Top 10 Unforgettable Skywalks From Across The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Unforgettable Skywalks From Across The World 2017. One of the most common fears across the world is acrophobia, the fear of heights. Indeed, rank it as the 5th most common out of all phobias. Whether you are trying to beat a phobia or whether you simply love the thrill of doing crazy stuff and putting yourself out of your comfort zone, skywalks have become increasingly popular across the world in recent years. There is something about being on the edge of something that we get a thrill out of. It’s a bit bizarre but it is certainly true. Some architects will plan these ‘skywalks’ directly into buildings as a weay of boosting income for the owner.

After all, previous experience of other buildings has shown thta it can do a huge amount for an area’s tourism. For example, the CN Tower edgewalk in Toronto is now one of the cities most popular attractions. Many people perhaps wouldn’t go in to the building if it wasn’t for this thrill seeking adventure opportunity. So, if on your travels you come across one of these ‘edgewalks’ or ‘skywalks’ you should really consider giving it a go. After all, if so many other people get a thrill out of it then why shouldn’t you?! Here is a list of ten unforgettable skywalks from across the world 2017, counting down from ten to one:

List of Top 10 Unforgettable Skywalks From Across The World 2017

10. Skydeck on the Willis Tower, Chicago

Skydeck on the Willis Tower, Chicago Top Famous Unforgettable Skywalks From Across The World 2019

This building used to be known as the Sears Tower, which is what it is perhaps still known as by many people. The part of the building we are talking about though, which is known as ‘The Ledge’, was opened to the public in 1974 and protrudes 4.3 feet out into the air. Tourists can therefore stand 103 floors up from the ground. You certainly get an amazing view of the city of Chicago from here and so it is no wonder that it attracts upwards of a million visitors every year. This said, you have to be brave to look down through the glass at the ground beneath you. You know that you are safe but this doesn’t stop your mind from playing tricks on you!

9. The Skywalk on Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province, China


800 miles from Shanghai and 4700 feet up high in the mountains lies the remote tourist destination of the Tianmen skywalk. The place is so remote that they haven’t even been able to find anybody to clean the glass on the walk and so visitors are asked to wear sock boots whilst they are up on the mountain. It must be said though that the views from this ledge are absolutely stunning and it is well worth the trip. Do some research on the Mountain range before you go because there are also some incredible walking opportunities as well as the views. It is quite a trek to get everywhere though!

8. The Stubai Glacier skywalk, Tyrol, Austria


This ledge (which thankfully for the visitors has a steel floor) means that you can look a massive 10,500 metres below through the Stubai glacier. The platform itself juts out 30 feet from the rocks of the glacier but you still have to be pretty brave to go on this if you have a fear of heights. Due to the location and the weather conditions the ledge is very rarely open during the winter months but during the summer visitors flock to the site and there are even oportunities to do yoga and pilates on the ledge. The idea behind this is that you will be truly relaxed, even though there is only a piece of steel between you and falling 10,500 feet!

7. The Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona, USA

The Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona, USA Top Most Famous Unforgettable Skywalks From Across The World

One of the world’s most famous tourist locations, it was actually quite late on the scene when it came to making the most of a skywalk opportunity. The Grand Canyon skywalk opened in 2007 and is built in a horseshoe shape. It gives you a unique view of the canyon from the ground, which would only otherwise be possible if you were flying.

6. Q1 Building, Surfers Paradise, Australia

Q1 Building, Surfers Paradise, Australia Top Biggest Unforgettable Skywalks From Across The World 2018

Firstly, yes there is a place called Surfer’s Paradise! It’s on the Gold Coast in Australia and this is a perhaps overlooked skywalk in the list. The skypoint climb is all done outdoors and from the top you get an incredible view of the coast, the beaches and the whole area.

5. Sky Tower, Auckland, New Zealand

Sky Tower, Auckland, New Zealand Top Popular Unforgettable Skywalks From Across The World 2018

This is a famous skywalk and had to feature on the list. The walk itself is 630 feet off the ground, so no mean feat again if you are scared of heights (or even if you are not!). For those brave enough to do it you can also try the skyjump from the same place.

4. Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai, China

Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai, China Top Largest Unforgettable Skywalks From Across The World 2017

This tower opened in 1994 and is the 5th highest in the world. It stands at 1535 feet and the ‘observation’ platform which ahs a glass floor, was opened in 2009. There are even slats between the glass panels so you can feel the wind coming through, for that proper outdoors experience!

3.Glacier Skywalk, Canadian Rockies

Glacier Skywalk, Canadian Rockies Top Unforgettable Skywalks From Across The World 2017

Rather like the Grand Canyon walk but set at 918 feet above the ground this semicircular walk will be one you will never forget. You are greeted with the most incredible views across this stretch of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and on a good day can see for miles. You can even have a tour which is available from the owners. This is one of the world’s top 10 unforgettable skywalks 2017.

2.Skywalk X, Macau, China

Skywalk X, Macau, China Top Most Popular Unforgettable Skywalks From Across The World

Imagine yourself walking around a narrow walkway made of glass, 765 feet up. There are also no handrails and you are supported only by a harness. On the up side you get one of the best possible views of the city of Macau which stretches out beneath you. You are even given the option to lean over the edge if you want to – to add to the experience!

1. Edge Walk CN Tower, Toronto, Canada


This had to go down as number one on the list as it is the first glass floor of its kind and is a very well known skywalk. The walk stands at 1465 feet, which is simply terrifying, yet thrilling. It is the world’s highest free hands walk and tourists who visit can even go away with their own video of their experience, to be watched happily in the future in the comfort of a living room and on the ground.

So, there we have it. Ten unforgettable skywalks across the world 2017 that are sure to either cure your vertigo or bring it on worse! They vary from natural walks to man made walks but the idea behind them is the same for each – put yourself out of your comfort zone and you will get a thrill like no other anywhere. If you are an adrenalin junkie then this is an interesting thing to add to your list of holiday activities, on top of the standard bungie jumping or paragliding. It is quite a new thing for tourists and so there will surely be many more skywalks popping up all over the place in the coming years. For now though, maybe stick to this list or, if you prefer to stick to the ground, stay well clear of them!

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