Top 10 Most Violence Cities in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Violence Cities in The World 2017. We all love to travel. After all, travel is said to be food for the soul. Depending on your travel preference, you will choose a destination. If you love beaches, Miami is the place to go. If you are a party animal, Mykonos would be a good option. If casinos are your thing, then Vegas is the ultimate destination to book your flight to. But what if you are unsure of the place you are visiting. You need to do proper research on the places you wish to travel to.

Every day the news channel broadcasts their ‘Live’ segment, where in we will always hear about some bombing, murder, robbery, rape or other heinous crimes that have just taken place in some part of the world. In general you would know which places to stay away from or the area under unrest and such. But have you ever wondered which are the worst cities around the world to step foot in? The cities in which you take a risk by just going on a grocery errand or to meet a friend. The cities that have minimal to zero consciousness and maximum negativity. Given below the ten most violent cities in the world 2017:

List of Top 10 Most Violence Cities in The World 2017

10. Baghdad

Baghdad Top Most Violence Cities in The World 2017

Iraq With Saddam out of the picture, you would think that this place is getting better. On the contrary, this is one of the most unsafe places to live in. Shootings, bombings and other violence is what the residents of Baghdad go through every day. This place of war and violence is one to be avoided for sure.

9. Cali

Cali Top Most Popular Violence Cities in The World 2018

Columbia is known for the ever increasing drug cartels. Cali is one of the most unsafe places owing to the drug cartels deal in this area. With homicides and drugs all over the place, Cali is far from a tourist destination and it would be best if you never lay foot in this drug infested city.

8. Nairobi


Kenya Nairobi is where the Al Shabaab militants practically rule the area. Women dare not leave their homes after dark in fear that they may never make it back home. As beautiful as this place is, terror lurks in every corner and therefore Nairobi does not see much tourism.

7. Barquisimeto

Barquisimeto Top Most Famous Violence Cities in The World 2018

Venezuela This beautiful city with numerous natural attractions is what will make you want to visit this place. It was previously a well- known tourist destination, but today is known for its unsafe environment. Even though education wise, this city is well developed, it still is one of the most dangerous cities in the world and tourists should definitely cancel this city from their travel list.

6. Detroit

Detroit Top 10 Most Violence Cities in The World

America The worst place in America and even around the world, is Detroit. This place is characterized by low income and high poverty, which by itself is a recipe for disaster. With the increasing crime rate, Detroit is the American state to stay away from at all costs.

5. Acapulco

Acapulco Top 10 Most Violence Cities in The World 2017

Mexico This beautiful seaport is located in Mexico on the Pacific coast. Its gorgeous beaches are so scenic that it was earlier a popular tourist destination. But in the past decade, the drug cartels pose a serious problem in this city, thereby making it unsafe for not only its residents, but for innocent vacationers as well. This is one of the Top 10 Most Violence Cities in The World 2017.

4. Mogadishu


Somalia Mogadishu is another place that is home to the Al Shabaab militants. It is practically a lawless place. It is so dangerous that tourists have stayed away from this place for years. The residents itself fear for their lives and therefore live a very unfortunate and restless life here, knowing very well that it may be their last day.

3. Caracas

Caracas Top Famous Violence Cities in The World 2019

Venezuela This dangerous city that is hardly ever patrolled by the police is one of the deadliest places in this world. With murders and violent politics along with riots, make this place a nightmare come true, especially for its helpless residents.

2. Ciudad

Ciudad Top Popular Violence Cities in The World 2019

Venezuela Ciudad is a place where even the police and military have zero control. It is none other than the drug cartels that assert their power over this area. The residents live in fear and the rate of homicides is ever increasing. To never visit this place ever, is a no brainer and literally a lifesaving decision.

1. Peshwar


Pakistan Pakistan has some of the most picturesque locations and beautiful landmarks. However, the city of Peshwar is also the land of the most corrupted and dangerous. A constant battle exists between the tribes and the warlords over the power of authority. Suicide bombings and planned attacks are just some of the dangers to expect in this city of Pakistan. As a tourist, this place should be a total no. These ten cities are the ones you need to stay away from and if you ever find yourself in of these them, just remember that you are literally risking your life. In fact, you would have a better chance of survival in a lions cage rather than in the above mentioned world’s Violence Cities 2017.