Top 10 Strange Airports Around The World

Take a look at the below list of the world’s Top 10 Strange Airports Around The World 2017. Airports are an integral part of a country. It is the one place that connects different parts of the country to each other and the country to other countries in the world. This makes it one of most important parts of a country. The people tasked to build an airport especially the architectures are faced with a hard task of deciding how the airport will look and just how unique it will be from most of the other airports around. This has led to some of the strange airports being built. A survey around the world’s strange airports 2017 will reveal some of these.

List of Top 10 Strange Airports Around The World 2017

10. Juanch E. Yrausquin Airport.

Juanch E. Yrausquin Airport Top 10 Strange Airports Around The World

This is one of the smallest airports around the world. It is about 1300 feet in size. Because of the cliffs in the area, it was really hard to clear and come with an airport in the area. When one come up it was such a small one. Found in Saba, Caribbean Netherlands, this is one place that people visit for scuba diving. The planes landing here are only small planes. Because of the size, large planes are not able to land. The airport is 12 minutes from Prince Juliana International airport that handles the large planes.

9. Tenzing –Hillary Airport.


Found in East Nepal. This is also another very weird airport. For most of the pilots who do not trust themselves this is another very hard target to hit. Considering the runway is 1729 feet long and the airport is found 2860 meters above the sea level. This simple fact has discouraged any pilots from landing there and maybe lead to a fatal accident. There also no major airplanes that can land there. For a worried character, this is a very hellish target to hit.

8. Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten

Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten Top Popular Dangerous Strange Airports Around The World 2018

Found in the Caribbean, this airport is one of a kind. There is a lot to be said about just how much unique this airport is. This airport has the beach right next to it. Apart from that there are many restaurants and hotels around it making it sort of an attraction for those people who are fascinated with planes and are visiting the place. There is nothing like seeing planes pass over you and hear their roaring sound. The runway is not also something to gamble with. The small size makes it very dangerous.

7. Kansai International Airport.


This is found in Japan. It is off the coast of Osaka on one of the small islands. Overlooking the sea, this airport is one a kind. There is a lot of work that went into ensuring the place was the right place with the right structure and make of things. It took 20 million dollars and 7 years to make this airport into something one could see from space. This is the one of most famous and Strange Airports Around The World 2017.

6. Gisborne Airport.

Gisborne Airport Popular Strange Airports Around The World 2019

In New Zealand, this airport is one of the strange ones. Unlike the others that are just small in size, this specific one comes with an added surprise. There is a railway line passing through the airport and air traffic and both the train traffic are controlled simultaneously to avoid any major incidents. Even if at some point the railway was closed due to storm damage, the airport however remained active

5. Ice Runway.

Ice Runway Top Most Famous Strange Airports Around The World 2019

This is a major part of Antarctica. It is the major delivery system of supplies for the crew of researches in the Antarctica’s McMurdo station. In this runway, there is never lack of space for any aircraft to land. The major problem here is only ensuring that these large planes do burst the ice or get stack on the soft snow. The fact that this place can lead to the plane sticking or bursting ice keeps people on their toes.

4. Doug Meang International

Doug Meang International Top Famous Strange Airports Around The World

This airport is found in Thailand. One look at it and you may not get just what the strange thing with this airport is. Well when you take a closer look, then you will see it. The two runways have a golf course in between them. For golf enthusiasts who would want a little thrill while playing golf then this is the best place for them to go. Playing with the background being an airport does something to a player’s ego.

3. Amsterdam airport Schiphol, Netherlands.

Amsterdam airport Schiphol, Netherlands Top 10 Strange Airports Around The World 2017

Well a delay in this airport may not be so bad. There is a whole museum found in the airport. Sometimes people may just book a later flight for them to fist enjoy a tour around the airport. The museum offers art by some of the well-known Dutch artists. Apart from that it also has some of the temporary art exhibit. Apart from that there is also a casino and a meditation center in the airport making it an intriguing place. This is one of Top 10 Strange Airports Around The World 2017.

2. Gibraltar International

Gibraltar International Top Most dangerous Strange Airports Around The World 2018

An airport of this size is big. It serves the country very well. This airport dates back to the World War II times. The weirdest thing is that he Winston Churchill Avenue, passes through the runway cutting them into two. This the busiest road in the country. This place uses the gates style of railways to control the cars when planes are to depart or land

1.Prince Juliana International


For may peoplein the beach, especially tourists, planes landing on the heads is not something to joke around with. However, this is a fascinating fact that the planes actually look like they could drop on the sun-bathers when still on the beach or in water.

So, these are the world’s Top 10 Strange Airports 2017. Different airports are built with different designs depending on the place and the terrain of the place. This has led to some of the weirdest airports to be built.

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