Top 10 Coldest Places in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Coldest Places in The World in 2017. In the world, you are entitled to find all types of extreme climates and that is why in those climates, you will find it a difficult area for humans to live. What is funny is that all these places are not equal because there are other places that are more extreme than others out there. You are likely to find hotter places than others, others even colder than others. What we are interested on now is to reveal to you some of the coldest places that exists on this earth. Don’t be surprised if your place does not feature here because they might be only getting closer to being cold.

List of Top 10 Coldest Places in The World 2017

10. Rogers Pass – Montana, USA


This is a place that is recorded to be 5610 feet above sea level. It is situated in a strategic position that is in the continental divide that is in the US state called Montana. This is a place that for all those that to visit have to take a risk of getting colder that any time before. A severe cold wave during the month of January in the year 1954 and it was recoded that temperatures fall down up to -70 °F. all those people that visited place at least recoded that they caught a cold flue during their visit at the place.

9. Stanley, Idaho, USA


This is a city that is located in the USA and has a staggering population of 63. You don’t have to wonder why this is so because it is so simple. The living conditions at the place are unforgiving. Don’t be mesmerized about how colder the place is because it will surprise you at all. It has a winter record low of -54F in the month of December and averagely, every January has even managed to record up to -1F. It can only manage to rise to 18F when you are having a warm day. The summers also has a high of up to 78.8F in the month of July.

8. Prospect Creek, Alaska, USA


This is a place that is left vacant but it has to be known that one time, it was a home to many construction workers who were taking part in building the Tran-Alaskan Pipeline system (1974-1977). After the construction was over, the houses were demolished and that is why there are no people to enjoy the daily mean temperature that only reaches -14.9F. This is also a place that has managed to record the lowest temperatures of up to -80F in January 1971. It is also a place that has constant snow now and again and even making plants have a hard time to survive there.

7. Snag, Yukon, Canada


When you go to continental North America, you won’t love it much when you visit Canada a place that is known as Snag. It has been recorded with lower temperatures of -81F on February 1947. At the time of doing these recordings, there were about 10 people that were inhabiting the area. The air strip that was constructed in the area did not survive for long as it had to be closed down in 1968. There is a unique feature that was found in the area. You can hear sound quite well over a distance over several miles. Many people have tried to research on it but no quite good explanation has ever been found.

6. Oymyakon, Russia


When you want to talk about cold temperatures, then Russia is no place to joke with because it thrives in its own league. This place has managed to record temperatures that can be as low as -90F, which is a temperature that is all time the lowest that has been recorded to places that people live! It is not always that temperatures go that low but when we average the months of December, January and February, you will realize that it all has a record of -50F. It has an average record of around 472 people. You can go ahead and book a room and have a better holiday there.

5. Eismitte – German

Eismitte German Top of The Worlds Coldest Places

Eismitte is a German word that means an ice center. What that insinuates is that this is a place that is in the interior Arctic side found in Greenland. It has ice everywhere and therefore the name that it has is right for it. It has a colder temperatures that have been recorded at an expedition of -64.9F. The place has cold ice and is also covered with perfect ice all over. Being an inhabitant of the place is one of worst nightmares that you can ever think of.

4. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


We have been saying that cold places are inhabitable but wait till you arrive at Mongolia. It is a city that has been inhabited by many people and becomes one of the coldest and most populated capital that exists in the world. It has been rated to be a place that is 1310m above sea level and home to around 1,278,000 people. Unfortunately, it is a great place that you can visit and enjoy the museum and also some fine arts that exists there. Remember that you have to be indoors otherwise the outside temperatures are going to be a source of discomfort for you.

3. Eureka, Canada


This is a research base that has no permanent people that stay there but you will always find a rotation of around 8 people that are known to work there at any one time. It has been in use as a weather station since its inception as a weather station way back in 1947. It is an amazing place that you can work in without sunlight from the months of October to February. Annual average temperatures have a record of reaching up to -18F.

2. North Ice, Greenland

North Ice, Greenland Top Popular of The Worlds Coldest Places

This is a place that was always a subject of the British expedition in the 1950s and they managed to be able to record temperatures which were much lower than that of the snags. It recorded -87F on January 9th 1954. For those that want to visit places that are unique and wonderful, then plan out yourself well and get to this place and be among the best researchers that came here to carry out their studies.

1. Vostok, Antarctica

Vostok, Antarctica Top Best Popular of The Worlds Coldest Places

This is a place that need no ratings at all because there is none that beast it. If you want to have a taste of its feeling, then be ready be colder than ice in a fridge. This is a Russian monitoring water station that has recorded colder temperatures that have been as low as -132F in 1997. The warmest month in this place is January with up to -25.8F. When you go to the winters, then you will realize that the mean average of the total winter months is just below the 80s.

It is known that we all need a mix of a warm and a bit cold temperatures so that we are able to have a better life. But there is no one that is ready to live on all the extreme end of this temperatures because they can be devastating and dangerous for us all. These places that we have showcased you are considered as ones that top the list as the coldest regions that exists in the world.