Top 10 Wonderful Pink Beaches In The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Wonderful Pink Beaches In The World in 2017. This is wonders when one imagines of the presence of pink beaches. In the world, beaches are of different colors, but the pink one is the most beautiful. They look like a Barbie movie.The pink beach contains tiny foraminifera which are red in color. When their pieces of shell fall in the beach water, they mix with the sand beach to make the color pink. The calcium carbonate in the coral mix with the sand .This causes the pink effect in the beach. In some beaches, the pink color is strong while the others are just a shade of pinkness. The pink beaches’ shoreline is straight of a film. The following is a list of the top 10 wonderful pink beaches in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Wonderful Pink Beaches In The World 2017

10. Elafonisi beach, Crete in Greece

elafonisi beach, Top 10 Wonderful Pink Beaches In The World 2017

This is a pink beach which is located on the Crete Island in the Mediteranean.This is a great beach which is a treasure to the tourists. It is a glory which is endemic with a significance which is exotic. Some parts of the beach are rocks and they have an appearance which is wild. The uniqueness of the Elofonisi beach is that it is possible to walk on its shallow water covered with the pink sand. The beach is significant to not only the children but to all people. Children use it as a playground.

09. Spiaggia Rosa of Buddeli in Italy


This is a wonderful pink beach located in Archipelago national Marine Park. It is a beautiful beach with a pink shade. Microorganisms and foraminifera lie on the floors’ waves which are spread over the beach. The beach is unique with pink fine sand that surrounds the granite rocks. The beach is an environment which is protected and all the features can be seen when someone is on the boat. Its surrounding is filled with treasures which are wonderful.

08. Komodo pink beach in Indonesia


This is one of the islands which are among the 17,505 islands in Indonesia. The beach is part of the national park of Komodo. The land is covered by rock cliffs and vegetation. The color of the sand is really magical. The sand is covered with a pink tint. Komodo pink beach is unique due to its clear and calm waters. The foraminera in the water creates a red pigment to the coral reefs to make it a pink beach when it combines with the white sand.

07. Horseshoe bay beach in Bermuda


This is a beach which is popular in Bermuda her beach is full of fine white cored sand. It is situated in the Parish Southampton. It is a huge beach that can accommodate many people. It was given the name because of its horse shoe shape. It is a beach which is free from stones. It is beautified with shells that are washed away. The beach is a gorgeous place where one can walk.

06. Great Santa Cruz island-pink beach in Philippines


This is a pink beach which is located in the city of Zamboanga.The island of Santa Cruz is famous because of the pink beach. The beach is full of coranile sand. It attains its pink color from the crushed red coral mixed with the sand. The whole place is magically beautiful due to its tranquity.If you wish to visit the beach; you are required to book inside the Paseo del mar.

05. Barbuda pink beaches in the Caribbean Sea


This is a twin island. It includes the Antigua and Barbuda that lies in between the Caribbean sea and the Ocean of Atlantic. The beach has beautiful sand which is pink in color. The color is achieved when the corals mix with the sand. Barbuda pink beaches are wide than any other beach. The shore which is in the side west of Barbuda is a stretch which is continuous with the belt of the pink sand.

04. Balos lagoon beach in Greek


This is an island in Greek is inhabited. Some parts of the beach are pink colored. The beach is full of cliffs and rocks that are bound to the lagoon..The water of this beach is warm but shallow. Its sand is of a course texture but pink in color. It is an attractive pink beach with logoons which have blue waters.

03. Tangsi pink beach in Indonesia


The beach is part of the islands of Lesser Sunda that lies on the west of Nura Teggara.The sand has a remarkable sand that have a pink tint. The beach is on a remote area with few people in the beach. Its pink color is achieved when the white sand mix with the red coral. This beach is unique since it changes its color depending on the color of the coral fractions. It is a pink beach with an awesome display.

02. Pink beach of Bonaire in the Dutch Caribbean Island


Bonaire is an island of ABC in South America. This is a beach which is a tourist attraction in Bonaire. Its waters are calm and quiet. It is a wonderful place for the water sports.The pink tint of the beach comes from the shells which are demolished from the foraminifera.

01. Harbor island pink beach in Bahamas.


The beach is located near the Atlant8ic Ocean. It is covered with pink colored sand. This is the best noteworthy pink beach in the world as compared to the rest. Its pink sand is abundant and perfect.Harbour island pink beach is the best in the world. You need to visit here to create a lasting experience in your life.

They are the most wonderful pink beaches in the world 2017. The world is full of wonders which are unbelivabe in the eyes. They are extraordinary beautiful sites which you need to visit during your holiday vacation.

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