Top 10 Most Popular Festivals in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Festivals in The World 2017. What is it about human beings that has this desire to celebrate practically anything and everything? It’s true. Just take a walk throughout the world and you will find people celebrating virtually anything you can think of, from the most arcane to the downright bizarre. If you don’t believe that, just go through this list of the 10 most popular festivals in the world 2017. We’ll make a believer out of you.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Festivals in The World 2017

10. Mardi Gras, United States

mardi-gras-united-states, Top 10 Most Popular Festivals in The World 2017

It starts in early January, this two-week celebration of just about everything, or nothing, depending on how you look at it. For good old-fashioned debauchery, Mardi Gras has no equal. Mardi Gras is full of parades as well as those who love them and good fun. Garish floats that are manned by “krewes” fill the streets and throw cheap trinkets to everyone. And if you happen to be female and you don’t think you got what you deserved, bare your breasts in encouragement. You are sure to get more. The summit of Mardi Gras is Mardi Gras Day, otherwise known as Fat Tuesday when everything turns to mayhem in anticipation of the next day, Ash Wednesday.

9. Carnaval, Brazil

carnaval brazil, Top 10 Most Popular Festivals in The World 2018

Like Samba? You should head to Rio de Janeiro in early February so that you can partake of an overdose of sex as well as Samba, incredible floats and ladies baring little more than thongs, dancing their hearts out. And if you happen to be female, baring a thong would do you a lot of good too. Schools compete for the most outrageous floats, and food and alcohol fuel this event that plays host to nearly one million people each year.

8. Kanamara Matsuri, Japan

kanamara-matsuri-japan, Top 10 Most Popular Festivals in The World 2019

For a country that bans the showing of even the slightest hint of pubic hair in films, Kanamara Matsuri is plenty strange in that it is a celebration of, believe it or not, the penis. The name means “Festival of the Steel Phallus’ and features just about anything being available that can be shaped like a penis. This is all in recognition of a huge pink penis that is carried through the streets while transvestites dance to the beats. Strangely, the festival was started to build awareness of the 17th-century syphilis epidemic, but today is carried out to raise money for AIDS research.

7. Semana Santa, Guatemala


Semana Santa is held each year at Easter in Antigua to celebrate the Christian Passion, Crucifixion, and the Resurrection. Statues of Jesus and recreations of scenes from the Bible as paraded through the streets in fervent celebration of everything having to do with the crucifixion of Christ. It seems like the entire city is draped in black while costumes are bright and colorful.

6. Il Palio, Italy

il-palio-italy, Top 10 Most Popular Festivals in The World

If you find yourself in Italy in the timespan of July and August, you would do yourself well to visit Siena, Italy for a–believe it or not–90-second bone-crunching, heart-stopping, no holds barred, bareback horse race around the Piazza del Campo. The winner, or should we say, survivor, of the race is almost irrelevant since the fun has just started. What follows is the winner being given a baby bottle full of wine to wash down his victory. Then the large-scale carousing begins.

5. La Tomatina, Spain


Do you like tomatoes? Or maybe we should rephrase that. Do you like wearing tomatoes? If so, you need to get to Bunol in Spain the last Wednesday in August since that’s when tens of thousands of celebrants converge on the culmination of the town’s celebration of La Tomatina, the patron saint of the community. More than 125,000kg, or 275,625 lbs of tomatoes are trucked to the center of town and for about an hour there is total melee, with the fruit ending up covering nearly everyone and everything in sight. Get drunk and have fun. This is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Festivals in The World 2017.

4. Burning Man, United States


Another of the granddaddies of festivals is Burning Man, which is held in the desert near Black Rock City, Nevada. On the other hand, when it’s in full bloom, Burning Man will host nearly 30,000 people, making it Nevada’s third largest city while it is in session. Burning Man is pure communism in action, with nothing that can be sold allowed. Everything is freely given and freely taken. The culmination of the event is the burning of a huge effigy, thus the name “Burning Man.”

3. Diwali, India


Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights, held in October or November, and is five days where participants are encouraged to bury hatchets and grudges in a showing of unity between religions and creeds. During Diwali, homes all over India are lit with candles and other lights while spring cleaning goes on. Most people also take the opportunity to buy new clothes as well.

2. Día de Muertos, Mexico


If you are looking for a good way to reunite with your departed relatives, Dia de Muertos is just for you. Dia de Muertos means Day of the Dead, but it is a very festive occasion. Whatever your inclination might be, you will find that day celebrated with all manners of dead things: people dressed up like skeletons, cemetery parties, and much more, besides lots of food and drink for everyone. It’s a lot like Halloween, except it’s more of a celebration of life and transition than death.

1. Noche de Los Rábanos, Mexico


Do you need more proof that you can have a celebration dedicated to almost anything? All you need is Noche de los Rábanos, or Night of the Radishes, which was originally created as a marketing gimmick to sell the tiny vegetable, but gradually emerged as a tradition, with local artisans carving them into all sorts of fancy shapes.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Festivals in The World 2017. If all of this doesn’t convince you that there is a festival somewhere to meet your liking, you are in serious need of having your horizons widened. And if these celebrations don’t do it for you, perhaps you should start your own. You might find yourself on the next list of top 10 most popular festivals in the world, Cool, huh?