Top 10 Most Famous Touring Sites In Turkey

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Touring Sites In Turkey 2017. Turkey is a country that is located in both Asia and Europe. As a result it has received some cultural heritage from the two continents. This country is vast in the different things that one might go and see that would be breath taking. From the beaches to the arid steppe, turkey is a country that has spectacular sceneries. It has a history from also most of its neighbouring countries that include Greece, Iraq, Iran, Bulgaria and Georgia. This is as a result of the foreigners coming into the country either for social or other reasons. Below is a list of the top 10 sites that you wouldn’t want not you visit if you went to Turkey.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Touring Sites In Turkey 2017

10 Aya Sofya

aya-sofya, Top 10 Most Famous Touring Sites In Turkey 2017

Also known as the Hagia Sophia. This is one of the most renowned buildings in the whole of Turkey. It is located in the capital of Turkey that is Istanbul. It is one of the oldest buildings in Turkey. It was created in the year 537AD during this time it was created to serve as a church. At the time of erection, it was used as an orthodox cathedral. It was then later converted to be a Roman Catholic cathedral. In the year 1453 the church was converted by the Sultan Mehmed II to be a mosque. It retained this quality till the year 1931 when it was closed so that it could be opened as a museum in the year 1935. It has remained to be a mosque since that time to now. It has one of the best architectures that is just amazing to behold.

9: Ephesus

ephesus, Top 10 Most Famous Touring Sites In Turkey 2018

This is an ancient city that is in the present day Turkey. It was erected around the 10th century before Christ. It is a city that has most of the Greek history and as a result it is sometimes referred to as a Greek city. This city ruins are well preserved and are all considered as an archaeological site in the current Turkey. There are various places that are favourite to the tourists visiting Turkey. These are mostly the Temple of Hadrian, the Library of Celsus and the massive theatre that are all visible as ruins in the ancient city.

8: Cappadocia

cappadocia, Top 10 Most Famous Touring Sites In Turkey 2019

This is a city that is situated in the Anatolia area in Turkey. It is a combination of underground cities that has very many housings and other important buildings. This city has very unique landscapes that look like cones or chimneys. It has trails where one can hike up the mountain. Historically, man lived in the caves where they built houses, churches among many other buildings by digging and carving the soft rocks to make his livelihood comfortable. Due to the fact that this city is close to a mountain the eruptions and erosions, the city has faded off. On top of just the hiking, there are hot air balloons that are present in the area. This is the best Touring Sites In Turkey 2017.

7: Topkapi Palace

topkapi-palace, Top 10 Most Famous Touring Sites In Turkey 2020

It is situated in Istanbul in Turkey. It was used as a housing for the Ottoman sultans. It was also used as a place to hold most of the royal ceremonies as well as the state occasions by the Sultans. It has a beautiful architecture that was inspired by the Ottomans. It has a beautiful interior decor and also very good arts on its walls. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site. It has been ranked as one of the places in turkey with heavy traffic of tourists all through the year.

6: Pamukkale


This term refers to a cotton castle in the Turkish land. This is a natural occurrence in the province of Denzil in Turkey. This place has hot springs and many limestone deposits that are majorly white in colour. The underground hot water springs have made carbon dioxide to fill up a cave in the region. This cave was given the name the Plutonium. This was a cave that was viewed as a religious site by priests of since it was assumed that it was home for the god Pluto. This is one of Top 10 Most Famous Touring Sites In Turkey 2017.

5: Sumela Monastery


It is located in the Trabzon province in Turkey. The monastery was a Greek Orthodox one that was a dedication to the Virgin Mary. It was at the foot of Mount Mela. This monastery is both a cultural and a historical site to the Turks. On top of this, this place acts as a tourist attraction site within the Altindere National Park. In 2015 it was certified as a UNESCO world Heritage site.

4: Mount Nemrut


This is a mountain that is found in the southern side of Turkey. It is a cultural site where there are a huge number of statues are built. These statues are used to signify that the mountain is a royal tomb that has existed form the 1st century BC. It is also believed that this is the burial place for the great king Antiochus Theos of Kommagene. But efforts to uncover his tomb have been futile. This mountain can be used to view the sunrise but in order for you to do this, you have to rise early and also wear warm clothing since the mountain sometimes becomes unbearably cold.

3: Aspendos


This is a city remains in the province of Antalya. This city has a few ancient erected remains that act as tourist attraction sites. These include the Basilica, the Agora and a Roman theatre that is mostly the source of delight to many tourists. The theatre has a sitting capacity of about 12000 people and a diameter of 96 metres. There are a number of annual summer festivals that are held in the theatre to date. This keeps the heritage of the theatre alive.

2: Yatch cruising in the Mediterranean


The Turkish coast is one breath-taking place and could have a couple of uses. Thus some people prefer to take the heat from the sun and just relax as they watch the slopes of the mountains as they cruise I their yatches. The clear waters the sandy beaches also create beautiful sceneries to the tourists.

1: Pergamum


This is the remains of a temple that was at a hilltop in the city of Aeolis that is today known as Bergama. It is also a Greco –Roman remains.

These are the Top 10 Most Famous Touring Sites In Turkey 2017. The above are just but a few sites that you can visit but know that Turkey has many Roman remains and can be very good for those who love Historical sites.