Top 10 Most Popular Best Travel Blogs in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Best Travel Blogs in The World 2017. Do you wish you could travel around the world? Explore the world? Eat delicious foreign delicacies? Relish in other cultures? Whether you plan on taking this adventurous jump or you want to get an idea of what it’s like out there. There are thousands of travel blogs that can show you exactly what the life is all about.

There are hundreds and thousands of travel blogs. Narrowing it down to the Top 10 Best Travel Blogs in 2017 was one of the most difficult processes imaginable. The travel blogs that were chosen to be on this list were based upon the variety of places visited, the valuable information obtained, the stories told to fulfill the reader’s wanderlust and the overall appeal of the blog. Now, get ready you can join other people’s journeys and expeditions by going online. These travelers are ready to take you on an adventure that you have never before experienced. Let’s see which ones are really the best.

List of the Top 10 Best Travel Blogs in the world 2017

10. She Goes Global

she-goes-global-www-shegoesglobal-net, Top 10 Most Popular Best Travel Blogs 2017

This travel blog is about the life and journeys of Heather Ditmars. She goes on to explain how she goes from being a city girl to a digital nomad. She has fun blog posts full of adventure and creativity. Heather is deep and honest feeling that her traveling has changed her life and for that, she has grown as a person. She shares her life, love, and travels with the world. Just as she says, “Who can resist sharing something that big with the world?”.

9. Solo Traveler, Top 10 Most Popular Best Travel Blogs 2018

Janice Waugh began Solo Traveler in 2009. Beginning as a blog about her travels and experiencing loss, this blog quickly became a whole lot more. The blog surprisingly and quickly reached thousands of readers and blog went from being small and personal to public and widespread. Hence, creating the Solo Traveling Project. That’s where it all began.

Solo Traveler has appeared on Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, and CNN Travel to name a few. Now Janice is joined by Tracey Nesbitt and the two ladies share their experiences, tips, and the benefits of solo traveling.

8. Teacake Travels, Top 10 Most Popular Best Travel Blogs 2019

Teacake is a British solo female traveler that will travel anywhere she can. She loves adventure and the life of being a solo girl traveler. She plans on traveling for as long as she possibly can.

Her blog, Teacake Travels has been featured on The Huffington Post, Cosmo, and Buzz Feed. This rocking British chick is one-way state of mind. She is willing to do anything and everything. The less comfortable she feels, the better. Her travels are taking her places she has never dreamed of and she has an incredible following. Join her and others as they happily rock on, around the world.

7. LandLopers


LandLopers is an award winning travel blog by Matt Long. Matt is an average man who set off on an adventure around the world and likes to share his experiences with thousands of readers. His blog is focused on luxury travel and how Matt partakes in all he is experiencing.

Matt Long has been to all 7 continents. He has visited over 70 countries. LandLopers has been seen on numerous sites and shows. His goal is to explore and experience as much of the world as he can. Lucky, he shares it with all of us.

6. Miles To MemoriesĀ


Shawn Coomer is the managing editor of Miles To Memories. It is a travel blog dedicated to proving to people that you can travel using the least amount of money possible. Shawn shares how to travel and maximize your travel awards programs from his own hands on experience.

Miles To Memories is an extension of a blog he started several years ago when traveling around the world with his family. Miles To Memories is part of the Boarding Area Network which is a collection of the top travel blogs. This is one of theĀ Top 10 Most Popular Best Travel Blogs in The World 2017.

5. Travel Mamas


You guessed it, the focus of this travel blog is traveling with kids. Truly, one of my favorites. I wanted to put it at the top spot. Hopefully, it will make it there someday.

Travel Mamas cover so much more than traveling with kids. It teaches parents, caregivers, and the children to connect with the world around them through travel. There’s tips, tricks, suggestions, giveaways, and much more. Travel Mamas is a blog packed with loads of information. You have to visit it yourself. You will not be disappointed.

4. Travel Freak


Jeremy Scott Foster is the creator of the travel blog, Travel Freak. It has been featured on such acclaimed productions as National Geographic and Travel + Leisure. Jeremy’s writes about all his experiences, the good, the bad, and the insane stuff that happens during his travels.

Foster is a professional traveler, photographer, freelance writer, and blogger. Stop by Travel Freak and read his heartfelt stories and take a look at the gorgeous pictures he snaps while exploring the world.

3. Nomadic Matt


For starters, Nomadic Matt or Mathew Kepnes is the founder of the blog and author of the best-selling novel, “How To Travel the World on S$50 a day”. Millions of people are taking this young man’s advice and finding cheaper, convenient, and economic methods to travel the world in luxury for as long as possible.

Nomadic Matt is simply how to travel on a budget. Matt loves to offer his advice and expertise to other travelers. His advice and travel writings are featured in numerous publications included The New York Times and CNN.

2. I Am Aileen


Aileen Adalid is a sweet young lady who quit her corporate job in the Philippines at the young age of 21. She now makes a living blogging about her travels around the world. She is living a wonderful life working as a digital nomad. Experiencing life as a beautiful young woman in her 20’s. Another female traveler who proves that even petite, cute, young girls can make it in this technological world, traveling alone.

Through her blog, her goal is to give readers the resources, tips, and travel info needed to get a life of travel started. She feels that it is a possibility for anyone who truly wishes to live a life traveling around the world.

1. One Step 4ward



Oh, Johny! This Irishman is truly living the dream. He left home without a penny to his name to travel abroad and see what the world had to offer him.

Johny Ward has visited almost every country in the entire world. He has made over $1 million USD with his travel blog and he is still going. He still travels, blogging from where ever the road leads. He has been seen on numerous sites and shows. This young man is a true hero to many people. He has accomplished what few can. He makes me hopeful towards living the life I have always wanted. GO JOHNY!

Wow, you have to check out these travel blogs if you haven’t already. These people all make a living exploring the world and sharing it with millions of people just like you. Picking the Top 10 Best Travel Blogs in 2017 was not an easy task. There were many runners up. Join these travel bloggers in their adventures and it might just change your life.

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