Top 10 Spectacular Underwater Hotels in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Spectacular Underwater Hotels in the world in 2016-2017. An underwater hotel is quite an unusual hotel that provides guests rooms with under the sea views. These types of hotels were only imagined in dreams, but today in our very modern world, they are, in fact, very real. They can be found entertaining guests of all ages all across the world. These underwater hotel rooms are created with modern architectural designs and comfort fit for a king. Some of them might be a bit expensive costing about five-thousand dollars a night.

Floor-to-ceiling windows offer guests awesome views of the ocean and marine life around them. For most of these hotels, guests are required to board a boat to reach then far out in the ocean. If you are not up for spending a lot of money, you can still still enjoy visiting some underwater hotels that offer budget friendly prices for about two-hundred dollars a night. You can find these underwater hotels in different parts of the world including the United States, Dubai, Maldives, Sweden, and more.

List of Top 10 Spectacular Underwater Hotels in The World 2016-2017

10. Lovers Deep-

lovers deep, Top 10 Spectacular Underwater Hotels 2017

This is quite a fancy submarine hotel. A few of them can be found on a number of beautiful Caribbean islands, including St. Lucia and other locations in the Caribbean. This one is perfect for romantic couples, newlyweds, honeymooners, for just a fee of £175,000 a night. Couple can enjoy dining on oysters and drinking champagne. A small crew captain, butler and chef serves the couple. The rooms are completely soundproof. Guests are transported to and from by a speedboat.

9. Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, Florida-


This one is still being developed, but you can make your plans early to sleep with the fish if you’d like to for rates that start at about $3,000 to $6000 per night for two. Guests can enjoy the lounge, dining area and an underwater elevator, and capsule rooms.

8. Jules’ Undersea Lodge, Key Largo, Florida-


This is much less expensive with cost starting at $800 per night for two. It is surrounded by angel fish and other beautiful marine life. You can find this hotel located off the coast of Florida and near Puerto Rico. Guests can enjoy the deep hotel located 21 feet beneath the surface of the sea. Guests are invited to scuba dive down into the foyer. Guests may choose pizza for dinner or they can book in a ‘mer-chef’ who will scuba down to prepare a meal.

7. Lime Spa at Huvafen Fushi-


Located in Maldives the world’s first underwater spa that provides guests sensorial treatments while gazing at the rainbow corals of the ocean. Rates start at $485. Choose coconut oil massage, foot treatments, facials and more while relaxing and gazing at the underwater natural sea scenery.

6. Utter Inn-



This spectacular underwater hotel is found in Sweden. Guests can enjoy beautiful rooms and honeymoon suites. This underwater palace was built in the year 2000 by Mikael Genberg in Sweden. Guests are provided comfortable bedrooms, an amazing dining area, and a large swimming pool.

5. The Manta Resort-

the manta resort, top most beautiful spectacular underwater hotels 2018

This one is a famous African hotel that can be found on Pemba Island, Zanzibar. Guest rooms are small, but luxurious. Expect to pay $1000 per night for one person. Beautiful underwater marine life can be viewed from guest rooms. It offers beautiful exotic experiences.

4. The Shimao Wonderland-

the shimao wonderland, top most spectacular underwater hotels 2017

This fine underwater hotel can be found in China offering guests a choice of many rooms, quite luxurious rooms, a big hall, gaming area, indoor gym and swimming pool.

3. Water Discus Hotel-


Dubai is home to many beautiful and majestic things and this underwater hotel is definitely one of them. In fact, Dubai is home to quite a few of these amazing luxurious underwater hotels. This one has been designed with architectural style and innovation using the the most advanced underwater technology. Dubai remains as a top vacation destination for people internationally. Here guest will find 21 luxurious rooms. It also has a very lavish lobby, a sitting hall and a swimming pool.

2. The Apeiron Island Hotel-


Dubai is world famous for its above water creations as well as underwater creations like underwater hotels that have been designed by famous architects from around the world. This is yet another beautiful underwater hotel of Dubai. All facilities are available for guests here making it a seven star hotel. This one is quite large with 400 spacious, clean, and luxurious rooms. Also there are 200 luxurious family apartments. Guests may also experience a glimpse of jungle theme-park. Beautiful art and interiors design the interior of this hotel on every floor.

1. Crescent Hydropolis-

crescent hydropolis, top popular spectacular underwater hotels 2019

Dubai wins the list again for notorious, amazingly beautiful, advanced underwater technology underwater creations. Crescent Hydropolis, Dubai is so spectacular it wins the approval of celebrities and the members of royal families. Beautified glass cabinets can be seen throughout the hotel including every room. Underwater marine life can be viewed from guests rooms. It offers a very high level beauty and charm so expect to pay high fare. Dubai remains a top international travel destination. Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates. From the desert to the oceans Dubai is quite a majestic place on Earth along with its fine architectural creations that entertain worldwide guests. If you want to be treated like royalty, then this is the underwater hotel for you, if you can afford the price…..

Underwater hotels are continuing to inspire writers, journalists, poets, photographers, and other creative artists to their awesome and amazing architecture, surroundings, marine life, sounds of the ocean and more. For one to truly experience its nature, you have to check into one, just looking at photos does no justice. They are attracting people from across the globe to experience the ocean deep. These Top 10 Spectacular Underwater Hotels of the world have truly deserved to recognized as such because of their advanced underwater technology designs, comfort, luxury, and more. There is underwater hotels somewhere in the world that you can afford to explore soon.

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