Top 10 Best Places to Live And Work in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Places to Live And Work in The World in 2017. There are many factors to take into account when deciding if a certain place would be a good area in which to live and work. Some of these factors include the area’s economy, the form of government, job availability, insurance rates for houses and cars, and the quality of education. The majority of first world countries tend to be excellent places to live. The United States of America, Canada, France, England, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland are all among the world’s first world countries. These countries have varying forms of government, economic systems, and job availability; However, they all have in common the fact that they are wonderful places in which to live and work.

List of Top 10 Best Places to Live And Work in The World 2017

10. Canada

Canada Top Most Places to Live And Work 2017

Canada is home to many safe and secure communities. This makes it an excellent place to both work and raise a family. The crime rate of Canada is so incredibly low that in 2014 it was given a safety rating of 9.7 by the OECD Better Life Index. Canada spends a greater amount of money on public education than any other industrialized nation. Canada’s incredibly strong and stable economy affords a great deal of job opportunities for skilled workers. Bloomberg has ranked Canada as the second best place in the world for doing business in 2017. Canada also holds the honor of having the most stable banking system in the world.

9. Switzerland


The standard of living in Switzerland is one of the highest in the world. Switzerland also has one of the highest life expectancies in the world. Swiss food is some of the best in the world. Switzerland is he birth place of fondue. Workers in Switzerland typically enjoy rather high wages; however, there is a high cost of living to accompany those high wages. Switzerland is able to boast an exceptional maternity leave rate. New mothers are often given an entire fourteen weeks and sometimes more of paid maternity leave. This maternity leave comes with a minimum of eighty percent of the new mother’s wages. Swiss workers are also guaranteed an allotment of four to five weeks of vacation time from work. This vacation time is actually required by Swiss law.

8. South Korea

South Korea Top Most Popular Places to Live And Work 2019

South Koreans are known for their incredibly friendly nature and make it a priority to get to know their colleagues and neighbors. This quality makes South Korea a nice place to raise a family. Public primary and secondary schools in South Korea are generally some of the best in the world. These schools dedicate a great deal of attention to math and science as well as the English and Korean languages. The majority of schools even employ a native English speaker. South Korea also proudly boasts cheap public healthcare. Many Korean doctors speak English, but it is advised that foreigners bring a Korean speaking friend to translate.

7. Germany

Germany Top Popular Places to Live And Work 2018

Germany is a truly wonderful place in which to live, work, and raise a family. Germany has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. The country’s public health insurance is referred to as the “sickness fund” and it covers the entire population. Football is an extremely popular sport in Germany. In fact, Germany is the only country in the entire world which holds World Cups in both Men’s and Women’s football. Germany would make an excellent home for any vehicle enthusiast. Germany designs, engineers, and manufacturers some of the world’s best cars. Germany boasts the third highest vehicle production rate in the world. German schools typically have a shorter school day than schools in the rest of the world. Classes usually end at one or two o’clock in the afternoon. Germany ranks fifth in the world for “family life.”

6. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China Top Famous Places to Live And Work 2018

Hong Kong is home to a vast variety of bars, restaurants, and clubs all of which make for an exciting night life. Hong Kong is also the location of numerous places to hike and participate in water sports such as skiing. The public transportation system in Hong Kong is brilliant. This is largely due to the fact that many of the residents of Hong Kong do not own a car. Hong Kong is an excellent place to work because of its easy networking. Most families in Hong Kong have a line in helper to help care for their children. These live in helpers are usually Filipino women and are incredibly affordable.

5. Australia

Australia Top 10 Best Places to Live And Work 2017

Australia is ranked twelfth in the world in overall quality of life. Australian law requires all citizens of legal age to participate in elections. Because of this, Australian government and policies have an overall approval rating of seventy percent. Australian citizens are known to be some of the friendliest and most easy going in the world. These people are known for their kind and helpful nature. Statistics and certain studies have shown Australia to be one of the best places to live and work in the world 2017. Australia has been proven to be the happiest of all the industrialized countries in the world. Australia offers a wide variety of visas making it exceptionally easy to become an Australian citizen.

4. Spain


Spanish people are widely known to be warm and generous. These friendly people are known for their genuine hospitality and their eagerness to share their relaxed lifestyle. The World Health Organization has labeled Spain as a nearly perfect environment. Medical treatment in Spain is exceptionally quick and affective. Spain’s healthcare system and hospitals are considered to be far superior to those in many other countries. The cost of living in Spain is fairly low. Most Spanish citizens find it rather easy to buy property. Goods such as groceries and other basic amenities are usually quite cheap. Because of Spain’s Fundamental Education Law, education is mandatory for all children of the ages of six to sixteen. However, mandatory education is common for industrialized nations.

3. The United States of America


The United States of America is such a wonderful place to live and work of the world 2017. The unemployment rate of the United States is only five and a half percent and has remained at this rate for over a year. About seventy four percent of American workers get paid sick leave. In 2009, the United States of America was rated third in the world for highest workforce productivity per person. Americans enjoy an average of over twice as much living space as residents of the European Union. The United States of America proudly boasts an extremely diverse ecosystem which is ideal for any and all nature lovers. The American government owns about twenty eight percent of the country’s land, most of which is protected.

2. Ireland


Ireland is a stunningly beautiful nation filled with warm and friendly people. Dublin, Ireland is home to offices of many multi national companies such as Google, LinkdIn, Facebook, Dropbox, Etsy, Facebook, and Airbnb. Job prospects in Ireland are excellent. Unless you are travelling around the suburban areas, you can normally walk to almost anywhere you’d like to go. Ireland is filled with numerous restaurants and bars. Irish people are great fans of brunch and make it a point to have that particular meal as many times a week as possible. The education system in Ireland is very well renowned and consists of early childhood, primary, and secondary. For students applying from the European Union, education in Ireland is free at all levels. This includes the university and college level.

1. Ecuador


Ecuador is ranked number one in the entire world for the category of personal happiness. The official currency of Ecuador is the United States dollar and the country’s economy is stable, strong, and growing. Ecuador is also able to boast some of the lowest real estate prices in the world. About $58,000 will buy a spacious two bedroom, two bathroom apartment close to the extraordinarily beautiful Carolina Park in Quito. Ecuador has an exceptionally low cost of living. The average couple lives comfortably for about$1,500 to $2,000 a month. For the last eight years Ecuador has been rated as one of the top retirement havens in the entire world. Some of the special benefits afforded to foreign retirees of Ecuador include fifty percent off both private and public transportation, fifty percent off water and electricity bills, and fifty percent off all tickets for cultural and sporting events. Ecuadorians can enjoy a lengthy seventy two minute massage for the small price of twenty two dollars. Large cities in Ecuador such as Quito, Cuenca, and Guayaquil have commonly been known to host free sympony shows.

So, these are the world’s Top 10 Best Places to Live And Work 2017. There are many excellent places to live, get an education, raise a family, and work throughout many regions of the world. The countries listed are certainly not the only great places in which to live, but they are definitely some of the best. These countries vary greatly in weather, climate, economic status, educational systems, and job opportunities, but they are all excellent places to live. Anyone would be very fortunate to be able to live and work in any of the countries listed.

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