Top 10 Smallest Towns in United States

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Smallest Towns in United States 2017. There are some truly amazing small towns in the United States that all list a population under 20,000. In order for these towns to make the list of the top ten smallest towns in the United States, they had to pass some criteria. They had to be thriving and growing as well as diverse and safe communities to live in. Other factors looked at were how healthy the lifestyle was and how affordable it is to live there. The places that stood out after all these factors were considered are these top ten smallest towns in the United States.

List of Top 10 Smallest Towns in United States 2017

10. Canyon, Texas

Canyon, Texas Top 10 Smallest Towns in United States 2017

Texas is home to the Palo Duro Canyon which has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state. Canyon, Texas is located at the gateway to this natural wonder and is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. It provides good schools, access to West Texas A&M University, diverse and affordable housing. The A&M University offers both educational and cultural amenities.

Canyon and its neighboring city, Amarillo both operate the Canyon Independent School District. Five of the district’s campuses are managed by Canyon, including the High School. The outstanding school district is what draws people to Canyon along with the University which hosts musical, theatrical and arts programs throughout the year. The also offer summer camps for kids and optional adult education programs.

Weekend entertainment in Canyon consists of a variety of sporting events. The University participates in football, softball, baseball, both men’s and women’s basketball as well as a great track and field team. There are also over 300 acres of public parks and ball fields managed under the Canyon Parks and Recreation Department.

9. Louisville, Colorado

Louisville, Colorado Top 10 Smallest Towns in United States

Louisville is a pretty, small town snuggled into the Boulder Valley. This is located at the foot of the Flatiron Mountain Range. The small town of Louisville boasts good schools and with its variety of outdoor recreation options it has been placed on the list of top ten small towns in United States. There are five schools in this charming little town; Boulder Valley School District includes a high school, middle school, and three elementary schools.

The people of Lousiville, CO are proud of their community and are dedicated to building and maintaining a high standard of living through their planned development and city management. Housing in this picturesque small town ranges from apartments to condos and also includes charming bungalows. In the neighborhoods, you’ll find winding streets and an easy walk to some of their parks and open spaces. The infrastructure of this area makes it a great place to enjoy walking, biking, and other outdoor activities for family entertainment.

8. Los Alamos, New Mexico

Los Alamos, New Mexico Top Popular Smallest Towns in United States 2019

Los Alamos is also known as, ‘The Atomic City’ and is snuggled on the side of the Jemez Mountain Range. It is located a half hour from Santa Fe and earned its nickname from the 1940’s when the mountains gave it the protection needed to build and test atomic bombs in secret. There is a long mesa stretching east that provides breathtaking views. A lot of outdoor recreation is available year round with snowshoeing; ice skating, ice hockey, golf, mountain biking, hiking and more. Many residents also take advantage of the numerous running trails found there.

Los Alamos is the lowest spot in the county, with an elevation of 6000. There are several recreational and cultural opportunities available for both tourists and residents. Three national parks are located near the town; Bandelier National Monument, Manhattan Project National Historical Park and the Valles Caldera National Preserve. Los Alamos not only offers fantastic natural environments, they also have a great school system. The Los Alamos Public School district has been ranked as one of the best in the state. This district has also made the top tier in the national ranking.

7. Sebastopol, California


Sebastopol is a down-to-earth small town with an easy-going and family-friendly atmosphere. It boasts a culturally diverse community located approximately an hour north of San Francisco. This small town is a fantastic choice for those looking for northern California weather. It offers great schools and lots of recreation choices without the outrageous housing expenses or suburban sprawl. The cost of living may be higher than those compared to other areas in the country but it is lower than those compared to the Bay Area of San Francisco.

Sebastopol is a small town but it has a large number of amenities. The town residents can enjoy the natural beauty of the 254-square-mile Laguna de Santa Rosa. This is a tributary of the Russian River, the largest freshwater wetlands in the country. The Parks and Recreation Department manages a large number of neighborhood parks and runs several youths sports programs. The town also has a rich agricultural landscape and the residents are able to enjoy a number of Farmers Markets and other attractions.

6. Traverse City, Michigan


This is the fourth year in a row for Traverse City to make the top ten small towns in the United States. It is home to sprawling vineyards, freshwater beaches, and fantastic views of Lake Michigan. Tourists and newcomers fall in love with this small town almost immediately upon arrival. Traverse City has a lot to offer everybody; hundreds of miles of state and national forests, nature preserves and wildlife refuges. This location has the best hiking and cycling trails and some of the best areas for beachcombing. You will also find some of the country’s best trout streams and the rivers and lakes are superb for sailing, swimming, boating and canoeing.

A lot of the town’s economy comes from tourism. It also has a large agricultural area and is the nation’s largest producer of tart cherries. Every year in the month of July, the town celebrates the cherry harvest with a festival that lasts for a full week. Traverse City is located near the 45th parallel making it ideal for grape production and supports more than 50 wineries. It is also a great place to feed your appetite. Restaurants feature talented and original chefs from some of the best-produced wines and craft beers. This is one of Top 10 Smallest Towns in United States 2017.

5. Dobbs Ferry, New York

Dobbs Ferry, New York Top Smallest Towns in United States 2017

Dobbs Ferry is located on the Hudson River and is only twenty miles north of New York City. This charming small town offers its residents a mix of convenience with its charm. Dobbs Ferry attracts newcomers with its top-ranked schools. There is an elementary, middle and high school all offering student small class sizes. They provide a challenging curriculum within a learning environment that is more matched to a private school setting. This school is noted for its high graduation rate as well as its rate of graduates that go on to pursue college educations at Ivy League and Big Ten Universities.

There is an active lifestyle displayed by the residents of Dobbs Ferry. Neighborhood and waterfront parks along with the nature preserve are used for swimming, basketball, playgrounds and multi-sport ball-fields. They are also very proud of their transportation system including both bus and commuter rail service. They have one of the shortest commutes to work than any other small town listed on the top ten.

4. Lebanon, New Hampshire

Lebanon, New Hampshire Most Famous Smallest Towns in United States 2019

Lebanon offers residents a mix of first-rate health care, recreational opportunities, public libraries and excellent schools. It’s hard to beat the quality of life in this small town. It has made the top ten list of small towns for three years in a row. It is located only two hours from either Hartford, CT or Boston and within the area are an abundance of recreation options such as; fishing, boating, camping, Olympic-caliber skiing, and a fantastic hiking and biking trail system. There are a large number of parks and non-profit youth centers providing basketball, swimming, and handball courts.

Lebanon has more than 2,000 acres that have permanently been placed in conservation. Within this area is a 60-mile long Northern Rail pathway. There is also a municipal pool and skiing at Storrs Hill Ski Area. This beautiful small town has gained a reputation for its outstanding fountains displayed in the downtown square and also in some of the neighborhoods.

3. Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park, Colorado Top Most Famous Smallest Towns in United States 2018

Estes Park is snuggled in the Rocky Mountains and has been calling visitors since the mid-1800’s. During that time a Welshman, Griff Evens had established a local dude ranch which now works as a base camp for the Rocky Mountain National Park Service. This park offers concerts, wildlife classes, art exhibits and includes some of the tallest mountains in the United States. The small town of Estes Park is a very relaxed community with elk often seen wandering the streets. One notable establishment is the Stanley Hotel which gained fame for inspiring Stephen King’s book, The Shining.

Visitors to Estes Park can enjoy several breweries along with a new distillery. They can also enjoy a scenic walk along the banks of the Big Thompson River as they keep an eye out for the elk.

2. Ellensburg, Washington

Ellensburg, Washington Top Most Popular Smallest Towns in United States 2018

Ellensburg is located in the central part of the state of Washington and offers residents the best of two worlds. They have the atmosphere of the small town along with the amenities resembling a big city. The average commute for most to their workplace is 15 minutes and it is a very affordable and convenient town to live in.

This small town has a big arts scene as it is home to many museums and galleries. They host a First Friday Art Walk downtown every month showing how well the community is thriving from its art. Businesses participate in this celebration every month by staying open later and offering live music and great food. The Central Washington University is located there offering residents a full calendar of cultural programming.

1. Sitka, Alaska


Sitka was previously known as New Arkangeisk or New Archangel which fit this small town perfectly. It is a town with unparalleled natural beauty. It is located on Baranof Island and provides incredible views of the Pacific Ocean. Visitors to this beautiful small town are awed by eagles flying overhead and whales surfacing in nearby waters. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the wilderness of the Tongass National Forest located just minutes from the downtown area of Sitka.

Sitka has a lot of land to use for recreation and they make good use of it offering hiking, fishing, biking and boating. There are a number of bike and hiking trails that wind through the forest while the cool waters provide a great location for anglers. The area also offers great seafood in their restaurants along with several Asian-fusion and Greek menus. Other restaurants use the Alaskan specialty of large game providing menus with caribou, elk, and even reindeer.

These are the Top 10 Smallest Towns in United States 2017. The next time you are out and about or perhaps looking for a new place to call home, you should check out these locations. You will find a slower paced life that provides a neighborly touch that could provide you the perfect spot to relocate.