Top 10 Most Scenic Train Rides in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Scenic Train Rides in The World 2017. You’ve purchased your ticket. Your luggage has been unpacked by caring porters in your compartment and you are now sitting, sipping splendid wine and anticipating the trip of a lifetime.
A train journey across the widest space, along the narrowest cliff face, above the densest canopy, would have to be one of those must do things on your bucket list. There are so many train rides offering peace and tranquillity, adventure and the opportunity to witness some of the most visual panoramas and literally breathtaking stops.

All Aboard! For the most inspiring, memorable trip you will experience whilst your eyes adhere to some of the world’s most beautiful vistas in all of creation. We’ve shared 10 of The Top Most Scenic Train Rides The world could offer.

List of Top 10 Most Scenic Train Rides in The World 2017

10. The Flam Railway

The Flam Railway Most Famous of The Most Scenic Train Rides in The World 2019

Norway where the mountains kiss the sky with a chilly tenderness that is encompassing whilst one winds around wild and unforgiving peaks of Myrdal in Western Norway. The Flam railway was constructed with a curious and adventurous tourist in mind and spirals its way down the mountain as though in a tail-spin. Not for the faint hearted, this train does not slowly, surely and very adherently journey down through the innovatively engineered tunnels carved into mountain slopes of the Flam Valley. Instead, the descent is a swift 20km cascade in an expertly designed engine with enclosed carriages through some of the steepest routes in the world. You’ll snake through vast ravines, past crystal waterfalls that feed their diamond drinking water to the Nordic farmhouses and experience an exhilarating and very rapid 55 minutes of adrenaline-borne excitement you won’t forget in a hurry. Well worth the rush.

9. Canadian Rockies Railway, Canada

Canadian Rockies Railway, Canada Top 10 of The Most Scenic Train Rides in The World 2017

Is it the crystal facets of winking snow or the lakes that look as though a handful of diamonds have been fractured upon their surfaces? Or is it the blinding white, untouchable peaks that remind one of a Christmas card? As the Canadian Rockies leave you with a yearning desire to return, is there any voice louder than that which pleads with you to discover the icy landscape from the comfort of a plush, heated railway carriage? Ah, the Rockies with an unquenchable thirst that asks you to explore the shale and limestone peaks from the windows of a train that journeys effortlessly from Alberta to British Columbia. Make a pass through Jasper, the Columbian ice fields, and Yoho National park and appreciate the pictures you take as you travel through the world so often unseen.

8. Trans-Siberian, Russia


The Trans-Siberian is a railway whose distance reaches some 6,000 miles. It is the world’s longest railway journey and has become one of the most sought after to chalk up to experience. It is a journey that has been pencilled in on many a bucket list. The train, redolent of first class, chug, chugs at a pace slow enough for one to appreciate nature at her absolute stunning best. Journeying through the wild, untamed and some of the most rugged of Russia’s landscapes and vast Siberian plateaus gives one a reminder that the world has something more to offer. The Trans-Siberian branches into Mongolia and China never failing to offer a varied trans-continental experience where one will find numerous options to either travel first-class or via a get on-get-off journey with the locals. What an experience it would be to taste your first neat vodka!

7. The Royal Scotsman, Scotland


Presented with marshlands and mist-shrouded cliffs, the Royal Scotsman railway appeals unbidden to reveal panoramas that are as seasonal as the snow. Weaving like a ribbon through the highlands, the railway meanders through deserted coastlines past thatched roofs, verdant dunes of rolling glens, deep, dark mysterious lochs, and a countryside belonging to a fairy tale of old. This journey offers a range that suits everyone. From two to seven days, tours are all inclusive of everything a soul could possibly desire. Food, beverages, excursions which include those all time favourites like tasting the local whiskey. With an intimate group of only 36 guests on board on any one trip, it is worth the investment of a lifetime.

6. The Palace on Wheels, India


As the old saying reminds you, ‘If you never, never go, you’ll never, never know and since India is famous for its chaotic yet unforgettable train journeys it is worth the experience of the high-speed train ‘toilets’ and the punishing trip through the Himalayas. There’s something appealing about India’s prices that silently explains your first class booking is both affordable and preferable. And don’t be mistaken; India’s first class is a cut above. One train that will beckon is the Palace on Wheels that aims to provide a calibre of transportation that will have you returning or at least entertaining your friends with comical yarns you’re certain to be telling. The attendants on your journey will impress you with their stylish dress and you’ll get a taste of the extravagant decor. With cabins fit for an Indian prince, the ‘Palace on Wheels’ is at the top end of the luxury scale. This is one of the Top 10 Most Scenic Train Rides in The World 2017.

5. The Blue Train, South Africa

The Blue Train, South Africa Top Most Famous of The Most Scenic Train Rides in The World 2018

Luxury with a capital L, the Blue Train is one that must be placed at mid-pinnacle of the list. Gold tinted windows adorn every carriage, butlers are at your service as they glide down marble floors and you’re ensconced in carriages that could easily pass for a 5-star hotel suite at a scale that is not small considering the space. The Blue Train has been home to many a president not to mention the likes of royalty over many years. It speeds along the 1,600 km between Cape Town and Pretoria and the sapphire-blue carriages, redolent of the gem, journey tirelessly through untamed mountains and forest canopies passing endless desert plains where giraffes, elephants, and zebras roam. This is an experience that will fill your heart’s memory with views that will have you truly appreciating South Africa in style.

4. Copper Canyon Railway, Mexico

Copper Canyon Railway, Mexico Top of The Most Scenic Train Rides in The World 2017

Copper Canyon yawns at the Sierra Tarahumara. In Chihuahua, looking north to Mexico the ‘Copper Canyon Railway’ is a no fuss way to traverse the famous canyon. It’s a dark, light, dark, light, almost like a slow motion strobe as the train runs from Los Mochis cruising over 37 bridges and through some 87 tunnels. And then you find you’re 2,400m above sea level and the view is unbeatable. But let us not kid you; there is no luxury here for transport is a simple affair; very sparse and there are few if any comforts. It is notable that you not only interact with the locals, learn their language and take in the breathtaking views of the countryside, but it is suggested you take a roll of toilet paper with you as you will find none on offer.

3. The Glacier Express, Switzerland

The Glacier Express, Switzerland Top 10 of The Most Scenic Train Rides in The World

What a picture it must paint upon the walls of nature if one was able to witness the scene from above. It is an unhurried, visual delight that awaits you on this journey into a land that surely belongs in a story book. Whether you are heading from Zermatt to St Moritz on a business trip or you plan to spend the next 8 hours on this incredibly scenic journey where across 180 miles you’ll be capturing photographs of what must be Mother Nature’s Gallery, you will journey across 291 bridges and through no less than 91 tunnels. Needless to say, wintertime is the time to enjoy her ‘majesty’ at her best while the snow flakes drift leaving a countryside vista peeking right out of a Christmas card. This is the magic that fairy tales are made of as the rail pass runs over both the Rhone and the Rhine Rivers. You’ll gaze into deep ravines, pass over the towers of the Matterhorn mountain and climb to a mere 2033 metres of a sheer Oberalp Pass. Stunning can only be the word to describe an unforgettable experience such as this.

2. The Coastal Classic Train, Alaska

The Coastal Classic Train, Alaska Top Most Popular of The Most Scenic Train Rides in The World 2018

Alaska, alone, but classically beautiful. A striking stretch of scenery flanks Alaska’s rail way where the eyes are drawn toward the glaciers from high up upon the Kenai Mountains. If one is lucky, one can catch a memorable glimpse of the Beluga whales as they cruise along the Turnagain Arm. The alpine hills with their pockets of wild flowers that grow between the verges are a sight to behold. On a one way, four hour trip you will experience stop overs that will fill your heart with wonder at the views, the cultures and the traditions.

1. The Ghan, Australia

The Ghan, Australia Top Popular of The Most Scenic Train Rides in The World 2019

The old Ghan has been around since Adam was no bigger than a minute. It is renowned as one of the most unforgettable, the most scenic train journeys one could ever make through the centre of Australia. From deepest down under in the very bowels of Adelaide, the Ghan follows a track to Darwin in the top end. This is where the desert meets the outback, where the red soil is the face and body paint of the aboriginal whose illustrations depict the Dream Time on the walls of the rocks. Travelling across this space is like moving through an ocean of desert until the Ghan meets Alice Springs, a popular stopping point for tourists wishing to visit Uluru formally known as Ayers rock, the Flinders ranges and Katherine Gorge. Created well over 80 years ago, the Ghan remains as Australia’s most unforgettable train ride that will continue well into the foreseeable future.

These are the Top 10 Most Scenic Train Rides in The World 2017. The bucket lists of too people around the world remain unfulfilled. If there is one thing that might sustain the gratitude for nature, it is the praise in one’s heart he feels when he witnesses Nature’s true face from the windows of a train that was meant to journey through Mother Earth’s heart.