Top 10 Most Peaceful Places in The World

Take a look at the below List of Top 10 Most Peaceful Places in The World 2017. When you think of vacation you think of somewhere nice and relaxing. You think of peaceful and safe. There are so many places you can visit in the world that it is hard to choose just which place to go. When you plan vacation you need to think of the whole family not just you. Making sure you are going some where that is safe is the main thing but you also have to think of the things you can do here. But if you are just planning for you and your significant other then you may think of more romantic places that will allow you and your boyfriend or girlfriend to have some nice alone time to forget about everything that is going on back home.

List of Top 10 Most Peaceful Places in The World 2017

10. Czech Republic

Czech Republic Top Beautiful Peaceful Places in The World 2018

They are surrounded by other countries such as Austria , Germany, and Slovakia. Prague is the capital and is one of the most visited cities in Europe. No need to worry about getting robbed or getting beat up because this place has a very low crime rate. It has a lot of emergency services to ensure the safety of foreigners. Having so many visitors all the time they have made it so that you can find restaurants and bars throughout the country.

9. Australia

Australia Top 10 Most Peaceful Places in The World 2017

Australia is a land of opportunities, great weather, efficient infrastructure, world class educational systems, and natural wonders. The crime rates such as robbery, homicide, and sexual assault are very low. The low rates are great for being able to walk around and not worry about the fear of getting mugged, murdered, or raped. If you are looking to seek jobs then you may want to look here. It is good for students and tourists.

8. Japan


Japan is a technologically advanced place. It is well known for peace keeping. The crime rate is very low for such a big country. They have no real military force for protecting their country, what they do have is an internal security to act as their defense force for protection. Japan is well known for keeping a positive relationship with its’ neighboring countries. Japan is the third largest economy in the world. There is an excellent transportation system here. The passenger transportation heavily relies on railways. The bullet trains can reach maximum speeds of up to three hundred and fifty miles per hour.The delay times for the trains here are low with being only about ten to sixteen seconds per delay.

7. Canada

Canada Top Most Popular Peaceful Places in The World 2018

The Canadian Government considers the security of their citizens to be one of the core elements in making it a good nation. The crime ratings and homicide ratings are low even though the nation there is big. According to the reports turned in from the OECD there is a life satisfaction score of seven point six out of a ten point scale rating. Canada is also one of the highest educated places around the world. The amount of voter turnouts is a larger percentage than any other countries, sixty-one percent, which shows that Canadians have trust their government. They got rid of the capital punishment laws in 1976. The unemployment rates are very low as well.

6. Finland

Finland Top 10 Most Peaceful Places in The World

They are one of the least corrupt places in the world. The legal standings maintain accountability openness within the country.The military force only participates in the peacekeeping missions. They rank in the best level for schooling and female rights. This place does not require any fees for education, no matter what level you are obtaining. Finns have a high ranking in reading, math, and science subjects. Also, the maternal mortality rate is low in Finland. This is one of the Top 10 Most Peaceful Places in The World 2017.

5. Switzerland


Known for being one of the happiest countries to live in due to it having clean cities, delicious high quality foods, and low crime rates. There is great quality educational and healthcare systems here as well. Systems such as these also help to improve the talent of the people. The salary rate is high the tax rates are minimally low. They also have one of the best tax heavens. Switzerland is also known as one of the greenest places, as they prefer to have renewable energy sources and Eco-friendly products. There is also a tremendous amount of cycling routes.

4. New Zealand


They have an advanced social progress and are friendly with neighboring countries. There is a large amount of jail cells available due to having low incarceration rates. They have a heavy and independent judicial system. The police force are committed to their jobs, keeping the country a safe environment for everyone. New Zealand offers has a great educational system as well as having advanced medical care. They provide free or low cost care for seeing a doctor if sick from the government to those with illness or unemployment.

3. Austria

Austria Top Most Beautiful Peaceful Places in The World 2017

Their crime rate and homicide rates are way down in numbers compared to other cities. They are known for their clean cities and strict recycling laws that are enforced to protect the environment. According to reports, Austria is one of the richest nations in the world. They have high standards for living and lovely transportation systems. Millions of tourists visit each year due to the beauty and historical architecture that Austria provides.

2. Denmark

Denmark Top Most Famous Peaceful Places in The World 2019

They are also one of the least corrupt and happiest places. The educational rate, great medical care systems, and high standard of living make this a good place to live in. They ranked among many others for having female equality. The high level social welfare provides free schooling and aid care. Those whom live in Copenhagen, a city that is most populated in Denmark, would rather ride a bike or walk to work so they can make the city carbon neutral by the year 2025.

1. Iceland


One of the most peaceful area to live in. They have a high level of democracy, low crime ratings, and support gender difference. There is zero tuition fees for education. Icelanders are also some of the most well informed people. They are at the top in reading literacy and publications of books. They have females working in many different career options such as politics, education, and tending care. They are the first European lands to elect a female as their president. There is no mosquitoes here because they can not survive in the weather conditions that Iceland has.

These are the Top 10 Most Peaceful Places in The World 2017. So if you decide to venture out and explore these nations then choosing one of these countries would be your best bet. The crime rate is low in most of them and you will always feel safe. Going to see places like these will show you just how much different other places are because no two places are the same. Some people visit over time and decide they want to move to one of them because of the weather or because they feel safer. Children love to go to places like them because of the scenery and because they tend to learn new things from the different cultures.

Having the access to be able to go to these places can be educational for you and your kids. The kids who have visited these other nationalities tend to go to school and tell the other kids how wonderful of a place it was and how much fun they had. When you go on vacation do not forget to take lots of pictures and even a video or two. Memories are the bets thing to have when you get older and cant venture off anymore.