Top 10 Stunning Summer Destinations in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Stunning Summer Destinations in The World 2017. Summer time is a time for fun and relaxation for many people. Families take vacations, people take time off of work and everyone travels to different parts of the globe. So, the following list reveals 10 stunning summer destinations from around the world. Many of these places chosen for this list are not common for most travelers. However, they are still popular destinations that attract lots of crowds. Here is a list of these places.

List of Top 10 Stunning Summer Destinations in The World 2017

10. Bora, Bora

Bora, Bora Top Stunning Summer Destinations 2017

Bora Bora is a small island that is located in the Pacific Ocean. It is a lush place that has lots of history and beaches. People who travel here will enjoy the beaches and plenty of outdoor activities and sports. Keep in mind that Bora, Bora is an expensive place to visit but it is well worth the cost. The locals are friendly, the food is good and the atmosphere is fantastic. This place is a hidden gem for summer vacations.

9. The Great Barrier Reef


The Great Barrier Reef is considered one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and it is located along the coastline of Queensland in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is a busy tourist destination nearly 1.7 million people travel here every year.

The reef stretches for well over 1,250 miles and there are many hotels, resorts and beachfront vacation spots to accommodate guests. A place called Cape York Peninsula is considered one of the most popular areas for visitors. People who visit like to lounge on nearby beaches or better yet, go scuba diving in the waters that are near the reef itself.

8. Cusco

Cusco Top Famous Stunning Summer Destinations 2019

Cusco is located in South America and it is a former part of the Incan Empire. This place is an ancient city that has been well preserved since the arrival of the Spanish people arrived in this part of the New World. There are cathedrals, small houses and plenty of villas that remain from that ear. People also travel to nearby Machu Picchu which is another great ancient city from the former Incan Empire. There are plenty of restaurants, hotels and gift shops for tourists to visit as well.

7. Maui

Maui Top 10 Stunning Summer Destinations

Maui is located within the state of Hawaii and it is a great place to visit during the summer months. There is lots of outdoor activities and great scenery to experience for people who visit. The local people are friendly and hula dancers are pleasant to watch. People can go diving, drive along the coastline or just simply sit out on the beach and soak up the rays.

6. Cape Town

Cape Town Top Most Popular Stunning Summer Destinations 2018

South Africa’s Cape Town is a happening place in all of Africa. This city has all of the excitement of a big American city. People can dance, drink, socialize, visit museums, watch a movie or experience a live stage performance. There are lots of people, plenty of activities and many things to do that will keep visitors busy during their whole entire stay.

5. Rio De Janeiro


Rio De Janeiro is located within Brazil and it is a major tourist destination. Rio hosted the Olympics in 2016. Once the games ended, the city was left in pretty good shape for tourists. Rio has a vibrant social and nightlife and it has lots of beaches and rainforests. People who travel here can enjoy some really great tasting cuisine and they can experience the sights, sounds and views that makes this city one of the best in all of South America. This is one of the Top 10 Stunning Summer Destinations in The World 2017.

4. Cairo

Cairo Top Most Stunning Summer Destinations 2018

Egypt is the Land of Pharaohs and Cairo is the chief capital of this nation. The ancient city of Cairo is a modern city loaded with ancient wonders. Much of the city is still preserved from Egypt’s rich historical past. There are lots of great artifacts and buildings for people to see. Middle Eastern cuisine and hospitality will also help to make the trip more pleasant for guests who travel to this magnificent place.

3. The Virgin Islands


The British Virgin Islands offers lots of summer heat, resorts, villas and restaurants for tourist. Visitors can also attend attractions and even go diving and sailing around the area. Ferry boats can take travelers from one island to the next and there are plenty of beaches, dance halls, bars and places to relax. The Virgin Island might be a little on the expensive side but people will have a good time for the money that they spend.

2. Bali

Bali Top 10 Stunning Summer Destinations 2017

Bali is a rare place for western tourist to travel. However, many people in Indonesia have been here and enjoy it. There are towering volcanoes, sandy shores, crystal clear blue waters and lots of pagodas. This island is so unique in appearance and tourists will have plenty to do once they arrive. They can hang out in the environment during the day and have fun in the nearby city at night. Bali offers plenty to do for anyone who ventures to this place.

1. Cuba

Cuba Top Most Famous Stunning Summer Destinations 2019

Cuba is now open for business. This place hasn’t had too many visitors in the recent past but many people can now travel to this place for fun, sun, Cuban cuisine and a vibrant night life. Havana offers travelers plenty do and lots of great activities. Cuba is a place to visit just about any time of the year and tourists are in a for a good time once they set foot on this magnificent island.

These are the Top 10 Stunning Summer Destinations in The World 2017. All of these places are great destinations for tourists to visit during the summer time. They offer plenty of entertainment, activity, good food and good times.