Top 10 Most Illiterate Countries in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Illiterate Countries in The World 2017. Education is the key builder of any country.Illiteracy is the lack of ability in reading and writing. This becomes an amicable challenge towards the development of the country. Illiteracy causes negative effects to the society. The effects include highest increase in crime levels and an increase in the health related problems. Literacy is the only thing which can eliminate poverty in poor countries. Education is important since it helps people to know how life is and how to relate with others. The developments of the nations are dependent on the literacy level of that particular nation. The following is the list that can help you know the top 10 illiterate countries in the world:

List of Top 10 Most Illiterate Countries in The World 2017

10. Mauritania

Mauritania Top 10 Most Illiterate Countries in The World

This is a country which is located in Africa. It has an illiteracy rate or 60.1 %. Mauritania has no programs which can help in teaching the adults. In addition, the country has poor transportation for the citizens who live in the rural areas. Many of the children of Mauritania do not go to school at all. In 1980 the literacy rate was between 18-25 %. Nowadays, it is a mandatory requirement for the kids to go to school.They kids pay nothing on their education. In this country, poverty is the greatest enemy that keeps the children away from educational facilities.

09. Ethiopia

Ethiopia Top Most Popular Illiterate Countries in The World 2018

This is the country which is ranked in number nine according to its illiteracy level of 61.3 % .This rate is based on the number of top individuals who have the capability of reading and writing. The country has people who cannot make even a complicated sentence in their daily conversations. Learning systems in the country have been set up by the government and NGOs.According to the studies which were conducted by World Bank, the rate of literacy five years ago was 29.83%.Due to high levels of illiteracy, deterioration of inequalities between the quality of education in public and private schools has occurred.

08. Benin

Benin Top Most Illiterate Countries in The World 2017

It among the countries who have the highest illiteracy levels. It is a country which has 9.05 million people. It has an illiteracy rate of 62.5 %.Many of the people have no capability of reading and writing. It was among the countries which were torn apart by political wars and instability. This caused the education systems of that country to be low. Progressive efforts are being made to eliminate illiteracy the highest problem encountered by the education programs is the overcrowded classrooms. This has discouraged the success of mission schools in the country.

07. Senegal


This is a country with the highest illiteracy levels. It is a country which is located on the western side in Africa. It is a country where a lot of children are unable to go to school. Senegal went on an economic depreciation in the past years. This is why it receives donations in a yearly basis. Despite a huge investment in the past 3 decades; development in education has been slow. It has an illiteracy level of 62.7%.

06. Guinea Bissau


This is one of the Top 10 Most Illiterate Countries in The World 2017. In Guinea Bissau, it is compulsory for the children with 7-13 years to enroll in schools. Despite this, the illiteracy level is still 63.2%.Huge populations in Guinea have no basic in reading and writing. It is one of the countries who have experienced internal conflicts for several years. This has caused an increase rate in poverty as well as that of illiteracy

05. Gambia


This is among the top 10 illiterate countries in the world. Its illiteracy level is 63.6%.In the Gambian government; it is an obligation for everyone to go to school. The process of education in this country is hindered by lack of enough infrastructures and resources.8-10 people attended school 20 years ago. With the problem of high school fees, it had no impact on the illiteracy level of the country. The golden period of this country was 2 decades ago when the country had an illiteracy level of 77.1%.

04. Afghanistan


The illiteracy rate of this country is 63.7%.The rural areas’ people are the poorest regarding to the opportunities of education. This illiteracy levels are contributed by the violence that occurred. It affected the country’s deteriorating schools and education. In addition, lack of teachers ‘education and radicalized curriculum are among the problems that the education systems face. In the year 2001, the country had a illiteracy level rate of 28.1%

03. Sierra Leone


It is a country which was stroke by civil wars that destructed the schools. It has an illiteracy rate of 63.7 %.It is a country which is located at the west of Africa. The government has stipulated strict laws where children with 6 years should attend school. The greatest problem in Sera Leone is lack of enough resources and teachers. The government has built new schools to curb the problem of illiteracy.

02. Burkina Faso


It is country which is the second in the level of illiteracy. The illiteracy rate in the country is 77% and it is due to lack of enough teachers at the primary level of education. In addition, the schools which exist are overcrowded and are not managed properly. The majority of the adults are the people who are illiterate.

1. Niger


It is a west African country with an illiteracy rate of 84.3%.In this country,80% of the adults are illiterate. The school enrollment and attendance are low despite school being a compulsory to children who are above the age of 6 years. The government of this country need to work extra hard to give the kids a chance of brightening their future.

These are the Top 10 Most Illiterate Countries in The World 2017. Illiteracy is among the three diseases that a country may suffer from. It is among poverty and diseases. This can be eliminated by enforcement of strict laws on the school systems. Education is the key to developments of the nation.

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