Dangerous Jobs 2019

Police officers have the most dangerous jobs in the world. It is up to them to protect the public at any cost. Even at the cost of their own lives. They patrol the streets looking around for crimes that are being committed. They can find themselves in a shootout with a suspect. Every time a police officer puts on their gun and their badge, their life is in danger. It can take just two split seconds for things to turn bad, which can leave the officer injured or dead. Of all the jobs available, this is the most dangerous. This is especially true today. With all of the racial tension in the world today and all of the problems in the news between police officers and the public, it is even more dangerous today to be a police officer than it ever was before.

Some people enjoy the cushy office jobs where they can sit all day in there is no danger. There are other people, however, who get bored with this type of work and need to do something more dangerous. If you are a thrill seeker, you should look into any of the above jobs.