Top 10 Most Famous Staten Island Film Locations

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Staten Island Film Locations. Staten Island certainly has its share of sites for the visitor who wants to experience a little bit of everything. Many films feature Manhattan as their preferred film location, but a number of filmmakers have preferred Staten Island as their location. Film producers who have chosen to use Staten Island range from small, independent firms, to major motion picture production companies. The list of companies that use some portion of Staten Island is over 300 locations, but the following list will only share the top 10 locations. Be sure to check out these top 10 most famous Staten Island film locations when you are in the area.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Staten Island Film Locations

10. The Godfather


If you are old enough to remember this 1972 classic, you know that Staten Island set the stage for this classic mob movie. Later, because of this choice, Staten Island would be stereotyped as the favorite location for other mob movies in the future. Emerson Hill and the famous Godfather House at 110 Longfellow Ave. are some of the locations that you will want to visit while you are in the area.

9. Saturday Night Fever

Saturday Night Fever Top Most Staten Island Film locations in The World 2018

The 1977 classic starring John Travolta features the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. The bridge is located where the I-278 crosses the New York Bay to Staten Island. Saturday Night Fever also use several other Staten Island locations, Including the Manero home at 221 79th street and several locations in Bay Ridge. In the film, the bridge represents the way to a better life. When Tony symbolically crosses the bridge, he is leaving behind his old life and the past.

8. War of the Worlds


If many of the scenes in the 2005 remake of War of the Worlds look familiar, it’s because Steven Spielberg could not resist shooting in this iconic neighborhood. It starred the Korean War Veterans Parkway that was used by Tom Cruise to escape in the height of the alien invasion. However, it might not look the same, with all of the cars and buildings crashing around. The film featured the destruction of the Bayonne Bridge, but don’t worry, no actual bridges were harmed in the making of this film. The film crew traveled quite a bit to make this classic. They found themselves in locations from New Jersey to New York, Connecticut, Virginia, and California.

7. Mr. Popper’s Penguins


Staten Island might be the last place you would expect to find Mr. Popper’s Penguins, but in 2011 Jim Carey took a trip to the Staten Island Zoo with his famous horde of penguins. The zoo was not actually portrayed as the Staten Island zoo, but was a double for a fictional New York Zoo in a few scenes. Staten Island was only featured in a few scenes, but you will certainly recognize many iconic New York locations as well.

6. The Avengers

The Avengers Top Popular Staten Island Film locations 2019

You might have to look quick to see the Staten Island footage in the Avengers. The footage was shot for the movie, but it was only there for a few seconds. In the scene Iron Man chases a nuclear missile around the unmistakable image of the Verrazano Bridge. Think of that the next time you cross the bridge because you are now in the Marvel Universe.

5. How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days


How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days featured three Staten Island locations. In this 2003 romantic comedy, Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson can be seen on the South Beach Boardwalk, Buono Beach, and of course on the Staten Island ferry. You can also see the Staten Island ferry in the official trailer for this movie. Much of the film was spent chasing Kate Hudson around Manhattan, but one cannot miss these famous Staten Island views.

4. Big Daddy

Big Daddy Top 10 Most Famous Staten Island Film locations 2017

Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy ended with scenes that took place at the Hooters on Staten Island. It was one of the most memorable birthday scenes in history. Consequently, the Hooters was located at the corner of Clover Road and Highland Boulevard but it is now a Walgreens. Even though this famous Hooters is no longer there, you can still think of that scene and the advertising exposure that Hooters received for taking part in that famous scene.

3. The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy Top 10 Most Famous Staten Island Film locations

Dr. Marta Shearing’s house were used in the 2012 movie, The Bourne Legacy. The house used in the film was not the original one that was selected for the film, but the dilapidated structure was not considered to be safe for shooting. All of the interior scenes were shot on a green screen stage and then edited later. The basement of the house is actually a basement in a different house. The exterior of the house had to be built out for the outside shots. This is a technique that is often used in filmmaking, where one house is represented by several different physical locations that are spliced together to provide a certain impression. In this case, you might recognize the façade of the house, but everything else was just moviemaking magic.

2. Easy Money

Easy Money Top Famous Staten Island Film in The World 2017

New Springville was used as the filming location for Easy Money, along with other locations around Staten Island. The film used a semi-attached house that was located on McVeigh Avenue. The Alfonzo Pastry Shoppe on Victory Boulevard was used in the scene where Nikki and Monty were rushing to get the cake from the bakery. In the crash scene when the cake flies through the window, the background is on Forest Avenue. You can celebrate the movie every time you get a pastry from this famous pastry shop. Alfonzo’s bakery is located at 960 Manor Rd. It features Italian, French, and German specialties. As of 2015, it celebrated its 45th year in business. This pastry shop is worth the road trip, but be sure to watch the film beforehand and see if you can spot many of the sites in the film.

1. Staten Island Summer

Staten Island Summer Top Most Popular Staten Island Film in The World 2018

The number one position for Staten Island filming locations is Staten Island Summer, a 2015 movie about a Staten Island resident’s last summer or college. There are a number of Staten Island locations in the film, and a number of references to Staten Island locations in the trailer. Of course, one would expect that considering the name. The Great Kills Swim Club was the setting for this film.

These are the Top 10 Most Famous Staten Island Film Locations. There you have it, the top 10 films that chose Staten Island as a location. Sometimes iconic Staten Island locations appear as the main topic, and at other times they merely make a cameo appearance. If you stroll down the streets of Staten Island, you will see why it is a favorite among filmmakers, and you just might fall in love with it as much as they did. Staten Island has many things to offer the tourist and to those who choose to live there for their entire lives. For fun, you could see how many of the famous movie scenes you can reenact with your friends. Staten Island has many great locations for photographers and the self-proclaimed selfie enthusiast. Manhattan may be bigger, but Staten Island holds its own when it comes to scenery and ambience. Staten Island proves that it’s not how much you have, but how you use it. See you on the big screen.