Top 10 Spectacular Islands of The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Spectacular Islands of The World 2017. Taking time and visiting an island of your dreams it’s the best way to enjoy yourself and distress yourself as well. Islands are perfect getaways for a honeymoon, holiday, proposals, anniversary and romantic purposes. Nothing beats the idea of taking a vacation in a remote land where you can relax under rustling palms and gaze at the serene blue waters of the sea. However, not all islands resemble each other. Some are deserted with no sign of life where else others are like a paradise since there surrounded by the beautiful blue waters, stunning topography, coral kingdoms, luxuriant jungles incredible velvety peaks and sublime sand beaches. Here is a whitelist of the best top 10 spectacular islands of the world 2017 you should visit with your spouse or family and you can be sure you will, or they will have long lasting memories of these places.

List of Top 10 Spectacular Islands of The World 2017

10. Bai Indonesli

Bai Indonesli Top Most Spectacular Islands of The World 2017

Bali is the best and most famous island in Indonesia with exquisite reasons. In Bali, you will find the most hospitable people in the world who are the Hindu, and they are the inhabitants of the region. You will also find in this exotic isle a combination of sandy beaches and rolling surf, exotic temples, and magnificent fortresses. When you take a tour in the in the inland areas Lombok volcanoes and pristine jungles of Ubud awaits your arrival. For the food lovers the island has delicious local cuisines and at night you can go clubbing at various renown clubs. Bali offers many more magical spots to explore, and it’s a great place to visit on your next vacation.

9. Bora Bora

Bora Bora Top Most Famous Spectacular Islands of The World 2017

This luxurious volcanic island is the leading destination of the French Polynesia cluster of an island in South Pacific Ocean and perhaps the most beautiful island of them all in the world. The best way to describe this turquoise colored island is “love at first sight”. Locals refer the island as Pora Pora since there is no letter B in Tahitian language and captain cook who discovered its existence mistook p for B.The island offers visitors especially lovers the best romantic setting due to the privacy it offers, the overwater bungalows available for you, luxury resorts and spas, and thatched roof, Villas. The Island also offers visitors activities such as hiking through the forests, diving and snorkeling, perfect white sand beaches and much more.

8. Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands Most Popular Spectacular Islands of The World 2019

Warning. Visiting this island will make you cry upon leaving since you will have already fallen in love not only with the unique endemic species of animals found on this island but also with the topography of the region. The region is a home to so many species of animal’s co-existing together such as giant tortoises and playful sea lions and serves as an inspiration for Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. In Galapagos islands there various activities lined up for you and it will take you nearly a month to exhaust all the luxury the island offers you. There is wildlife watching which involves animals such as penguins, albatross, and blue-footed boobies. You can also decide to dive with live boards, and you will meet one on one with the sharks, jack fish, whale sharks and other fish. When you snorkel, you might come close to the sea turtles and sea lions. Enough with the sea, you can also take a trek along the volcanoes or the highlands as well. The island has just fantastic experience which will be a memory to cherish in your mind forever

7. Capri, Italy

Capri, Italy Top Famous Spectacular Islands of The World 2018

Capri is located in Italy which is 20 kilometers from Amalfi coast. It is the most photographed island in the world, and its legendary beauty has come to amaze many great people who have heard an experience with its perfect look. The island has a rich Greek history which together with art and culture form as the heart and soul of this amazing island. The island has breathtaking landscape, mysterious caves such as blue grotto that open and close with tides.If you’re planning to visit Capri make sure you visit these areas; Tragara. La Margiela Monte Solaro, the path of forts in Anacapri casa rossa, villa lysis.

6. Dalmatian Islands, Croatia

Dalmatian Islands, Croatia Top Most Popular Spectacular Islands of The World 2019

Croatia has one of the best and most stunning arrays of spectacular islands one can have a vacation in. The best islands in Dalmatian that offer something different and unique to its visitors are Island of Mljet and island of Korcula. Others are the island of Lopud, island of Hvar and Isle of Brac. Visiting these islands you will be stunned by their magnificence mixed with their tranquility, and you will feel the urge to come back again and again. These beautiful isles offer you the beauty of sparkling seas, Gothic churches, red-roofed white washed buildings, upland valleys and extensive vineyards, fishing outposts, unspoiled coves and beaches and amazing culture of the Dalmatian inhabitants. There is something for everyone regardless of whether you love partying or you’re just a tranquility seeker.

5. St. Lucia


St Lucia not only the perfect destination but an ultimate scenery for romance seekers, rejuvenation seekers or adventure explorers. The area has natural landscapes of dazzling palm fringed beaches, quaint fishing villages, friendly locals, waterfalls, coral reefs, kilometers of tropical rainforest and magnificent Piton Mountains, are positive to indulge every taste. However St Lucia best assets aren’t the sandy beaches, you will discover its dramatic topography as the bit to many visitors. The towering Pitons, twin volcanic peaks, which rise above 800 meters from the sea provide a spectacular view of the stunning topography. For those who would wish to visit the island I can guarantee you the tropical weather, authentic culture, and unexpected adventure awaits you. This is one of the world’s top 10 Spectacular Islands 2017.

4. Maldives

Maldives Top 10 Spectacular Islands of The World

The Maldives offers visitor’s unforgettable adventure since it’s the home of most gorgeous islands. Though what really makes this place a point worthy to visit is the ocean, and that’s the reason it’s the lowest lying nation rising no more than 3 meters above the sea. The area is full of coral reefs that have sunken to form 26 natural atolls, and they serve as the home of thousands of species of fish, dolphins, turtles and whales. Back on the land there high-end luxury resorts that are at your service, friendly locals who are skilled artisans and craftsmen, indulge in water sports and activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling and get to enjoy your adventure here. Unfortunately, this is a region that its greatest threat is climate change and if humankind fails to control the phenomena, then a century to come to this island will be extinct.

3. Santorini, Greece


The amazing thing about this crescent shaped Santorini is that it’s still an active volcano and the only volcano on the whole planet that has its crater perched in the sea. It’s located in the south of Aegean Sea in the southeast of Greece. The group of islands that form this area and were formed as a result of the intensive volcanic activity is Palea, Aspronissi, Thirassia, Nea Kameni and Thira. The island has become one of the best sites for weddings since it has amazing architecture, its position in the middle of the sea leaves unforgettable memories and has one of the most photographed locations in the world that’s the Oia and Fira. Other highlights that the island offers its visitors are its volcanic beaches, archaeological sites such as Akrotiri and vineyards.

2.Cook Islands

Cook Islands Top Popular Spectacular Islands of The World 2018

The Cook Islands comprises of fifteen islands and are located between New Zealand and Hawaii.if you have ever dreamt of escaping to a remote island that offers endless adventures, looks like a paradise with its stunning lagoons, warm tropical climate, palm-fringed beaches and pearl fields then your dream can come true on the Cook Islands. The Cook Islands have the friendliest warm, welcoming citizens, delicious fresh seafood, and other dining options, and luxury resorts are there for you as well. Take a visit in isit Aitutaki which is the most beautiful lagoon in the planet and enjoy overwater bungalows. Rarotonga serves as the focal point for tourist in this region since it has many beaches and lush peaks. Planning your Cook Island family holiday is the best gift you can give to your family that will have lasting fond memories.

1. Palawan, Philippines


Palawan Island in the Philippines the home of the seven natural wonders of the world “Puerto Princesa Subterranean River” is the best place to be and deserves the position one. Severally it has been rated world’s best island in the year 2015, 2013, and also according to travel and leisure and national geographic traveler magazines it has scooped the award of the most beautiful island on the planet. So if you’re planning on a holiday, this is a verified and certified region worthy your money. The best areas to visit while you’re on the island are capital Puerto Princesa, San Vicente, El Nido and Coron Island.

These are the Top 10 Spectacular Islands of The World 2017. These islands listed here are the best Isles to spend your holiday in. Whether you’re on a low budget or you’re on a high budget there is something for everyone. Don’t take too much time since others are on the verge of extinction and you might just read about them in the books of history. Explore and experience for yourself the charm offered by each.