Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in The World

Let us look at the below list of Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in The World in 2016-2017. Investors tend to take a look at wealthy, democracy nations where corruption is zero tolerated. Truth is like pregnancy and if you’re investor then for sure you can’t waste your money investing in a country where sex, drugs, suppression and intimation is the song of the day! One person can’t stop corruption and since corruption needs two people, one to give another one to receive, all of us can stop corruption but if your country is not corrupt then you need to thank your leaders. Have a look at these most corrupt countries in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in The World 2016-2017

10. Libya


This country is embroiled in turmoil and no formal government has ever taken root. What’s taking place in this country is fight between rebels and loyal to old administration. There’s high level of uncertainty and the country’s GDP has contracted to 9.4% during 2013. Corrupt military takes charge by pitting citizens against each other. The country is currently operating under transitional government and administrative and judicial system has been susceptible to wide variety of external interference.

9. Eritrea


If there’s no country like Eritrea which has isolated itself from other counties in the world. It is only some few years ago that it open its door to welcome foreign world and fortunately, this led the country to increase its commercial activity because its shore act as transit of products from other counties. But the sad news is that corrupt government officials saw it as chance to make personal profit and this has make the country known for corruption.

8. Sudan


This country has been plagued by civil war and has made citizens to flee away from their country. Despite the country’s massive oil reserves, the country is ranked to be the poorest country in the world. it is sad that rebels have been silenced through persecution and the country’s current president Omar Al Bashir who has come to power in 1989 is wanted by ICC on charges of humanity but nothing can come to final solution. There’s no proper governing structure in this country.

7. Afghanistan

Afghanistan Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in The World 2017

This country is located between nations that are not at peace and this has affected the stability and proper governing structure in the country. There has been rebel in affairs of governance and this influence who ascends into power. Weak governance, insecurity, criminality, lack of infrastructure are what is making this country to be rated as corrupt country. Their former president Hamid Karzai was known as notorious corrupt leader.

6. North Korea


This country is world’s biggest wildcard and there’s little doubt in mind that the country is corrupt. The collapse of soviet unit and natural disaster are the issues of this county. There’s little hope of change in the country and it will remain most corrupt and destitute country which is sad. The economy and government of the country are effectively shrouded in mystery. It has problem in producing enough food and fuel to care its citizens.

5. Somalia

Somalia Top Most Popular Corrupt Countries in The World 2018

Life is this country is notorious hard and when it comes to economy, citizens are living from keeping livestock, fishing and farming. There’s mess in power structure and planning for long term infrastructure and social programs are very difficult. You can’t believe that only 29 percent of the country’s population has attended school and the life expectancy is 55 years. The economy system in the country is scarce and corrupt officials don’t want outsiders to know true picture of the country!

4. Iraq

Iraq Top Corrupt Countries in The World 2017

The future of this country is uncertain and there’s possibility that the country can dissolve and turn into 3 distinct countries. The legitimacy of the government of the country is definitely for debate. Its vast natural resources and wealth have made it target for all industry and war profiteers. The current state of affairs is questionable and there are several different sects who are fighting for power. Fighting is concentrated between the Shiites, Kurds and Sunnis.

3. Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan Top Famous Corrupt Countries in The World 2019

The government of this country resembles an authoritarian dictatorship and the country is highly corrupt and also vulnerable to tomfoolery. The country’s economy is based on energy and agriculture. There’s vast reserve of crude oils plus natural gas which supplement economy and it is controlled by the government. There’s misuse of state’s revenue and this has driven investors away and make the country most corrupted.

2. Uzbekistan


Much of economy of this country relies on agriculture and the entire country is landlocked and has very dry climate. The country’s power resides in the executive branch which makes it ripe for corruption. With the country’s government, there are many multinational corporation which have experience run-ins. The administration is trying to attract more business through tax incentives and even bribery.

1. Nigeria

Nigeria Top Popular Corrupt Countries in The World 2018

This country is most corrupt nation in the world and even a local will ask for bribe if you find yourself asking for direction to certain place. The nation has much oil but what is interesting is that people are scrambling for elective position such that they can steal some of revenue for themselves. If you have a plan visiting this place, then ensure you have enough money when you find yourself asking for direction.

We all understand that a country which is corrupted can’t grow in terms of economy, and even you will notice that their government structure is not good. Corruption is like disease, leaders are corrupted, parents are corrupted and their kids will be corrupted too. Corruption can’t take place between one person; there must be one to give another to receive. Countries where sex, drugs, suppression and intimation are culture of the day need to understand the consequences. When all of us say no to corruption, then we’ll make our leaders resist corruption and even the next generation will know the effects of having corrupt leaders. if you believe that corruption is a disease, then don’t find yourself being involved in any case of corruption.

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