Top 10 Extremely Weird Museums in World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Extremely Weird Museums in World in 2016-2017. Museum typically have a reputation for being rather staid places overly devoted to dead history and education. Say the word museum while on the vacation and hear the peals of children begging to go to the nearest amusement park instead. Well, such a portrait of dubious vacation planning does not refer to these museum. Can you or the kids get bored by taking in one of top 10 extremely weird museums in the world? Sure; some people can get bored by anything.

Most people will be far too freaked out or creeped out or just plain weirded out by the contents of these repositories of the offbeat for the tedium of monotony to set in.

List of Top 10 Extremely Weird Museums in World 2016-2017

10. The Vent Haven Museum—Fort Mitchell, KY


Warning: do NOT attempt to visit this museum if you suffer from automatonophobia. How do you know whether or not you suffer from automatonophobia? If you experience phobic reactions of fear and at the very sight of a ventriloquist dummy, you are an acute sufferer. The Vent Haven Museum bills itself as the “Only museum in the world dedicated to the art of ventriloquism.” Whether that is true or just an advertising play is up to someone else to find out, but for a great percentage of the world’s population, any museum housing 800 ventriloquist dolls has to qualify as extremely weird if not downright disturbing.

9. The Hat Museum—Portland, OR

the hat museum portland or, Top 10 Extremely Weird Museums in World 2018

Maybe the weirdest thing about Portland’s Hat Museum is that attendance is by reservation only. In other words, you can’t just happen to be visiting Portland, come across the existence of the Hat Museum and impulsive decide you just have to see the fedora sitting atop the life size replica of Humphrey Bogart complete with trenchcoat worn in the final scene of Casablanca. Housed in a majestic Edwardian house that looks every bit as cluttered as a home from around the turn of the century should, the Hat Museum offers two distinct museum experience. You can go the cheaper rate of merely viewing the hats or you can take the plunge that promises to have you turned into a hat expert by the time you leave.

8. Underwater Museum of Art—Cancun, Mexico


Some museums take on names that do not make their collections immediately obvious. Others make no bones about what to expect. With the Underwater Museum of Art, you get what they promise. The art is completely underwater. And spectacular. And, perhaps best of all: visitors do not even have to damp in order to take in all the amazing sculptures situated down below.

7. International Cryptozoology Museum—Portland, ME

international cryptozoology museum portland me, Top 10 Extremely Weird Museums in World 2017

Cryptozoology is the study of creatures that may possibly exist, but haven’t yet proven to do so yet. Like, say, the tatzelwurm or the Jersey Devil or the Loch Ness Monster or the Montauk Monster. A visit to this place is guaranteed weirdness because the subject is the utterly and irrefutable weirder. The weirder the creatures are the better it gets, actually. For devotees of the circus sideshow elements of freaky things, the museum also features a sculpture of what P.T. Barnum’s infamous FeeJee Mermaid may have looked like.

6. The Paris Sewers Museum—Paris, France


The sewers beneath Paris are not just your typical channels carrying feces from one place to, hopefully, another. The sewers of Paris have been the setting for memorable works of literature for more than a centuries and in that time they also managed to accumulate a lot of historical significance. Keep in mind that the primary thrust of the Paris Sewers Museum is history, but any museum that is contained within a dark, dank and almost otherworldly atmosphere engenders a feeling of weirdness that may be an even bigger attraction than the educational component.

5. The Barker Character, Comic & Cartoon Museum—Cheshire, CT


Home to 80,000 unique antique toys and collectibles, the Barker Museum is an eye-popping feast for the eyes of every kid and every adult who ever grew up with toys. The exterior is adorned with a life-sized Kung Fu Panda figure and there is an entire collection inside dedicated to the California Raisins. So, yeah, this kind of weird museum, but in an absolutely wonderful way.

4. Sulabh International Museum of Toilets—New Delhi, India


It sounds like it’s more than weird; it sounds almost like a joke. In fact, one of the reasons that this choice belongs on a list of the top 10 extremely weird museums in the world is that it is such a serious endeavor. This museum is not just about the exhibition of a truly dazzling variety of toilets—though it is most definite on the trolley on the score—it is about helping people to make the connection between waste disposal and the rise up the ladder of civilization.

3. The Mutter Museum of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia—Philadelphia, PA


The Mutter Museum gets a lot of attention; it’s always showing up on travel-related TV shows and news stories about the macabre. Any museum that puts mummies and tumors and medical instruments that look—and were-more like medieval implements of torture is bound to get a reputation for weirdness. And it is and it’s a Philly must-see. Just be aware that there seems to be more stuff that you aren’t allowed to see than there is stuff actually on display. The reputation of Mutter outstrips the experience.

2. National Mustard Museum—Middleton, WI


The Mutter Museum is supposed to be weird. It is designed to unnerve you. The National Mustard Museum is unnerving precisely because it is robust in its excitement about everything having to do with mustard. By the time you get through the National Mustard Museum’s genuinely breathtaking collection of different types of mustard you will find yourself wondering above all else: why mustard? That is a question that probably can’t be answered.

1. Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum—Los Angeles, CA


The weirdness associated with this museum is almost impossible to explain. First off, be aware—be VERY aware—that the museum was constructed entirely for the purpose of propaganda supporting the Church of Scientology by casting its nemesis—psychiatric counseling of those with problems—in the worst possible light. From there the weirdness just expands outward to touch upon every aspect of the typical museum-going experience. Not many museums are as capable of projecting an underlying sense of paranoia as this brutally one-sided assault against absolutely everything and anything that has ever been presented in a positive light about psychiatric care.

Weirdness is in the eye of beholder. Sometimes weird is bad; very often it is beautiful. If these museums are not quite weird enough for you, don’t despair: museums devoted to the offbeat can be found everywhere.

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