Top 10 Black Beaches From Around The World

Take a look at the below list of the Top 10 Black Beaches From Around The World 2017. Black beaches are usually the result of a volcanic eruption and lava fragments. When these materials are emitted from a volcano they usually cover a massive area near a coastal location. This is the reason why black beaches are located all over the world along coastal regions.

Many people like the way black beaches look. They offer a different type of environment than the typical white or brown sand beaches that most people are used to seeing. The following list will preview the top 10 black beaches from around the world 2017 and their appeal to tourists.

List of Top 10 Black Beaches From Around The World 2017

10. Cahuita Beach, Costa Rica

Cahuita Beach, Costa Rica Top Most Black Beaches From Around The World 2017

Playa Negra is the nickname of Cahuita Beach. The name Playa Negar is Spanish for “black beach”. It is located on the coastline of Costa Rica and its black beach is the result of a volcanic formations that are common within that part of the world.

Many people from all over the world travel to Costa Rica because of its relaxing and scenic environment. Cahuita Beach is a favorite destination because people can enjoy the sun and fun while walking or lying on the black sand.

Resorts along Cahuita Beach offer plenty of activities for tourists along the beach area. People can sit out and enjoy the sun or take a leisurely stroll across Cahuita. The beach is a little over 2 miles long and can be easily traveled within a day.

9. Piha Beach, New Zealand


The black sand on Piha Beach will burn a person’s feet. Once the blazing sun hits this dark material, it will get extremely hot to the point where a person’s bare feet will get singed. Piha beach is located within New Zealand.

Piha is known as a surfing beach. Many people who travel to this beach surf and catch the rays. They also enjoy the scenery and local life. Tourists can also engage in other activities while at Piha. Keep in mind that the beach’s black sand has a lot of iron and it has been formed from the presence of volcanoes in the area.

8. Kamari Beach, Greece


The Kamari Beach in Greece is world renown for its black sand. The sand has shingles and lots of rock salt. Kamari is the name of a coastal village that lies on the southern part of the Santorini Island. Tourists who visit the area will also be amazed by the Meso Vouno which is a huge rock salt formation in the area.
Many locals engage in water sports and there are plenty of resorts that can schedule events on the beach as well. Tourists who visit the area can enjoy this unique black beach and all that it has to offer just about any time of the year.

7. Santo Domingo Beach, Albay


The Mayon volcano in Albay, Philippines formed the Santo Domingo Beach. This is a black beach that is truly a unique spectacle to behold and experience. The Santo Domoingo Beach is located next to crystal clear blue waters. The black sand within this area is breathtaking and can be overwhelming.

Many people who visited this area report that the crystal blue waters highlighted by the striking black sand, transforms the area into an other world experience. Simply put, the black sands of Santo Domingo Beach are mesmerizing. They give people a false perception of being in another realm of existence. Tourists who visit this beach truly enjoy all that it has to offer.

6. Black Sands Beach, California


Black sand provides a different perspective for most people when it comes to beaches. Remember that most beaches have a light brown colored sand. However, the Black Sands Beach of California is made up of sand grains and smooth pebbles that are dark in color.

Volcanic activity helped to form this beachfront area. Many of the people who live near the beach get out to enjoy it as often as they can. They engage in water sports and activities. They also can enjoy the beautiful plants and flowers that grow wild in the Black Sands area. There are even tide pools that are present here as well.

5. Black Sand Beach, Alaska

Black Sand Beach, Alaska Top 10 Black Beaches From Around The World 2017

Another Black Sand Beach is located within the state of Alaska. It can be found in the region of Prince William Sound. While Black Sand Beach (Alaska) was formed by volcanic activity that does not mean that this place is warm.

Black Sand Beach is a very cold place. There are icebergs situated on the beach for a great part of the year and glaciers are located near the shoreline. A person will have to wear winter gear to keep warm. The beach is definitely not a place to get a tan but it is a place for kayaking and ice fishing.

4. Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Langkawi Island, Malaysia Top Popular Black Beaches From Around The World 2018

Malaysia is home to a black beach known as Langkawi Island. While this beach is considered a black beach it has a unique composition that is mixed with white sand. The mixture gives the beach area a unique appearance.

Many geologists cannot figure out why the beach has this type of design. While there was volcanic activity that formed the black sand, the white sand being formed in the area baffles everyone. The locals have their own opinion of this beach. They claim it is the result of a war over a Chinese princess. Regardless of the reason, Langkawi Island is a great beach to visit and explore. This is one of the best Black Beaches From Around The World 2017.

3. Thiruvambadi Beach, India


Thiruvambadi Beach is one of the best in India. The beach is located just north of Varkala which is a small town. This beach is one of the best in the world but it also remains pretty well hidden from outsiders.People might also be surprised to know that the beach has radioactive substances.

These substances are not going to harm anyone. They just contain materials that continue to hold their radioactive properties over the years. Thiruvambadi is also known simply as the Black Beach by the locals and once a person finds out about it they usually travel back to this area for at least another visit.

2. Playa Negra Beach

Playa Negra Beach Top Most Popular Black Beaches From Around The World 2018

Playa Negra Beach is all about the surf, sun and stardom. This beachfront area was the location for the film Endless Summer II and it is a popular spot for water sports and activities such as surfing. Many people who travel to this area enjoy the scenery, fun and locals.

Playa Negra Beach is also known for the pink-colored pargos or Snappers fish that can been seen swimming through the water in droves. This beach is all about having a good time and relaxing. Many events happen here all year long and it is a family friendly area.

1. Vik Beach, Iceland

Vik Beach, Iceland Top Famous Black Beaches From Around The World 2019

Vik Beach is located inside of Iceland. In case you didn’t know, Iceland is famous for volcanic activity. Vik Beach was formed from volcanic activity from the past. Another interesting fact about Vik Beach is that it is situated underneath a glacier.

This glacier is named Mydalsjokull and this ice formation sits on top of a volcano. This beach is cold and frosty so a person can sport swimming shorts or a bikini. A person will have to wear winter gear. There are some archways that have been formed out of black basalt. Many visitors are truly astonished when they first visit this place.

Many of the black beaches around the world 2017 are unique locations where travelers can enjoy themselves. Most are open to the public and they typically accept tourists all year long. People who can travel to these black beaches to see them in person should pay them a visit.

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