Top 10 Most Cruel Torture Devices of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Cruel Torture Devices of All Time. Everyone’s heard of torture. It can be simple torture or torture so bad that it can cause death. When it comes to people being cruel they have their own ways of doing it. People in the old days used torture devices to punish others of wrong doing. If you messed up one small time you might as well be ready to have something very harmful and painful done to you. Some of these devices are meant to cause you to surfer for a while and some are to kill you fast. No matter which cruel torture device gets used I myself would rather follow the rule then to be tortured with any of them.

List of Top 10 Most Cruel Torture Devices of All Time



This device is used for your thumbs enhance then name thumbscrews. you would place your thumbs in the device and the torturer would close the hammer on your thumbs. You would either be put in a lot of pain or your thumbs would be cut off or left to bleed out. It sounds painful but more and likely would not cause death, just lots and lots of pain.

9.)Chastity Belt-

Chastity Belt Top Popular Cruel Torture Devices 2017

The Chasity belt was used for women that still had there virginity and was not yet married. The fathers would but this on the young girl to keep men from having sex with them. If a man tried to having sex with the woman it would cut and tear his penis so that he wouldn’t want to do it again. It was also used for women who was married but their husband had to go away to war. Putting this on your wife would keep any man from wanting to touch her and therefor keep the woman from cheating while being left alone at home.

8.)Forced Ingestion-

Forced Ingestion Top Most Popular Cruel Torture Devices 2019

If you was a convict the people would force you to drink water. Forcing someone to put water in there mouth would in turn make them have to swallow it.You would be tied up and forced ever so often or even continuous to drink water. Doing this would cause the brain to swell and the body to cramp, causing large amounts of pain and eventually death.

7.)Chinese Torture-

Chinese Torture Top Famous Cruel Torture Devices 2018

This torture would be simple. You tie a person up and drip water on their heads making it hard for them to do anything but think of that water. Chinese people would do this to deprive people of sleep. Having water dripped on your head and not getting any rest would weaken the body and cause a slow death and the fact that it would take days to weeks is torture enough.

6.)The Pear-

The Pear Top Most Famous Cruel Torture Devices

This device was used on men who was caught doing wrong and women who prostituted because it was wrong of them to do things like this. The men would would either get it inserted in the jaws of men doing wrong and it would cause internal damage to the mouth. Women who prostituted would have it inserted into the vagina and if it was found that you was homosexual you would have it inserted in to your anus. The screw in the device would screw you all over and some would die from the internal damage of the device.



This device was used to kill the most people back in the day. If you was caught doing something the King did not agree with he would have your head placed in the vice and it would either be cut off or crushed. Having this done in front of lots of other people would only make it seem worse because you are showing that you did not listen to your master.

4.)Chair Of Torture-

Chair Of Torture Top 10 Most Cruel Torture Devices 2017

This chair was used in a room alone by itself. The victim would be sat in the chair and tied to it. sounds simple right? Well the chair had prongs that would cause discomfort. the littlest move would make you more uncomfortable and you would have to stay that way till your time was up. You would not die you would just be very uncomfortable till the punishment was over and they would let you out. This is one of the most dangerous cruel torture devices of all time.

3.)The Rat Digger-


The victim would lay on a bed and be tied to it. They then would have a box places on their stomachs. The box was filled with rats who would have to dig there ways out of the box which meant digging into the victims stomach and through the intestines in order to live. But that also meant that the victim would die a very painful death.

2.)The Tub-


The person who committed the crime would be placed in a huge wooden tub that had a lid on it. The only body part that would be out of the tub was the head. Someone would place honey on the victims head and wait for the bees and insects. The bees would attack the head and then all of the bee stings would swell the head and kill the victim slow.


amputation, Top 10 Most Cruel Torture Devices of All Time till 2017

The person who committed the crime would be placed in a room alone and then each day a part of the body would be cut off. It started out simple a pluck of the hair then it would go to the finger nails and fingers. Then the toes and legs and arms would be cut off. Each day someone would cut off a body part till you was finally no longer alive.

So, these are the world’s dangerous and most cruel torture devices of all time. Some of the devices make you want to run. Some make you wonder how someone could think of something so cruel. Having to hear the screams of others as they die in pain is one thing. Having to hear about it and imagine it is way different. I wish to never have to deal with anything like this myself.

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